A food truck ruckus in order with Louisville’s gluten-free Sweet ‘N Savory crepe truck

Sweet 'N Savory Food Truck, Louisville, Kentucky
Sweet ‘N Savory Food Truck, Louisville, Kentucky

Restaurant: Sweet ‘N Savory Food Truck, Louisville, Kentucky

Food trucks are amazing things.  They are just so…cool!  Let’s face it…street food is huge right now, and thankfully, Louisville, Kentucky is quite the foodie town these days.  One of the best things to come of this…have been the growth of the food truck presence in this city.

A year ago, I attended the Food Truckus Ruckus…and sadly couldn’t eat anything offered because there was nothing for a gluten-free vegetarian.  I was bummed out and ended up with grocery store sushi.  Not what I wanted…but it worked for the time.  I was hungry and needed some form of sustenance.  And since the food trucks couldn’t help me out, I had to turn to the next best thing…on the go…

And so…to be fair…my roommate never mentioned food trucks again.

The next peep about food trucks came…from me!

Because, thanks to a post from the local allergen-free bakery, Annie May’s Sweet Café, on their Facebook, I discovered that there was a new food truck in town.  And this time…it was geared toward people like me!

Enter to the Louisville street food scene…Sweet ‘N Savory.

Sweet ‘N Savory is a local food truck that offers gluten-free crepes (pardon me while I shad a few tears of absolute JOY!), Carpe Diem Smoothies, gelato, coffee, hot chocolate, and tea!  All of their crepes are gluten-free and dairy-free, made with local, free-range eggs.  Their ingredients also incorporate as much local meats, cheese, fruits, and vegetables as possible.  You gotta love a local business that tries to keep it all local as well.  I appreciate that sort of care with ingredients and pride in the products that come out of this area.

Friday evening, after getting off work, my roommate and I had plans.  And they involved food trucks.  From Sweet ‘N Savory’s Facebook page, I learned of an event that that they were attending, along with other food trucks.  It was the Louisville Street Food Alliance and they were putting on the LSFA Rocks Your Friday Night! event at Apocalypse Brew Works in Louisville, featuring seven of Louisville’s best food trucks: Lil Cheezers, Holy Mole, Grind, French Indo Canada, Bluegrass Brick Oven Pizza, Johnny’s Diner Car, and, of course, Sweet ‘N Savory.  These food trucks all have their specialty types of food and it sounded like a great event.  So, following a day at the office…my roomie and I set out across the river to hit up Louisville for dinner that night.  She had her eye on a grilled cheese from Lil Cheezers, the Legalize Marinara (Pepperoni, Mozzarella, Sliced Tomatoes with a touch of Garlic), FYI, with a side of sweet potato fries and curried ketchup ($8.00) with a soda for a drink ($1.00).

However, I finally got to enjoy the Louisville street food scene now too.  I immediately bounded over to Sweet ‘N Savory, inquiring if they were serving yet.  We had no traffic on the bridge and got their quicker than anticipated.  They were, so after eyeing the menu for a little bit…I decided to have dessert for dinner…opting for a sweet crepe.  My choice?  The Nutty Banana Crepe ($5.00), which is sliced bananas smothered in Nutella, wrapped up beautifully in a delicate crepe.  To accompany that on a very chilly and windy April evening, I got a small cup of hot tea ($1.25).  The best part was…I got to stand right there and watch it all get made.

First of all, my tea order sort of blew a fuse in the truck.  Whoops.  So, while they attempted to figure that out, truck owners Ricky Giannini and Ashley Giannini got my crepe working.  Ricky was on crepe duty.  I watched him pour the batter and spread it around to cook.  Then, with great precision, he folded it over, added the banana, then poured over delicious Nutella.  As he was letting it finish, he joked with me about the sweet crepe spoiling my dinner.  I told him it was my dinner.  The dinner of champions!  I mean…banana and sinful Nutella…oh yes.  That can be dinner any night for me.

He laughed.  And I watched as he folded the crepe the rest of the way, dusted it with powdered sugar, and then plated it for me.  They said they would bring me the tea as soon as they could figure out their generator.  That was fine.  I was holding a very warm and fresh Nutty Banana Crepe at the moment…and I was ready to dig into it and devour.

The last time I had a gluten-free crepe, I was in Denver, Colorado.  It was the only other place I have ever found them…and it means I often crave but can do nothing about it, until my annual pilgrimage to Denver.  Not so anymore.  And let me tell you…I am in love with this food truck.  Absolute love.

The crepe was light and delicious…a thin pancake surrounding an amazing filling.  I mean, I am not only a Nutella fan, but huge on banana as well.  And Sweet ‘N Savory doesn’t skimp on either.  This crepe was busting with it.  I loved the play of the banana with the sweetness of the Nutella and the crepe itself.  Add to it the dusting of powdered sugar…and dinner was epic and sweet!!  I was in love with every bite.  I did share one bit with my roommate, because she had to try it herself…and she agreed…AWESOME!

My tea arrived just as I polished off the crepe…perfect timing.

Thanks to food trucks making a surge here in Louisville, I have become quite proud of the foodie status this city had received.  But, now, thanks to Sweet ‘N Savory…I can indulge in the street food scene as well.  And for that…I am forever grateful.

I’m already looking forward to the next time I get to eat from their truck.  I think I might give a savory crepe a try.  I’m already eying their Caprese Crepe.

Next time can’t get here soon enough.

Sweet ‘N Savory…you are a welcome addition to my gluten-free world.

Sweet 'N Savory's Gluten-Free Nutty Banana (Banana & Nutella) Crepe
Sweet ‘N Savory’s Gluten-Free Nutty Banana (Banana & Nutella) Crepe

One Reply to “A food truck ruckus in order with Louisville’s gluten-free Sweet ‘N Savory crepe truck”

  1. Hello, this is Ricky with Sweet ‘N’ Savory. First, thank you very much for the complimentary well-written article about us. Secondly, I am very sorry that I had to see you leave very disappointed when we announced we had no more savory crepes left. I am sure you went out of your way today to visit us only to leave hungry. Unfortunately we and the other trucks there did not expect such a huge turnout; thus, did not have enough food available to meet the demand. I hope you do not hold it against us and give us another chance in the future. Thank you.

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