Last race of the year…and I’m going 13.1 again!

Santa Hustle Half Marathon - Indianapolis, IN
Santa Hustle Half Marathon – Indianapolis, IN

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be lining up with countless other runners at White River State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana to participate in this year’s Santa Hustle Half Marathon!

Last year, I barely made it to Indianapolis in time to participate in the 5K I had signed up to race in.  There were many things that went into that, mostly a late start getting on the road.  Unfortunately, this made for a lot of race day stress.  I had to get my packet from a friend who graciously went to pick it up for me.  I had no pins to put my number on…so I had to borrow two from a stranger (another runner) who graciously parted with two of his.  And my shoe came untied halfway through the race.  The shoe with the timing chip on it.  Oy!

It was a comedy of errors last year.

So, normally I wouldn’t have even thought of running in the Santa Hustle 5K again.  And, honestly, I didn’t give it a thought…until I saw that this year, Indianapolis was one of the few cities that was also offering a half marathon distance.  Running my last race of the season as a half marathon just seemed…right.  It would make it my 6th half marathon of the year…and I think an appropriate way to wrap up a race season of lots of highs and a few lows.

The last time I raced in Indianapolis was in the scorching heat and humidity of the Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon.  Tomorrow’s weather is to be a nice 50 degrees at start time (PERFECT!) with no rain…and some sun.  I am looking forward to this.

So…I need to go finish packing up my race bag and my overnight bag.  I’m staying at the race hotel (the JW Marriott) downtown, as it is right there at the start and finish.  And though I’ve been dealing with a very tight left calf muscle the past couple of weeks, I think it’s starting to work itself out.  And that is only a good thing.  I think this definitely will be a smoother start and finish.  I can only hope!

Ever since the last half marathon in Indianapolis almost killed me, I’ve been looking forward to a comeback.  And I guess I’ll do it dressed up like Santa.  Hey…it doesn’t have to be a dignified comeback.

But we’ll see what tomorrow holds.  Until then…wish me luck…

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