Product Review: Annie May’s Sweet Café Gluten Free Vegan Garlic Bread

Annie May's Sweet Café
Annie May’s Sweet Café

Product: Annie May’s Sweet Café Gluten Free Vegan Garlic Bread – $4.25

I love that my local gluten-free bakery is growing.  I love that they are getting enough business to even offer more of their business aside from their daily lunch specials and daily specials in the case.  This makes me insanely happy.

On Saturday, on the third anniversary of the opening of Annie May’s Sweet Café on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky, I finally got to partake in the newest feature of the bakery…

Take-n-Bake goodies from their freezer.  I am talking their (FAMOUS AND DELICIOUS) pizza crusts, garlic bread, vegan garlic bread, cinnamon rolls, and even some of their pastas…(like the best mac & cheese ever).  All items are gluten-free and most are allergen-free.  They make a point when doing gluten-free to also try to do allergen-free.  But some items (like the regular garlic bread and the mac and cheese) contain dairy.

I had stuck my head in the deep freeze earlier in the week when I was in for Soft Pretzel Wednesday (because pretzels on a Wednesday make the best lunch ever!).  The key words that made me happy was…Vegan. Garlic. Bread.  Short on money in the middle of the week, and knowing I was stopping in for the celebration of three years at that location on Saturday, I vowed to make a purchase then.  Little did I know I’d walk out of there with not just the Vegan Garlic Bread, but also the Mac & Cheese, and the Pizza Crust (seriously…best gluten-free pizza crust on this planet…hands down!).  I might have also walked out with an Allergen-Free Banana Spice Muffin (of heaven!).

But, I digress with the muffin.

Let me focus on the entire reason I pulled open that freezer in the first place…

Gluten-Free and Vegan Garlic Bread.

Annie May's Sweet Café Vegan Garlic Bread (frozen)
Annie May’s Sweet Café Gluten Free Vegan Garlic Bread (frozen)

What you get is a half of a half loaf of bread that has been slathered down with a vegan butter and garlic topping.  Then…wrapped and frozen with baking instructions on the label.  Talk about easy.  Just preheat the oven and place the garlic bread on a pan and into the oven and allow to cook for allotted time.  Once done…enjoy.

That’s what I did tonight (and served it up with the Mac & Cheese which I baked at the same time!)

I cried when I took my first bite.  Tears of happiness.  Tear of joy.  Because I haven’t had garlic bread in a very long time.  I tried to order some gluten-free garlic bread from a pizza place in Denver, but they wouldn’t deliver to the hotel (which was only 4 miles away).  So…unless I make it out of gluten-free sandwich bread, it hasn’t happened.  And trust me…that’s not the same.  Annie May’s Vegan Garlic Bread was amazing.  Delicious.  The crust got all golden and crunchy and the middle…soft…chewy…garlic and vegan buttery goodness.  Honestly.  Seasoned perfectly.  Tears.  When a food makes me cry…then it’s damn good.  We only ate half the loaf tonight with dinner…I almost cooked up the second half.  I think this will become another staple that I always purchase from Annie May’s when she has it in stock…much like her cinnamon rolls and her macaroni and cheese!  This…is one of my favorite things I have ever eaten since going gluten-free.  Real food.  Really good.  Make you cry good!  Even my roomie was blown away.  She had taken a bite before I had and she gave me the saddest eyes.  When I took my bite…I understood why.  She liked it better than the garlic bread she has been able to eat.  I liked it better than any I had prior to having to go gluten-free.  Honest…good…food!  That’s what Annie May’s bakes up every single time!

Annie May’s Sweet Café has literally changed my life.  With all the restaurants in Louisville’s blossoming foodie areas, all I want is Annie May’s!  Why?  Because not only can I get safe treats and meals there, but now…I can take a whole lot of their good stuff home to bake up myself when it is convenient.  I hope that the take-n-bake freezer takes off for them and expands, because I would be totally willing to purchase these convenient meals and items every week…just to make one day of my life (if not more) a lot easier.

Happy Third Birthday, Annie May’s…and here’s to many, many more delicious, allergen-free years!!

Annie May's Sweet Café Gluten Free Vegan Garlic Bread (baked)
Annie May’s Sweet Café Gluten Free Vegan Garlic Bread (baked)

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