Product Review: WB Kitchen Maple Pecan Honey Cookies

WB Kitchen Maple Pecan Honey Cookies
WB Kitchen Maple Pecan Honey Cookies

Product: WB Kitchen Maple Pecan Honey Cookies – $3.29+

I love seeing what my Cuisine Cube sends to me each month.  This month, however, hasn’t been a good one for me to actually dive into my box.  Most of the items…okay…all of the items…were in the box up until I returned from the Boston Marathon.  We all know from previous posts, leading into that were days and nights of stress and emotional overload…just trying to find out if I was going to get to race or not.  And then, afterwards, I was having a hard time moving around, putting things away sounded like a tedious task.

That being said, the six items that were inside my April 2015 (Spring) Cuisine Cube have been put away.  And have stayed put away.  Up until last night.  And that was mostly because I had nothing ready for dessert…

Hooray for convenience!

Of course, first I want to remind you of what Cuisine Cube is and what they do…and why you should consider a subscription with them.  Cuisine Cube is a monthly subscription service were a gift box will be sent to your door with goodies inside.  These are meal/pantry items that are the full-size products, not little sample sizes.  That’s a huge deal, as most of the time these services send you sample products only.  You can sign up for a monthly, three-month, or six-month subscription, which begin as low as $29.99 per month.  Each box you receive will contain one item from each major meal of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert.  And then, sometimes,  you get a bonus treat.  Bonus treats are always a nice and welcome surprise.  I’ve had Cuisine Cube for over a year now and love, love, love it!

In the April Box, the Breakfast/Snack option that was presented was a package of cookies.  Yes…cookies.  Cookies for breakfast.  You have my attention!  The cookies are a product of WB Kitchen.  WB Kitchen was founded in 2012 by Chris Feuille and his wife, Anna.  Feuille strives to show that businesses can succeed and be profitable while utilizing unconventional methods of operation.  WB Kitchen offers natural honey sweets.  Fueille believes that our food choices directly reflect the level of conscious awareness we bring into the rest of our lives.  When people choose to nourish their bodies with real and harmonious foods, they are more in balance with the community and the planet.  By making foods that are Paleo-friendly and use no preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and are sweetened simply with maple syrup and honey, Fueille hopes that consumers who eat the foods that mother nature intended will show them how to live a healthier, happier and more vibrant life.

The WB Kitchen Maple Pecan Honey Cookies were the item that Cuisine Cube shared with us in April.  And I was really excited about trying them, after looking over the ingredients, and more impressively – the nutrition information.  Last night was the ideal day to try them after a big breakfast at my local gluten-free bakery and then movie theater popcorn (just the kid’s snack pack) while seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron.  I cooked up a simple dinner…gluten-free veggie burgers with sweet potato fries, to eat while watching the Kentucky Derby (I live in Louisville…that’s what we do one day out of the year).  Afterwards, I knew I wanted my palate cleansing dessert.  And I felt no guilt in reaching for the WB Kitchen Maple Pecan Honey Cookies.  I tore into the package, giving one of the cookies to my roommate and taking the other one for myself.  Dessert…and a horse race.

Well, the horse I chose (the names didn’t impress me this year, so I went for the prettiest horse in the field – Frosted!) came in 4th…but dessert…that was definitely winning in my book.  The texture, at first, is a little weird.  Sort of like a non-date-y Laräbar…soft and chewy…with a lot of emphasis on the “chew.”  It wasn’t gummy though.  But the flavor…that’s where these cookies totally won.  The honey flavor for sweetness is perfect.  Not too much…not too little.  Just the right amount.  And the pecans gave it this nutty flavor and a bit of crunch in each bite.  Top it off with one of my favorite things – maple…and you have a recipe that I truly enjoyed.  Every bite (which, technically was only three…but…).  Just loving the way everything came together.  And once that first bite was taken and I was able to adjust to the texture…it was dessert perfection.  And no guilt.  Cookies without the guilt.  Loving that!

So, let’s discuss the ingredients in the WB Kitchen Maple Pecan Honey Cookies.  These cookies are made with  almond flour, raw unfiltered honey, organic maple syrup, organic pecans, sea salt, organic cinnamon, organic coconut oil, and organic vanilla extract.  That’s it.  Real.  Simple.  Ingredients.  I recognize everything.  Nothing makes me question what I’m about to devour.  I love that.  These cookies are produced in a dedicated gluten, grain, dairy, and soy-free facility.  On top of being gluten-free and vegan, these are also cholesterol free.

Now, I told you I was impressed by the nutrition facts on these cookies and I’m going to share with you why.  A serving size is 1 cookie, so there are 2 servings per container.  This one cookie will provide you with 68 calories (a cookie for 68 calories!) and 4 grams of fat (mostly from nuts).  You will also be taking in 54 mg sodium, 6 grams carbohydrates, 6 grams of sugar, less than 1 gram  of fiber and 1.4 grams of protein.  They won’t be filling, but they sure make a nice way to end the day.

So, if you’ve been looking for a great, healthy, cookie-type snack/breakfast/dessert…look into WB Kitchen and what they have to offer.  Their Web site has other varieties of cookies and bars that make for healthy, nutritious, and clean eating.  If maple is your thing…I highly, highly recommend these though.  Soft, chewy, and good for you.  What’s not to love?  Thanks, Cuisine Cube for another wonderful food discovery!

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