Annie May’s Sweet Café gives Louisville amazing Maple Caramel Blondies

Annie May's Sweet Café Maple Caramel Blondie
Annie May’s Sweet Café Maple Caramel Blondie

Product: Annie May’s Sweet Café Maple Caramel Blondies – $3.00

I have to give another huge shout-out to my favorite place in Louisville.  Whenever I am out of town, I miss arriving on Saturday morning to get a delicious vegan/allergen-free breakfast sandwich.  I miss talking to the owners and employees behind the counter.  I miss hearing my roommate talk about how many miles I just finished running and how now it was time to indulge in some allergen-free doughnuts and breakfast!

Annie May’s Sweet Café is my happy place.  I make a habit to frequent their little spot on Frankfort Avenue whenever I am in town.  I have never had anything there that I didn’t care for.  In fact, my eyes have been opened to the amazing gluten-free baked goods that continue to churn out.  And, every now and again, they introduce something new and spectacular…and if I happen to be around for it…you better believe I am going to purchase it to try.

This past weekend, Annie May’s Sweet Café rolled out Maple Caramel Blondies.  I saw them post about them on their Facebook page.  I had been out of town the two weekends prior, so now that I was back, I was hitting up the café for breakfast after an 18 mile run…then going out to a Gluten-Free Fair and Fundraiser later that afternoon.  While they had the Maple Caramel Blondies at the café that morning…I saved that purchase for the fair.

After feasting on an amazing gluten-free crepe from Sweet ‘N’ Savory food truck, I bounced over to say “HI” to Annie May and Kenna, who were manning the table at the Gluten-Free Fair and Fundraiser.  While there, I made a purchase of one of their gluten-free Maple Caramel Blondies ($3.00).  They chose me to find one with lots of maple swirled in there…and I was more than happy to oblige.  YUM YUM!

But…the weekend was a busy one…and I had a gluten-free sponge cake to polish off.  Then my roomie had her last wisdom tooth removed…so the Maple Caramel Blondie sat on my kitchen counter until Wednesday.  But…that didn’t affect it one bit.

Over the entire weekend and into half the week, this blondie was still very light and moist.  I sliced it in half…eager to get a sample of this bar.  Trust me…I think I started drooling when they posted about them.  And I had been thinking about it all weekend…and up until dessert on Wednesday.  The moment of truth was here.

I handed Cathy her half…then settled in with mine.

FLAVOR TOWN!!  I mean…wow.  First of all…this is exactly how I like my brownies/blondies.  It had more of a cake-like texture.  I totally prefer a cake-like brownie to a fudge-like brownie any day.  They are lighter, fluffier, and not as dense or heavy.  The blondie itself was really good.  Not overly sweet, which is good, because swirled throughout it was this fantastic caramel and maple flavor.  I mean…WOW!!  You can see it blended into the baked blondie.  Yes…this was simply awesome.  Cathy thought so too, because she eating another one tonight, but stupid shoppers that we are…we had only bought the one.

So…here is hoping that Annie May’s keeps these in the bake case for awhile.  TOTALLY yummy!

No one would ever guess they were allergen-free…unless you told them.

So…thank you once again, Annie May’s…for making gluten-free look and taste so, so damn good!

Annie May's Sweet Café Maple Caramel Blondie (unwrapped)
Annie May’s Sweet Café Maple Caramel Blondie (unwrapped)

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