Restaurant Review: zpizza, Denver, Colorado

zpizza, Denver, Colorado
zpizza, Denver, Colorado

Restaurant: zpizza, Denver, Colorado

I want to tell you a story about two different pizza places.

While at the convention in Denver, Colorado, I wanted to order a pizza for dinner one night.  While I did have a rental car, parking was a bitch on Saturday night and if my roomie or I left the hotel, we’d have to pay for parking elsewhere (as our spot would be gone!) and as guests of the hotel, that just didn’t seem right.  So, I pulled out my iPhone and pulled up my Find Me Gluten Free app to search for nearby places that would deliver pizza.  The first place that caught my attention was the place recommended to us by the guy at The Gluten Escape Bakery on Friday.  NICE!  The place…Pizza Doodle.  Not only did they offer gluten-free pizza…but gluten-free garlic bread too.  I was one happy girl.  I never get to have garlic bread while eating pizza.  I mean…I was on top of the world.  My app said they were about 7 miles away…so, I called in an order for the Gluten-Free Garlic Bread and a 9-inch Gluten-Free Tree Hugger Pizza (that would be pesto sauce, onion, garlic, artichoke hearts, and roasted red peppers on what their menu advertised as THE BEST GF CRUST!).  I made sure to order this with vegan cheese.  The lady took the order and my phone number and said it would be forty-five minutes.  Cathy and I decided to go wait outside for the pizza, and ended up waiting for well over an hour.  I finally called back and was told that they don’t deliver to the DTC.


I was starving and angry.  And really pissed off that they didn’t call (even though they claimed they did…I was holding my phone the entire time and it never rang once and I had no missed calls or messages).  All day I had been looking forward to gluten-free garlic bread…and now I wasn’t going to get it.  Cathy took my phone to find somewhere else to have pizza and I stormed off in tears (hunger + emotional wreck because I never get gluten-free garlic bread).

Cathy apparently found a place that could accomodate my diet…though without the garlic bread.  The place…zpizza!

Actually, she told the guy on the other end of the line the storry about what Pizza Doodle pulled and inquired as to if they did gluten-free garlic bread.  He said they did not, but he upgraded our pizza to a large for no extra cost.  They did the vegan cheese, so that was sufficient.  Although…it wasn’t what I wanted.

About thirty minutes later, my phone rang as I was in my friend, Marc Gunn’s, concert.  Cathy and I hurried out to meet the pizza delivery guy from zpizza, give him a nice tip, and thank him for the food.  We dashed up to the hotel room to finally eat.  I was so ready to dive in…but I remembered to get a picture for the blog.

Cathy ordered the Gluten-Free Napoli Pizza ($15.40 – with the cheese substitution and gluten-free crust) from zpizza.  This pizza is their gluten-free crust topped with tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, Mozzarella cheese (we got vegan though), basil, and a roasted garlic sauce.

She did good.

I was really disappointed to flip open the box and see the thin-crust that I always get with a gluten-free pizza (my local gluten-free bakery, Annie May’s Sweet Café, has spoiled me with their thick pizza crust!).  I might have pitched an unhappy fit over that, but I was still in garlic bread mode…and nothing was making me happy at that point.  With the photo for the blog out of the way…we dug in.

While the Gluten-Free Napoli Pizza from zpizza was not what I wanted…it was really, really good.  Okay, the crust was a bit of a disappointment, but I’m used to that cracker crust by now.  And, honestly, it wasn’t bad.  The tomatoes were fresh.  The basil was a nice seasoning touch.  And the vegan cheese was melted to perfection!  That’s not always easy to do…trust me.  The best part, however, was definitely the roasted garlic sauce.  That sauce made this pizza.  It was delicious.  I love a white pizza, and anything with garlic involved is going to immediately be my friend.  When Cathy said they upgraded us to a large, I told her the two of us wouldn’t be able to eat a large pizza.  But the two of us devoured that pizza.  Really…really quickly.   We were extremely hungry and I was an emotional mess and was now stuffing my face with each gluten-free slice I could get my hands on.  Epic pizza toppings for sure.  I’d be more than happy to order from zpizza again.  And, despite not being a gluten-free environment, they, like most pizza places that offer gluten-free crust, did a fine job of not cross-contaminating anything.  I didn’t get sick.  And the pizza was a dream come true.  I wanted to hate it since there was no gluten-free garlic bread…but there was nothing to dislike about this pizza.  Fantastic!

Where Pizza Doodle, although highly recommended, failed…zpizza triumphed.  I thank them from the bottom of my gluten-free heart for the delivery to the hotel.  I was beyond upset with Pizza Doodle and it was nice to have a place step in and make things awesome again.  The pizza was stellar.  The toppings were fresh.  And I was pleasantly full as I polished off the last slice of my half of the pizza.  Although they didn’t have to, they felt bad for what happened to us with the other pizza place and gave us an upgrade free of charge.  That’s great business right there.

I’ll order from them again in a heartbeat!

zpizza's Gluten-Free Napoli Pizza with Vegan Cheese
zpizza’s Gluten-Free Napoli Pizza with Vegan Cheese

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