Restaurant Review: Crepes ‘N Crepes, Denver, Colorado

Crepes 'n Crepes, Denver, Colorado
Crepes ‘n Crepes, Denver, Colorado

Restaurant: Crepes ‘N Crepes, Denver, Colorado


Thin little French pancakes of awesomesauce.

Yep.  That about sums it up.  They come sweet.  They come savory.  But the fact of the matter is…I love them.  There is something just so…foodie…about a crepe.  They, for one thing, are a bitch to make.  And, sadly, they are very hard to come by in the gluten-free variety.

There is a great food truck here who catered my birthday party last year…Sweet ‘N Savory, who does gluten-free crepes…and I love them so much.  We’re BFFs really.  If they have an event…you better believe I am there.  When I go to Columbus, Ohio…I hit up Cest Si Bon…where I can get gluten-free crepes while out of town.  But, the place I would get gluten-free crepes when I was visiting Denver…closed.   It’s been closed for about two years now.  It was where I first had a Crepe Suzette (my absolute favorite crepe in life!) and fell in love with it.

So what is a girl to do when she constantly craves crepes and her usual spot in Denver is gone?

You find a new one!  And thanks to my Find Me Gluten Free app, I found one.

The place is Crepes ‘N Crepes…and they do have amazing gluten-free options.  Any crepe can be made gluten-free…you just have to tell your server.  I actually had a decent breakfast up in Boulder, Colorado that morning (The Buff, FTW!)…but I knew I’d be hungry sooner or later.  And when we had limited parking at the hotel, our minds were made up…Cathy and I were grabbing an early dinner…and it was going to be crepes.

We drove out to East Third Avenue in Denver and parked the car.  A short stroll from the parking garage to the restaurant.  I was quite excited!  We strolled in and we were seated out on the front porch under a nice umbrella, the afternoon breeze a nice change of pace.  We were given menus and ordered water.  I already knew what I was going to get for my crepe.  They had a Crepe Suzette.  Cathy…she needed some time to ponder.  She is more of a savory crepe person than a sweet crepe person, so when she finally decided…it was all about cheese.  Seriously.

Cathy ordered the Fromage de Chevre (Goat Cheese Crepe) that came with a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and a Pesto ($8.00).  I got the Gluten-Free Crepe Suzette ($10.50 includes the $1.00 up-charge for gluten-free).  The waitress asked if they needed to clean the stone off for me.  I did explain that I was a Celiac and that it was necessary.  She said it wasn’t a problem and went to put our orders in.

We only had a little bit of a wait before our crepes arrived.  My folded pocket of goodness was a thin folded pancake that was made up of lemon juice, caramel, butter, sugar and grand marnier.  Mmmm…boozy crepes!!  It looked amazing, all flambeed to a beautiful sugary crust on the top.  I was ready to dive right in and see if it compared to my first…and the one my food truck made specifically for me on my birthday.  I took up my fork and knife and sliced right in.  One bite…

And it was good.  It was.  It wasn’t quite up to what I had at La Creperie Cafe the other times I was in Denver (such a shame they closed!) or from Sweet ‘N Savory.  But it was very good.  It had that gritty sugary feel on the inside with the butter making it soft and delectable.  The caramel gave it that nice crust on the top.  And the lemon juice tied everything together.  The booze was nicely burned off, giving it just that hint of flavor.  Yep…still my favorite crepe.  Just delicious.  I was one happy girl, eating my gluten-free crepe out in the Denver sunshine that afternoon.

Cathy’s crepe, by the way, looked fantastic.  It was stuffed with soft goat cheese and she was provided with two dipping sauces.  While she is a huge fan of roasted red peppers, her favorite sauce was the pesto.  She was in heaven when she combined that flavor of the crepe with the savory cheese and that kick of the pesto.  She devoured it.  And left no pesto in the container.

I was very happy that I at least got to have one of my favorite treats while in Denver.  It was Denver where I first got served up a gluten-free crepe, so it has become somewhat of a tradition to seek out.  Thanks to Crepes ‘N Crepes…I had an amazing Gluten-Free Crepe Suzette while enjoying a relaxing afternoon on the patio, chatting with my roommate and just taking it all in.  Was it the best Crepe Suzette I ever had?  Nope.  But it was still delicious…and that is good enough for me!  I can’t wait to go back!

Crepes 'N Crepes Gluten-Free Crepe Suzette
Crepes ‘N Crepes Gluten-Free Crepe Suzette

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