Product Review: Bumbalooza Gluten Free Pink Lemonade Donut Mix

Bumbalooza Gluten Free Pink Lemonade Donut Mix
Bumbalooza Gluten Free Pink Lemonade Donut Mix

Product: Bumbalooza Gluten Free Pink Lemonade Donut Mix – $7.99

I’m still working my way through some of my older Cuisine Cube products that have just been set aside.  Not that I haven’t been dying to try them…because I have.  I’ve just been so busy lately and have hardly had time to bake/cook/devour my way through every product in the span of a month.  And when a new box arrives, I get so excited that things just get pushed to the back of the pantry.  Well…no more.  I’m making a very dedicated and very focused attempt to get through some of the products I have neglected since signing up for this amazing service.

First of all…let me once again highlight what it is the Cuisine Cube does.  Cuisine Cube is a service that is offered by foodies who have sought out better and lesser-known (often times local) gluten-free products and foods.  So, if you, like me, are a gluten-free foodie…this service will be just perfect for you.  With delivery plans starting as low as $29.99, each month you will receive a box of delicious gluten-free goodness.  Inside are 5-6 items that are from smaller artisan companies.  Sometimes I have heard of them, or even tried them, but more often than not…the product is new to me and I discover a company that prides itself on better-for-you ingredients than the highly processed gluten-free foods you’ll find on the shelves of your local grocery store.

So, back in July 2014, I received an amazing box from Cuisine Cube.  One of the products that seriously caught my eye was the Bumbalooza Gluten Free Pink Lemonade Donut Mix.  First of all…DONUTS!  Hello!!  Secondly…lemony goodness.  Enough said.  I was thrilled to have this.  Not only do I own mini donut pans and regular donut pans, but I love anything lemon flavored.  And so does my roommate.  Even more…we are donut fanatics.  I have pretty much tried every gluten-free donut in the grocery store and beyond.  As far as packaged varieties at my local stores, Katz Gluten Free are, hands down, the finest.  I love the ones that my local allergy-free bakery makes and the ones that Babycakes NYC produces down at Disney World and in NYC.  But, aside from that…I’ve been less than impressed.  Seriously, I grew up in the land of Dunkin’ Donuts and then moved to the land of Krispy Kreme.  Before being diagnosed as Celiac…I loved an occasional donut treat.  But afterwards, nothing seemed to live up to the donuts I had been able to feast on up until that point.  Talk about a disappointment.

And, yes, I have even attempted to make my own, with some success…but mostly failure.  Let’s face it…when you bake donuts, they are best fresh from that oven.  Especially gluten-free versions.

Well, as it happened, my running group was getting together this past Saturday to run a very hard and hilly 10 miles together.  Afterwards, we all get together to eat snacks and just hang out and talk.  This happens once a year.  And a few of my running group do eat gluten-free (although they are not Celiacs and can cheat a little, which I can’t do!), so I figured this would be a good time to see what this product can do.  I decided, for fear of the donuts being…MEH…the following morning, to make these into mini muffins.  I had a back-up plan (gluten-free Madeleine cookies) should the mix not work out to my liking.  But…pink lemonade mini muffins sounded beyond delicious.  I hit up the store in hopes of finding the strawberry juice.  And being that it is not prime strawberry season, I didn’t want to buy strawberries and puree them, so when the strawberry juice hunt turned out nothing…I picked up blueberry juice and decided to roll with it.  That night, I started to get everything together to bake up these mini muffins.

Bumbalooza strives to find the, often difficult, balance between nutrition and taste, while still managing food allergies and sensitivities.  But with Celiac disesase and the public’s increasing consumption of chemically modified ingredients, it’s no wonder food allergies have exploded in society.  Bumbalooza prides it’s products on being made from only all-natural ingredients and as many whole grains as possible.  They use less-refined sugars and produce each mix on dedicated equipment, ensuring that their products are produced and remain completely gluten-free.  Bumbalooza creates mixes in hopes of getting parents and their children back into the kitchen together.  In fact, each recipe on the box includes steps that the kids can help with in the preparation process.

