Cookies taken from great to super with Annie May’s Sweet Café’s Super Cookies

Annie May's Sweet Café Gluten-Free Super Cookie
Annie May’s Sweet Café Gluten-Free Super Cookie

Product: Annie May’s Sweet Café Gluten-Free Super Cookie – $3.99

I’ve stated it in the past two posts I have done on cookies from Annie May’s Sweet Café in Louisville, Kentucky.  Nothing will ever, ever top their allergen-free chocolate chip cookies.  For real.  They are, by far, the best and most amazing gluten-free cookies that I have ever had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into.  For real.  They don’t get much better than this.  Buttery, smooth, soft, chewy, sweet…perfection.

Could it get any better?

Oh…believe it or not…it can.

How, you might ask?

By making a chocolate dipped cookie sandwich out of them, of course.  I mean, when something is already as amazing as a single allergen-free chocolate chip cookie…take two of them, place some amazing icing between them and dip half of the cookie in dark chocolate.  What emerges is what Annie May’s likes to call their Super Cookies.

Super sinfully satisfying, that’s for damn sure.  Be prepared to share, because these cookies are epic big and epic filling.  But worth every calorie-filled sweet, indulgent bite.

For real.

I have been eying the Super Cookies for a long while now.  Especially after the amazing yumminess of the chocolate chip cookies on their own.  How could two with filling and chocolate be bad?  It can’t.  It can only elevate the already amazing flavor of the cookies.  I can guarantee that.

After a long run this morning, my roomie and I decided to head to Annie May’s for our usual Saturday breakfast.  But, as an added bonus, we picked up one of the Super Cookies after I stared longingly at it the entire time we were there.  Hey…my sweet tooth was acting up.  I can’t help it.  We agreed that we would get one cookie to split between us as dessert tonight, so we got it wrapped up to go and headed out for a day full of grocery shopping and hitting up a few stores in search of some items we have been searching for.

Then, after dinner tonight, I excitedly pulled out the Gluten-Free Super Cookie (this is not vegan) from Annie May’s Sweet Café and carved it in half.  One half went to Cathy…the other half was mine.

One bite.  One sinful bite and I was transported back to the days my sister and I would fill up on The Great American Cookie Company’s Double Doozy cookies.  Except…these were far tastier…far more delicious…far more indulgent…far more…EVERYTHING.  Take what you know about chocolate chip cookie sandwiches and multiply it to the nth degree.  Because that is how amazing the Super Cookies are from Annie May’s Sweet Café.  I wanted to savor each bite.  I tried.  But the sweetness kept luring me in for another bite.  Then another.  And before I knew it…I was left only with crumbs and the lingering taste on my palate.

Yeah…my favorite gluten-free chocolate chip cookie elevated to the next level.  Not a thing wrong in the world with that.  Not one thing.

Just bliss.  Sweet, satisfying, sinful bliss.  Creamy, chocolatey, cookie goodness…bite-for-bite.  Entice your inner cookie monster today.  Head to Annie May’s Sweet Café and get one for yourself.  Super delicious Super Cookies from the super bakery…Annie May’s!

Something this sinfully sweet never tasted so good.

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