Product Review: Freedom Foods Ancient Grain Flakes Cereal

Freedom Foods Ancient Grain Flakes
Freedom Foods Ancient Grain Flakes

Product: Freedom Foods Ancient Grain Flakes Cereal – $5.99+

It’s no secret how much I have latched onto and been supportive and vocally outspoken about how the natural and naturally delicious products from Freedom Foods are surprisingly nutritious and packed with nutritious goodness.  So many cereals out there are loaded down with sugars and artificial ingredients.  But Freedom Foods prides itself on using only natural ingredients…yes…even for those wild colors in my much loved Tropicos.  So…yeah.  There is a lot of love here.

Last month, I went to the Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest in Indianapolis, and one of the vendors in attendance was none other than Freedom Foods.  After buying them out of Smudge (their nut-free and dairy-free Nutella), I decided I would try one of the cereals in their lineup that I don’t see at any of my stores.  Right now, only Kroger carries some of their products, and very few of their cereals.  After a little bit of pondering…I finally decided to try the Freedom Foods Ancient Grain Flakes.

This cereal is a blend of sorghum and buckwheat, creating a cereal that is a good source of fiber and also low in salt.  What sets this cereal apart from others on the market, Freedom Foods Ancient Grain Flakes are a true super food.  Why?  Because they grains that they rely on are those that were consumed around the world for thousands of years.  The Aztecs relied heavily on these superfoods for both strength and endurance.


This runner definitely perks up hearing that!  So, I gave it a try.  And on the morning before I attempted my first double-digit run since I was injured…I ate a serving and went to meet up with some friends for my run.  As I poured my bowl of cereal, the flakes reminded me of those that would be in, say, Raisin Bran.  They were that dark flake without a coating of heavy sugar.  Very nutritious looking.  No raisins in sight.  None needed, apparently.  Right?


I love the nutritious aspects of this cereal.  I really do.  But…the flavor, on their own…was not good.  Really dry and sort of like…cardboard.  Not to be deterred though, I went ahead and poured some almond milk over the flakes themselves…and that actually helped.  It wasn’t…say…my favorite…but…it wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t great…but I didn’t want to just pour it into the sink and start the garbage disposal either.  It definitely is my least favorite product I have tried from Freedom Foods to date…I mean…cardboard is not a good taste at all.  But…it is packed with a lot of nutrition, which does my body good.  And with the almond milk…it was consumable.  So, there is that.

This cereal is made from rice flour, yellow corn flour, sorghum flour, buckwheat flour, psylliam husk, cane sugar, apple juice concentrate, and less than 2% salt and sunflower oil.  This cereal is preservative free, a great source of fiber, non-GMO certified, low in salt, and also gluten-free, wheat-free, nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and egg-free.

Nutritionally speaking, this cereal is definitely higher in calories than I would like…especially since it’s not knock-me-over delicious…but it still has some great things going for it.  One serving is a cup of the Freedom Foods Ancient Grains Flakes cereal is 1 cup.  In this serving, you are dished up 220 calories and only 1 gram of fat.  This serving also provides 60 mg sodium and 5 grams of sugar.  You also get 5 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein.  Filling…for sure.

So, while I wouldn’t personally purchase this cereal again, it isn’t so bad.  Nutrition wise it is a powerhouse.  And if you like bran flakes or something similar, perhaps this is for you.  For me, it lacked something…but…it’s edible.  I’ll polish off the box.  Maybe it will at least bring me some added strength and endurance…

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