Popchips puts the lime in the corn tortilla to create wildly good Chili Limòn Tortilla Chips

Popchips Chili Limòon Tortilla Chips
Popchips Chili Limòon Tortilla Chips

Product: Popchips Chili Limòn Tortilla Chips – $2.99+

Popchips really, really, really had to win me back after the bad taste (literally) they left in my mouth with their Sweet Potato Popchips a little while back.  I disliked it so much that even at the store I was a bit hesitant to even pick up the flavors I actually do like.  Yeah…that’s pretty bad.

However, my gluten-free pantry has quite a few snacks left in its overstock and the next one up, according to expiration date…was the Popchips Chili Limòn Tortilla Chips.  I was almost hesitant to retrieve them from the pantry…but I don’t let products go to waste…so I put on a brave face and opened up the bag.

One serving is 28 grams of these chips.  You actually get quite a lot for that weight because these are corn masa that has been popped into this light, airy, barely-there feeling tortilla chip.  Like…a less-dense version of a Dorito.  They looked innocent enough at first glance…so I packed away the serving in a dish to take to work with me and dig out for my late afternoon snack.

Well, the moment of truth came just now.  Yes.  RIGHT now.  I’m at my desk with the lid off my Pyrex container and I’m happily munching away on these Popchips.  Smile on my face and everything.  The disgusting memory of the Sweet Potato Popchips a thing of the past.  Redemption…thy name is Popchips Chili Limòn Tortilla Chips.

I am in love with these.  They are light, airy, and totally dusted with amazing flecks of flavor.  Sort of…like Cool Ranch Doritos.  I know that most of the Doritos out on the market are free of gluten ingredients (not officially gluten-free)…but I hate not seeing that label on the packaging.  If it’s not labeled, I normally don’t buy it.  So it has literally been two years since I’ve eaten Doritos (also…not all Doritos are vegetarian…so…).  But…from what I remember, these Popchips Chili Limòn Tortilla Chips taste like…COOL RANCH DORITOS!  Those were always my favorite.  These just have a little more of a spice to them.  Other than that…I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  It makes me smile…even more than I already am from snack happiness.

Seriously…if like me you gave up simple pleasures like Doritos…welcome something even better back into your life.

Popchips Chili Limòn Tortilla Chips are the perfect blend of spices to give it a kick, but then add that twist of lime that sort of tames it down.  It’s awesome.  The flavor is just exciting on the taste buds.  And yes…you will keep reaching for more.  I can’t stop myself…which is why I weigh out my portions instead of carrying the entire bag with me to the office.  Seriously…spiced to perfection and made light as air.  These chips are made from all-natural ingredients and contain no preservatives.  They are non-GMO (a really, really big deal!) and are labeled gluten-free, kosher, and vegan.  NICE!

A serving of these amazing tortilla chips is 28 grams (or about 16 chips).  This amazingly filling serving will only cost you 120 calories and 4 grams of fat.  Not bad for a chip, right?  These are very low in sodium (only 135 mg), contain no cholesterol, and serves up 2 grams of protein.  As for ingredients…you’ll recognize them.  And there are so few of them.  Love that.  These include stone ground corn masa, oil, chili pepper, salt, sugar, citric acid, dextrose, rice flour, onion powder, yeast extract, garlic powder, paprika, turmeric, paprika extract, toasted corn germ, and a twist of lime.  Easy as that.

And they all just mix together to make the perfect bite.  Every…single…time!

Popchips…I am so glad I had these after the disaster that was the Sweet Potato Popchips.  Because these have won you back my favor.  And I intend to keep the Popchips Chili Limòn Tortilla Chips in stock in my pantry whenever possible.  Beyond delicious.  These are downright addicting.

And simply amazing.

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