Loving the Gluten-Free Iced Lemon Cake from Truly Wize Bakery

Truly Wize Bakery Gluten-Free Iced Lemon Cake
Truly Wize Bakery Gluten-Free Iced Lemon Cake

Product: Truly Wize Bakery Gluten-Free Iced Lemon Cake – $6.95


Who doesn’t love lemon.  There is just something so refreshing about a dish that is flavored with lemon.  It’s crisp.  It’s delicious.  It’s my favorite flavor to use as a palate cleanser.  And…one of my favorite flavors for a dessert.  Like I said…it’s refreshing.

Remember that Cinnamon Coffee Cake I picked up at the gluten-free expo I attended in Carmel, Indiana?  Well, my roommate got to pick a cake too, and as she is as much of a lemon freak as I am, she went with the Iced Lemon Cake from Truly Wize Bakery.  So…here we were…two girls…two cakes…and a freezer.  And a time span of a couple months.  I knew they were in there…it was just a matter of getting the pantry down to managable levels before hitting up the freezer.  My biggest concern was that these cakes would suffer for having spent so much time in the freezer.

They didn’t.  Not at all.

As I mentioned previously in my blog on the Gluten-Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Truly Wize Bakery, a gluten-free and allergen-free bakery,  is based out of Greensburg, Pennsylvania.  Their Web site states that their mission is simple: they want to provide delicious, healthy, premium quality gluten-free and allergy-free cookies, cakes, brownies, and other confections without the use of wheat, gluten, dairy, butter, soy, peanuts, artificial colors and flavors.  They carry this out by using the finest selection of premium natural and organic ingredients from growers and suppliers who are committed to the highest environmental standards.  Everything they make is from scratch in a dedicated gluten-free facility and baked to order so that everything is also fresh.  You gotta love that.

The bakery was brought to life by the Chef/Founder Caren Weaver, who was on a mission to create healthier desserts for her children.  Her passion for baking kick-started this plan and she finally decided to really only incorporate organic and natural ingredients in her handcrafted, gluten-free products.  With the evolution of the gluten-free market, and the fact that one of her friends was a diagnosed Celiac, Caren set out to make gluten-free products that her friend could enjoy.  They had to taste great.

So…obviously if my roommate and I sampled the lemon cake…and then bought it…it actually must have tasted great.

The fact was, it had been so long since we had those samples…I couldn’t remember.

Truly Wize Bakery Gluten-Free Iced Lemon Cake
Truly Wize Bakery Gluten-Free Iced Lemon Cake

Since the cake was frozen, I set it out on the counter while I was at work that day to allow it to thaw.  I wasn’t sure what this would do to the cake.  It didn’t seem to harm the Cinnamon Coffee Cake I had a few days before…but this actually had icing on it.  So, it was a little bit different.  That night, after having leftovers for dinner, dessert was just as easy as slicing into the cake and serving it up.  The icing survived the thawing process better than anticipated, though it was nowhere near the beauty it was when I originally purchased it.  But…it’s one of those little sacrifices.  Aside from that, flavor-wise, you’d never guess this cake was frozen…ever!

Luscious lemon flavor explodes across your taste buds with this fantastic cake.  It’s that right balance too.  Sometimes lemon can take over and just overwhelm your palate.  Not in this case.  The lemon cake with the lemon icing finds that perfect citrus balance so that it doesn’t cause your eyes to water and your lips to pucker.  This cake is incredibly rich and incredibly moist.  And I loved every bite of it.  I tried not to hoover it and devour it without any thought, but took time to taste…get the full effect of the flavor and the texture.

And, nutritionally speaking, the nutrition facts attached to this cake aren’t so bad.  Not for…a cake.  The Iced Lemon Cake serves 4 people and one square of this cake will provide you with 95 calories and 5 grams of fat.  That’s not bad for a slice of cake.  I love having a dessert under 100 calories.  It tastes like it should be laden with calories and fat…but thankfully, it’s not.  This cake is rich and moist and tastes so refreshing, it’s hard to believe it’s only 95 calories per serving.  Trust me…you won’t believe it either.  But…a healthier option for a dessert is always welcome.  And while you do only get a little square of cakey goodness…it’s just enough after a meal.  A couple of bites and dessert is done.

I know that we don’t all have gluten-free expos that crop up near where we live.  I also realize that Truly Wize is based out of Pennsylvania.  But,  never fear.  The Web site is set up to take orders that will be shipped to you.  So, yes, now even you can give these fantastic products a try.  I highly recommend their fantastic cakes.  But now I’m seriously thinking about heading over to their Web site and trying out their cookies, brownies, and OMG…they have cinnamon rolls!!!  Go and browse through the goodness (with pictures) at the Truly Wize Bakery Web site and, trust me, order something.  If the two cakes I purchased are any indication of how the rest of their products are, then everything is a real treat.  A healthier version of a real treat!

I was truly surprised by the products that Truly Wize Bakery offers.  The cakes were both fantastic.  One was refreshing, the other was sinful.  And both were fantastic.  I love this lemon cake…because the lemon isn’t too much, nor is it too subtle.  It makes that last bite after a meal a truly memorable one.  And with it being gluten-free and allergen free as well…even better.

Find their products…or order online.  But trust me…this bakery is not to be missed.

A slice of Truly Wize Gluten-Free Iced Lemon Cake
A slice of Truly Wize Gluten-Free Iced Lemon Cake

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