Lemon zings every bite of fantasic Lemon Shortbread from Simply Shari

Simply Shari's Gluten-Free and Fabulous Lemon Shortbread Bite Size Cookies
Simply Shari’s Gluten-Free and Fabulous Lemon Shortbread Bite Size Cookies

Product: Simply Shari’s Gluten-Free and Fabulous Lemon Shortbread Bite Size Cookies – $4.29+


Lemon is one of my most favorite flavors in this world.  Honestly.  There is something so refreshing and revitalizing about not just the scent, but that taste of lemon.  And everyone who knows me is quite aware of this fact.

Especially my friend Jenn…who is as much a connoisseur of lemon-flavored lemony things as me.  And she is the person I have to thank for bringing Simply Shari’s Gluten-Free and Fabulous Lemon Shortbread Bite Size Cookies into my life.  For freakin’ real.  She has been one of the most understanding and adapting of my friends when it came to me having to go gluten-free.  I show up at her house at times and she showers me with goodies that she has found while out and about.  AND…she keeps a “gluten-free” section in her pantry for me as well.  Good friends like Jenn are AWESOME and meant to be praised in blogs like this one.

So…awhile back she gifted me with a bag of gluten-free goodness that I asked her to pick up for me since the items were on sale.  And when there is a gluten-free sale, even in another state, I jump at the chance to take advantage of it.  Well, she threw in a couple of extra things she spotted…and one of them was these little bite-size lemon shortbread cookies.

Simply Shari’s was one of those brands I just sort of accidentally happened upon way back when this gluten-free thing was new to me.  I was in Frankfort, Kentucky for the Black Cat Chase 5K…and my roommate and I dropped into the Kroger on our way out.  And one of the Manager’s Specials was on a frozen gluten-free pizza from Simply Shari’s.  We ended up purchasing it…and eating it a few nights later…and loving it.  The Almond Shortbread was next…and we both were enamored with that as well.

So…lemon goodness had to abound from these, right?  I knew it was a sure thing because Jenn had picked up some for herself and told me that they were super yumtastic.  Those weren’t her exact words.  I’m loosely quoting here.

Well, being as it is National Chocolate Chip day…and I don’t have anything chocolate chip in the apartment…I settled on the next best thing for dessert.  Yes…lemon cookies.  Because nothing says celebrating chocolate chips like lemon shortbread.  I never do anything normal or simple.  This is my norm.

So, after a delightful dinner and after scouring all the dishes…my roommate and I were definitely ready for a small bite for dessert.  That’s one thing I love about these cookies from Simply Shari’s.  They are bite-size.  So you aren’t getting this huge cookie that is packed with all these fillers that will make you feel more stuffed than you already are.  Nope.  Not these.

Simply Shari’s Gluten-Free and Fabulous Lemon Shortbread Bite Size Cookies (for being bite size…that’s a mouthful, yes?) are awesome.  No exaggeration there.  One bite and it was hard to keep myself from simply devouring the other two that were held in the palm of my hand.  Honestly.  Lemon at its best.  Shortbread at its most awesome.

Yes…you still have that buttery and crumbly texture that is associated with shortbread.  It’s sweet and savory all at once.  But then…add in that fantastic lemon flavor and you totally turn of the volume on these cookies…all the way up to 11.  They don’t skimp on the lemon flavor, nor do they throw it in your face either.  It’s not subtle but it won’t leave your taste buds feeling assaulted by lemon.  That’s the tricky thing about lemon…you can easily make it too lemony so easily.  Not Simply Shari’s.  And that lemon flavor…it was the perfect match with the buttery taste of the shortbread.  So impressed.

These cookies are made with simple ingredients.  Rice flour, brown rice flour, sweet rice flour, tapioca flour, cornstarch, potato starch, xanthum gum, water, baking soda, modified corn starch, guar gum, baking soda, and, naturally, lemon fruit pieces.  These candied lemon pieces are the star of these cookies, bringing them to life with their stunning lemon flavor.  And these crumbly, delicious shortbread cookies are rather impressive nutritionally too…as far as cookies go.

One serving is three bite size lemon shortbread cookies.  These three cookies will set you back only 120 calories and 6 grams of fat.  Not bad for shortbread.  Not bad at all.  Even better, the sugar content in these cookies is definitely on the low side – only 9 grams.  These gluten-free cookies are also non-GMO, which is always appreciated.

Simply put…Simply Shari’s Gluten-Free and Fabulous Lemon Shortbread Bite Size Cookies are amazing.  I am so glad I have a second pack of these in my pantry as well.  I’m addicted and hooked and loving the lemon and buttery goodness in a simply delicious and simply fabulous bite-size package.  It’s hard to keep that serving down to just three.

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