Product Review: Stroopies Gluten-Free Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels

Stroopies Gluten-Free Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels
Stroopies Gluten-Free Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels

Product: Stroopies Gluten-Free Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels – $2.50

I know what you’re thinking…you’re thinking..

“What the hell is a Stroopwafel?”

Am I right?  Am I?  Well, up until I received my July Cuisine Cube, I fell into that category too.  In fact, I didn’t even know such a thing as a Stroopwafel even existed.  Never heard of one.  Never would have thought to even look for one to try.  But, thanks to the miracle of my Cuisine Cube, I not only am introduced to a new company, but also a new product (and in a sense, a type of food I didn’t even know existed until then).

So, to answer the above question…Stroopwafels are all the rage in Holland.  It is a type of Dutch cookie with a rich, flavorful, caramel taste.  It is apparently best enjoyed with a warm beverage or as a snack.  These cookies are made from two thin layers of baked dough with a thin caramel syrup-ish filling in the middle.  They are a popular street food in the Netherlands and, I am assuming, a nice accessory with a good coffee.

Stroopies is based out of Lancaster, Pensylvania, the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country.  Dan and Ed, the owners of Stroopies, make these delicious cookies from classic ingredients that are locally sourced and all natural.  What Stroopies manage to do with their Stroopwafels is find that perfect balance between the cinnamon and the caramel.  And what emerges is this delightful, light, tasty treat.

With my August Cuisine Cube on its way, I began picking through some of the stuff left in my current cube.  And, as we used up the dairy-free ice cream in the freezer yesterday, I was giving my roommate the option for dessert.  The Dutch cookies from the July cube…the dairy-free chocolate freezer pops, the last pint of dairy-free ice cream, or the gluten-free biscotti we picked up at the grocery store.

As the Stroopies were in my hand at that moment…that’s what she chose.

And so, after our dinner of Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Toasted Walnuts, dessert was going to be a synch.  All it required was for me to open the little plastic pouch the cookies arrived in.  As I wasn’t prepared to brew up a decaf coffee to have these with, I ended up just popping them in the microwave as an nontraditional way to warm these up (instead of over the cup of a hot beverage).  So, a quick 20 second hit in the microwave and these were ready.  I handed my roommate hers and she immediately dug in while I went to warm up mine and retrieve it.

“It tastes like…a cinnamon roll.  A really thin cinnamon roll!” she declared.

To me, this can only be a good thing…because I absolutely love cinnamon rolls, as you all very well know.  So, as I settled in to try it myself, I was already anticipating that first hit on my tongue.  I broke off a piece of the cookie, the two thin waffle layers breaking apart slowly with the now warm caramel layer in the center coming with it.  I popped the little bit into my mouth and…magic.  Pure cookie magic.  This is probably one of the most unique and best cookies I have tried that is nothing like anything I have ever had before.

Stroopies actually do find that perfect balance between the cinnamon and the caramel.  In fact, the thin caramel layer perfectly matches the waffle cookie shells that sandwich it inside.  It’s the perfect layering…very even…so nothing outshines anything else.  This was one unique and fantastic dessert, for sure.  Honestly, it does taste like a cookie version of a cinnamon roll.  I can see why these are so popular in Holland.  I was hooked at the first bite and found myself wishing that we had more than the two cookies that came in the pack inside my Cuisine Cube.  Each bite brought more flavor and more of that soft and amazing texture.  I was more than enamored with this cookie.  And if you can…I highly recommend these.

As these are one of those local-ish products, I don’t have any nutritional information, however I can go over the ingredients with you.  The Stroopies Gluten-Free Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels are made from brown rice flour, white rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, xanthan gum, soy flour, corn syrup, sugar, brown sugar, butter, margarine, eggs, salt, spices and flavorings.

I will note that these cookies are made on dedicated equipment, however they are produced in a factory that contains wheat, soy and peanut products.

Another fantastic product that came to me via my Cuisine Cube.  Subscribing to my monthly Cuisine Cube has been one of the best things I have done in a long time.  I’m really enjoying getting introduced to smaller gluten-free companies out there that I would otherwise know nothing about.  And if you are interested in trying Stroopies Gluten-Free Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels…head on over to their Web site and place an order.  Trust me…these are worth ordering without trying.  I am about to go order more myself.

Stroopies Gluten-Free Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels
Stroopies Gluten-Free Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels

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