Birthday & Boston

It’s September 19…and you know what that means?

It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day, mateys!!

But…it also means that it’s my birthday.  I didn’t have anything planned for the occasion…except having my friend Jenn come down for the weekend.  Which is awesome, because she’s one of my favorite peeps.  Travel buddy…race spectator…professional cheer section!  WOOT!

And it was a good day.  After work, we all went out for Indian food at Shalimar (my favorite!) and then to the mall.  Cathy bought me a new wallet and some socks for an upcoming race outfit.  The socks…the wallet is for everyday use, obviously.

And then, we came back to the apartment…stuffed ourselves with slices of my gluten-free and vegan birthday cake, made by Annie May’s Sweet Café, in Louisville, Kentucky.  And we settled in for a little while to chat, get caught up, watch some crazy stuff on television, and then get some rest.  Long day for the traveler and an early morning in the works for the morning.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  This morning, I was gifted with a gift card to purchase either the Frozen Soundtrack or Sherlock Series 3 on Blu-Ray.  I got some great new running gear from Amanda.  I went to work with goodies for the office and they were devoured.  Cathy’s mom brought me balloons and roses and a watermelon!  Then, home for food.  The waiter at Shalimar was taking our order, and I got my favorite, the Broccoli Masala.  And he said, “It’s your birthday…you should do something different!” But I said it was my favorite…so that is what I wanted.  After the meal, they brought out complimentary rice pudding for the three of us.  I love that place SO much.  As you can tell…I go there often!  Then shopping.  Then cake.  Now relaxing.  Oh yeah…good day!!

Speaking of cake…check out what Cathy and Annie May’s Sweet Café worked up for me:

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake

Which brings me to the next order of business…

On September 12, 2014, at exactly 10:00 a.m., I was able to register for my chance to run the Boston Marathon.  On Sunday night…I was pulling up my e-mail on my phone and…there it was…

Boston Marathon Confirmation of Entry Acceptance
Boston Marathon Confirmation of Entry Acceptance


I am so excited.  And with the recent injury, I am really just focusing on recovery, regaining strength, and just getting myself to Boston in perfect marathon shape and form.  I know it can happen.  I have to break some of the habits I have fallen into since the injury.  When this e-mail came over, I would have jumped up and down…if I could.  But my foot wouldn’t allow that.  So, I did this happy dance thing, and Cathy just ignored me.  Law & Order was on.  I finally said, “Ask me why I’m dancing…just ask me why I’m dancing.”  Much screaming and excitement followed.

I still feel that way.  So, for now…my plan for NYC is to take in the experience, but not race it.  I just can’t.  Not with that amount of time off.  Not with my foot still bugging me when I take  a step.  My podiatrist changed up my prescription today…so hopefully something will get better.

But…there it is…

Birthday Bash and Boston Bound!!  LOVE!!



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