No love for Enjoy Life’s Caramel Apple Chewy On-The-Go Bar

Enjoy Life Caramel Apple On-The-Go Chewy Bars

Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Chewy On-The-Go Bars

Product: Enjoy Life Caramel Apple On-The-Go Chewy Bar – $4.29+

It was as though my deepest fear was confirmed upon returning home from the office today.  After the horrendous taste the Very Berry Chewy Bar left in my mouth (thank goodness my co-worker had some gluten-free white chocolate peppermint popcorn on hand), I was going to go straight home, pull the box out of my pantry and throw it away.

That’s exactly what I did.

And just as I had thought, the next item up in my gluten-free pantry for consumption as a snack was…Enjoy Life Caramel Apple On-The-Go Chewy Bars.


And the more I did think about it, the more I was absolutely certain these were the snack bars that my mom had tried when she started doing some gluten-free foods and told me to stay far, far away.  They were not good, according to her initial report.  Somehow that conversation had slinked back into my brain after the disappointing snack that I basically spit out this afternoon.

Determined not to revisit that experience with a different flavor bar, my roommate suggested that we go ahead and open one of the Caramel Apple Chewy Bars and break off a piece.  We could each try it (me as the gluten-free girl and her as the ‘I don’t need to eat gluten-free, so I’ll be totally honest with you’) and make a decision as if they were palatable enough me to take for snack tomorrow.

Enjoy Life Caramel Apple On-The-Go Chewy Bar

Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Chewy On-The-Go Bar

After dinner and a very delicious dessert, I started to get things together for lunches and snacks tomorrow…and remembered that I needed to grab these snack bars.  I hurried over to the pantry and removed the box from the shelf, cracking it open and removing one of the bars.  I tore into the wrapper.  There was no onslaught of apple scent like what happened with the Very Berry one.  So…that was already different.  However, the tiny little snack bar didn’t look much different from the one I had today.  But, I was trying to keep an open mind on this one.

Why?  Because I love Enjoy Life.  I love that they keep their products free of the top 8 food allergens (gluten, wheat, egg, dairy, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, fish).  I love that, in the past, I’ve enjoyed every product that I’ve tried.  I’m especially a fan of their chocolate granola and their seed and fruit mixes.  YUM!!

So, here I stood, breaking off the end of one of the Caramel Apple On-The-Go Chewy Bars and then split that in half so my roommate and I could both have taste.  We looked at the little piece in our hand…then at each other…and we popped them in.

Here’s what I can say…the Caramel Apple was a little more palatable than the Very Berry variety.  The taste was still cardboardish…and the texture was less than chewy.  It wasn’t hard, but it was like gnawing on a wet box.  I hated the texture.  Very gritty and just…blech.  All of that being said, it did actually taste a little like a caramel apple.  Very little.  But it was there.  Especially at the end, when you just manage to get it down.  But…that’s not saying much.  I wasn’t impressed.

Thankful that I purchased these while they were on stupid super sale…I didn’t feel too bad tossing this box in the garbage can as well.

I hope that in the future, Enjoy Life considers redoing their recipes for the Caramel Apple and Very Berry Chewy Bars.  There is so much potential there…but they completely missed the mark with these.  And it’s too bad, because I have nothing but good things to say about the rest of their products I have managed to find and sample.

I guess everyone strikes out at some point.

Alright, Enjoy Life…I now need you to redeem yourself again…because the state of these last two products has saddened and makes me a little more apprehensive to try things like…your cereals…which I’ve been eying.  Now, I’m not so certain I want to risk the dent they’ll put in my wallet.

Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Chewy On-The-Go Bar (unwrapped)

Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Chewy On-The-Go Bar (unwrapped)


One thought on “No love for Enjoy Life’s Caramel Apple Chewy On-The-Go Bar

  1. Thank you so much for the detailed review of the Chewy Bars. While we are sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy the bars, we genuinely appreciate the feedback. I wanted to let you know that we read the reviews and will take your comments into consideration as we continue to work on the products.
    – Alina Tylman
    Marketing Manager
    Enjoy Life Foods

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