Product Review: Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters

Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters
Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters

Product: Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters – $4.99+

Gluten-free granola is becoming a staple in my apartment.  Why?  Because it is so versatile…and personally, I love the texture and flavor that it adds to my morning breakfast parfaits.  Honestly.  The most important part, for me, however, is to find one that is more nutritious than it is indulgent.  Indulgent is all fine and good, but I’m trying to cut down on sugars in a lot of goods…and my breakfast shouldn’t be just a wash of sugar.  I’ll burn through that in no time and then need to snack more.  So, I’m very particular about the granola that finds its way into my pantry.

That being said, I have always…always trusted Love Grown Foods when it comes to their Oat Clusters.  I find that they use real ingredients and cut back on things like sodium and sugar and still manage to put out one of the most fantastic products on the market.

I’ve reviewed quite a few of their products before…but somehow had never blogged on their Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters.  What’s up with that?  I mean…HELLO…chocolate for breakfast?!  Yes please.  Even better when you don’t feel bad about what you are eating.  And when it comes to the products that Love Grown Foods puts out on the market…I never feel guilty.

And when I am able to pronounce every ingredient on the package…well…it’s a safe bet that I’ll feel comfortable putting it in my body.  At Love Grown Foods, founders Alex and Maddy create delicious foods that are full of nutritional benefits that everyone can enjoy.  Everyone.  Even someone like me…who is gluten-free.  In fact, they believe that kids (and adults) should have access to a healthy, wholesome breakfast…and that belief is what helped them create Love Grown Foods…a company with a passion to make true change when it comes to making changes in the food world and, in the bigger picture, improving kids’ nutrition.

As I am running the Chicago Marathon for Action For Healthy Kids, a non-profit charity organization that emphasizes nutrition and exercise to children, you can see how passionate I am about this cause.  Love Grown Foods hits on the exact thing I am running for next month.  It’s a worthy and important cause.  Children are our future and so many of them go without good nutritious food, nor are they learning about proper nutrition.  Processed and unhealthy foods (fast food, etc) is cheaper and more affordable…and that’s what these kids are growing up on.  That…and game systems, computers, and anything that makes them live a more sedentary lifestyle.  It needs to change.  And thanks to the options provided by Love Grown Foods…it’s happening.

With that being said…let’s talk about chocolate for breakfast!  Mmmm.  Doesn’t sound very nutritious does it?  Sort of sounds like the complete antithesis of what I just rambled on about.  But, guess again.  We’re talking about Love Grown Foods here…and they actually get their Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters a healthy dose of important nutrients.  And with the subtle, sweet flavor of real dark chocolate…kids will be eating healthy and thinking they are totally getting dessert for breakfast.

I thought that too when I opened up my bag of Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters.  For real.  Sweet, indulgent chocolatey goodness was inside.  I had to try some on its own for the sake of the blog.  But after a couple of pinches, I knew it was time to build my breakfast parfait.  And I was making a new one.  With PB2, vanilla Greek yogurt, a drizzle of honey, fresh slices of banana, and now…Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters.  With the initial tasting…I knew this would be one epic breakfast parfait.  And it didn’t disappoint.

Here’s the fantastic thing about this granola, aside from being made from real ingredients, Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness is a sweet indulgence that you don’t feel bad about eating.  Not one bit.  Yes…it is chocolate.  But who doesn’t like chocolate for breakfast?  I live for chocolate for breakfast.  And this is a much better and healthier way of doing it than say…chocolate chip pancakes or a high sugar chocolate cereal.  These oat clusters are little chunks of gluten-free oats that have been sweetened with agave and honey instead of refined sugars or (even worse) artificial sweeteners.  To hit the sweetness right on the money, 63% dark chocolate chips are added to the mix.  So, with no junk this is really a guilt-free chocolate indulgence that you can feel good about eatingSo…it’s sweet, but it comes by it honestly and naturally.  And it isn’t “give-me-a-cavity-with-each-bite” sweet either.  It’s subtle…savory…and decadent without being too much.  And that’s a very fine line when it comes to chocolate.  Trust me…I’m a chocoholic.  I could eat this straight from the bag (and have!) and not need it with anything else.  Seriously…it is that super good.  Mixed in with the contents I chose for the parfait and it was a nice, rich, and deliciously filling breakfast treat.

Ingredients are simple and understated.  Nothing is processed and everything is real and something you would recognize if you were walking down the aisles of your grocery store.  Certified gluten-free oats, honey, organic agave syrup, expeller pressed canola oil, coconut, 63% chocolate, sunflower seeds, pure vanilla, milled flaxseed, 100% pure cocoa powder and sea salt.  Ten simple and recognizable ingredients and you get BIG flavor and epic deliciousness without feeling bad about taking a little more than intended.

Now…down to the nutritional nitty-gritty!  A serving of Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters is 1/4 cup.  In this small, but filling serving, you will receive 130 calories and 4.5 grams of fat.  In addition, you will be served up a scant 35 mg sodium and 8 grams of sugar.  These chocolatey oat clusters also provide you with 2 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein.  Not bad at all!!

We all like a sweet indulgence every now and again.  With Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters you can indulge all you want and never, ever feel guilty.  Love Grown Foods serves up nutritious and delicious products with a whole lot of love.

And that’s why I keep buying the brand.  I believe in what they are selling and the mission they have set out for their company and products.  I’m a believer.  And I’m totally hooked.

“Chunky Monkey” Breakfast Parfait made with Greek Yogurt, PB2, banana, and Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters

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