Product Review: Glutino Spinach & Feta Gluten-Free Pizza

Glutino Spinach & Feta Gluten-Free Pizza
Glutino Spinach & Feta Gluten-Free Pizza

Product Review: Glutino Spinach & Feta Gluten-Free Pizza – $5.99+

I love pizza.  I really do.  Give me a good gluten-free pizza and I just might become your best friend ever.  Not only has gluten-free pizza become my food of choice before a long run or a race (it unleashes my endurance, I guess!), but I have always, always loved pizza.  Nutrition be damned…nothing is better than a flaky crust with gooey cheese and some great vegetable toppings.  Right?  RIGHT!

So, a couple of weeks ago before I headed out on vacation, my local grocery store was having a closeout on Glutino’s Gluten-Free Spinach & Feta Pizza.  Now, my roomie and I had been dying to try these for awhile, but just couldn’t justify the price.  But, with the closeout going on, the pizzas were only $1.99 each.  So, yeah…we grabbed two.  We would have grabbed more…except we didn’t know if we would like them or not…and we were getting ready to head out of town and we didn’t want to stuff our freezer, which we have been working hard on whittling down the products inside, full once again.

But we should have known better.  After all…this is a Glutino product and they have never done us wrong.  We haven’t met a Glutino product that we haven’t liked or loved.  Stuffing our freezer full of these pizzas would have been the best thing to ever happen to our kitchen.  For real!

Let me tell you why…

Glutino Spinach & Feta Gluten-Free Pizza (frozen)
Glutino Spinach & Feta Gluten-Free Pizza (frozen)

The spinach to cheese ratio is amazing.  More spinach…less cheese!  I love that.  As much as my roomie loves cheese, even she was thrilled by the amount of spinach on this pizza.  Honestly…healthy greens that provide key nutrients.  Yes.  All about that.  The crust.  OH. MY. GOD.  Yes…this is one of those thin crust gluten-free pizzas that turn up everywhere.  Yes…sometimes I do miss having that amazing chewy crust.  But…the crust on this Glutino pizza was flaky and crisp and still soft so it was everything I wanted in a pizza crust.  The flavor was so delicious.  Nothing that tasted off or gritty or anything.  It really was a wonderfully golden flaky crust that crumbled against my tongue when I bit into it.  Savory goodness right there.  It’s rich and buttery and…I’m suddenly craving it again.  GAH!  The cheese doesn’t just stop with crumbles of feta.  Nope.  Add to it shredded mozzarella and ricotta cheese and you end up with a blend of amazing flavors that don’t overtake the crust or the spinach that is also part of the mix.  It was SO good.  My roommate usually takes forever to eat her food and she was done eating this pizza before I was.  And she’s not even a Celiac.  All she could do was rave about it.  And for the same reasons I am.  It is, honest to goodness, a whole lot of…well…goodness!!  And it only took a short 15 minutes in the oven to bake before it was ready for prime time…or at least our bellies.

Let’s talk ingredients and nutrition…because it needs to be done!  Starting with what makes up this pizza.  The box lists off all the ingredients, which include: pizza crust (composed of water, brown rice flour, rice starch, potato starch, olive oil, sugar, tapioca starch, potato flour, yeast, cellulose, salt, spices, and garlic powder), spinach and cheese sauce (composed of water, spinach, milk, cream, feta cheese, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, Monterrey jack cheese).  It’s very straight forward and very, very delicious when all put together and baked up.  Trust me…when I pulled it from the box and removed the paper, I wasn’t too sure it was going to be any good…but it’s amazing what a warm oven does to a product.

Nutritionally speaking, as far as personal pizzas go…this is a good one.  The entire pizza only costs you 370 calories and 17 grams of fat.  That isn’t bad for a frozen pizza…or a gluten-free pizza for that matter…frozen or not.  You will also be consuming 530 mg sodium and less than 1 gram of sugar.  Nice.  Not bad for something packaged and frozen, for real.  This pizza does have 30 mg of cholesterol, but it has no trans fat in it at all.  You also get served 2 grams of fiber and 9 grams of protein.  Awesome!

I am so in love with this pizza.  I normally am not a huge fan of frozen pizzas…but this one hits flavor, taste, texture, and everything right on the money.  The regular price seems pretty steep, but buying it on sale and enjoying it this much makes me want to purchase it again, price tag be damned.  In fact, I’m trying to talk myself out of rushing to the grocery store to pick up another one for dinner tonight.  Must…behave…even if I don’t want to!

Must…resist…grabbing car keys…

Trust me…this pizza really is that fantastic.  I was grocery shopping earlier and really, really had to resist buying a cart full of these.  It wasn’t easy.  I walked away without any more but the temptation still lingers.  Which means…this is one hell of a frozen pizza.  Try it out.  Even those of you who don’t need to eat gluten-free…you might find you love this even more than those who do have to eat this way.  It is frickin’ amazing!

Glutino Spinach & Feta Gluten-Free Pizza (baked)
Glutino Spinach & Feta Gluten-Free Pizza (baked)

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