Bakery on Main packs a fiber punch (but no crunch) into every serving of Triple Berry Granola

Bakery on Main Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola
Bakery on Main Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola

Bakery on Main Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola – $5.99+

Oh…Bakery on Main.  Maker of amazing granola and delicious oatmeal.  Whenever someone inquires about gluten-free oatmeal…I immediately point them in your direction.  After all, I’ve been doing the gluten-free lifestyle now for two years.  I know what is good.  I know what is great.  And I know what is worth raving about.  You are a fantastic company that does great things for the gluten-free community by offering quality products.  Even better though…you back up your quality products with a statement that says if the customer is not 100% satisfied…a refund will be given.

How many companies do that?  I can tell you…not many.  Not these days.  And I love how strongly you believe in your company, your products, and your standards to put that out there.  Amazing.

A couple of weeks ago, I was preparing for a long road trip from the Louisville, Kentucky area up to Utica, New York.  I was going to be participating in the Boilermaker 15K.  Being an athlete with food allergies, I always pack snacks for long trips.  I mean, you just never know when you might get hungry and all that is available is establishments you don’t feel comfortable dining in, or the possibility of not having options at all.  It has happened to me before, and I wasn’t going to let it happen again.

As fueling up properly before a race is important, I packed a variety of items.  Raisins, vegan (and gluten-free) jerky, gluten-free granola and protein bars, and finally…granola.  I had hit up the grocery store early one morning in search of easy items that would travel and pack well.  None of these were my specialty stores, but thankfully this particular grocery store had a few different gluten-free granola options in the natural food section.  After deliberating between two different companies…I finally settled on Bakery on Main Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola.  I had already had the other company’s granola…and loved it.  But this flavor…this one from Bakery on Main…was new to me.  And I was curious.  After all, I already am a huge fan of granola.  Now we’re tossing in some freeze-dried raspberries, strawberries and blueberries…can you say heaven?

As it happened, I didn’t ever break into the granola on the road trip…however, I am famous for my breakfast parfaits, consisting of gluten-free granola, Greek yogurt, and fresh berries.  As my roommate and I had polished off our last granola, this now because the crunchy portion of the parfait.  Way to default, yes?

Bakery on Main Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola
Bakery on Main Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola

As always, though, I make a habit to try the granola on its own.  Because I want a clear taste of the product before it gets added to fresh fruit and Greek yogurt.

The first thing I noticed was that this granola didn’t have the crunch I expected it to have.  In fact, while it is baked well, with flavors infused properly, I found this particular variety to lack the crunch that toasted oats usually have.  The flavors were all there, although the freeze-dried berries are few and far between the sea of oats.  They didn’t taste soggy…but they definitely didn’t add the desired texture I had hoped for in my breakfast parfait.  But…it wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t what I was hoping for, but I find it edible.  The flavor is there.  The texture is just not what I expected.  But it works.  And, in the grand scheme of things, that is a minor fault.

So, let’s talk nutrition, shall we?  Well, the Bakery on Main Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola is a great choice for people on a gluten-free diet.  Why?  Because often we lack in consuming enough fiber throughout the day…so this is a great way to balance it out.  A serving, which is 1/2 cup, dishes up 240 calories.  I know that seems like a lot…and it is…but this is for 1/2 cup, while most granola stops at 1/4 cup serving size…so it actually balances out in the end.  With the 24o calories, you also will be taking in 6 grams of fat.  The sodium in this granola is low, topping out at 50 mg per serving.  This granola actually has only 7 grams of sugar, which was why I chose it over the other brand there at the store.  In addition to that, the Bakery on Main Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola has 9 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein per serving.  You have to love that, right?

Of course.

So, while I wouldn’t call the Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola by Bakery on Main a success…I would say that it is passable.  I mean, honestly, are there better options out there…yes.  But was this granola unpleasing in any way?  Of course not.  If only it had some crunch in each bite…

Ah well…

If you have been searching for a good way to get more fiber into your life…this is a good choice.  A fantastic choice, actually.  Look past the soft oats, enjoy the intermittent bursts of sweetness from the freeze dried berries, and simply savor.

Greek yogurt and fresh berry breakfast parfait made with Bakery on Main Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola
Greek yogurt and fresh berry breakfast parfait made with Bakery on Main Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola

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