Since I have no children…this was all about me…and my runners.  But…I was the only one baking…so…

Despite owning donut pans, for the sake of the product I would be bringing to the event Saturday morning, I opted for mini muffins.  And I was calling them Blue Lemonade Mini Muffins…as I used blueberry juice.  But, hey, close enough.  Preparing the Bumbalooza Gluten Free Pink Lemonade Donut Mix was super easy.  In a mixing bowl, you simply beat the butter, add the eggs, lemon zest and berry juice and beat it again.  Then add the mix and combine.  Fill the donut pans (or in my case, mini-muffin tins) and bake in a preheated 325°F oven for about 20 minutes.  Once the muffins (or donuts) are cooked through (you can check them with a toothpick), you place them on a wire rack to cool and, should you choose, glaze them.  I made a light lemon glaze for mine, taking confectioners sugar and lemon juice, then spooning it over the top of each muffin.  It made the perfect zippy way to kick them up a bit.

How were they?  AMAZING!!  Say it with me.  AMAZING!!  These were very light and fluffy.  I loved that the lemon didn’t overpower the rest of the muffin itself.  In fact, the blueberry flavor shined through with the lemon hitting you in that glaze.  I loved that these weren’t heavy or dense.  They were soft and bouncy and just…WOW!!  I mean WOW!!  And, the rest of the group who had to or at least ventured into the gluten-free goodies seemed to like them as well.  Even my roommate is a bit addicted to them.  We have only a few leftover…but…yeah…SO good.  Now I kind of which I had used the mix to actually make donuts.  I bet they would have been out-of-this-world.  Next time.  Trust me…there will be a next time!!

The ingredients that go into making the Bumbalooza Gluten Free Pink Lemonade Donut Mix are: white rice flour, evaporated cane sugar, tapioca flour, brown rice flour, millet, coconut palm sugar, aluminum-free baking powder, xanthan gum, and salt.  That’s it.  This mix contains no gluten, no GMOs, no soy, no dairy, no nuts, and no refined white sugar.

As for the nutrition facts…this box will make 24 servings.  In that serving, this mix provides 110 calories and 0 grams of fat.  This mix contains 180 mg sodium and only 10 grams of sugar per serving.  And, these are small and fluffy for a reason, as you will not fill up on just one.  Each one only has 1 gram of fiber and 1 gram of protein.  Depending on how you prepare the mix…these will change.  I figured up the nutrition info on MyFitnessPal and figured that each mini muffin was 164 calories, 4 grams of fat, 10 mg cholesterol, 181 mg sodium, 13 grams sugar, 1 gram of fiber and 2 grams of protein.  Which, I do find pretty high for a two-bite muffin (or one bite if you aren’t a delicate princess like me).  Regardless…I don’t indulge in muffins or donuts much…so I’ll take it!

Bumbalooza has a great sounding line of gluten-free products that go beyond the Gluten Free Pink Lemonade Donut Mix.  These include Chocolate Chip Cookies, Gooey Oatmeal Bars, Sugar Cookies, Bumba Bakers Cookies, Banana Bread, Cookies & Cream Cake, and Chocolate Pudding.  All of which I am now DYING to try.  Seriously.  I want it all.

And to think, without Cuisine Cube…I never would have even known of the existence of Bumbalooza.  I now want to get another box of the Gluten Free Pink Lemonade Donut Mix and make actual donuts.  Because now I see how amazing this mix bakes up, I don’t think the donuts would lose their integrity if not eaten straight away.  So, a huge win from both Cuisine Cube and Bumbalooza.  If you are curious and want to check them out yourself…follow the links and place an order.  You will not be disappointed.

Blueberry Lemonade Mini Muffins made from Bumbalooza Gluten Free Pink Lemonade Donut Mix
Blueberry Lemonade Mini Muffins made from Bumbalooza Gluten Free Pink Lemonade Donut Mix

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