Product Review: Wonderfully Raw Lemon Pie Mini Coco-Roons

Wonderfully Raw Lemon Pie Mini Coco-Roons
Wonderfully Raw Lemon Pie Mini Coco-Roons

Product: Lemon Pie Mini Coco-Roons – $2.99+

Welcome to the final round of “Cookies I Bought At Jungle Jim’s International Market.”  Hey…cookies are awesome and when I find cookies that I have never spotted in my area of the country…I take every opportunity to try them.  I mean, come on, cookies are the perfect treat after a long day.  A little savory…but also sweet.  You can’t go wrong.

While shopping in the gluten-free section of Jungle Jim’s International Market on my birthday, Cathy spotted a small line-up of little macaroon-type cookies.  I used to despise coconut.  I thought it tasted like having bugs in your mouth.  Texture-wise…a fail.  That being said, as I’ve gotten older, the more times I try coconut, the more I have come to enjoy it…in certain forms.

One of such forms is in…macaroons…those sweet lumps of toasted coconut with that golden crust at the bottom.  Yep…I devour those now.  Go figure.  They are just a nice, healthier cookie to indulge in every now and again.  So, imagine my excitement when Cathy spotted a shelf with little pouches of macaroon cookies called Coco-Roons.  I knew I wanted to try one of the different varieties…but I had to narrow it down to the one that interested me most.

Coco-Roons are made by the company Wonderfully Raw.  Wonderfully Raw was started by Sequoia Cheney, who had a passion for good food that wasn’t exactly good for her.  When she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, she knew something had to change in order for her to heal herself.  She decided to change her path and began a journey into good health.  Her son, Eric Hara, a renowned chef in New York City, gave her a lot of inspiration and encouragement.  So Sequoia decided to create delicious food that was also good for her.  She began to train at Living Light Culinary Institute in Mendocino, California, where she trained with the best raw food chefs in the business.  And with what she learned there, she could now prepare food that could support and heal the body.  This dynamic mother and son duo have come together to create Coco-Roons, which are produced using only the finest organic ingredients.

Perfect segue here to tell you what is actually in these miniature cookies of wonderful lemony goodness, yes?  The Wonderfully Rw Lemon Pie Mini Coco-Roons are made from organic dried unsweetened coconut, organic almond flour, organic unfiltered maple syrup, organic cold-pressed coconut oil, organic lemon zest, organic vanilla extract, and Himalayan crystal salt.  That’s it, my dear readers.  That’s it.  These miniature macroons are vegan, gluten-free, and paleo (if cavemen ate desserts…and I’m still not convinced that’s true).  These are also raw and certified non-GMO.

As far as nutrition goes, the Wonderfully Raw Lemon Pie Mini Coco-Roons are a fantastic treat at the end of the day.  A serving size is 3 of the miniature cookies.  There are 2-4 servings per bag, as I think they actually go off weight.  One serving will provide you with 80 calories, 6 grams fat, 3 grams saturated fat (from coconut oil), 0 grams trans fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 30 mg sodium, 6 grams carbohydrates, 1 gram fiber, 4 grams sugars, and 1 gram protein.  Not filling, but not horrible by any standard when it comes to a treat.

And since this is kind of out of my usual order, how about I tell you how much I LOVE these cookies, yes?  First of all, they don’t taste coconutty at all.  Nope.  You get a bit of the texture, but that fresh lemon flavor is what tempts your taste buds into popping the next one.  These cookies are tiny, little bite-size mounds of goodness.  I was sad to only eat three of them tonight.  I mean, totally amazing flavor…and you can’t beat how good these are for you…as fr as cookies go.  I love that these are sweetened with maple syrup instead of granulated white sugar.  And I love that I don’t feel bad just digging into these.  If you’re a lemon lover…these will definitely make you happy.  My roommate got to her serving first and all I heard was, “These are amazing.”  And…she was absolutely right.  I have a new soft spot in my heart for the Wonderfully Raw Lemon Pie Mini Coco-Roons.  I hope a store around here carries them, otherwise I’ll be scooping up more of these and the other flavors on my next trip to Jungle Jim’s.  And, if nothing else, they are available to order online on the Wonderfully Raw Web site.

Beyond enthusiastic and happy with these cookies for sure.  I loved these from first bite and simply can’t wait to dig in tomorrow for more.  Here’s a no-guilt, fantastic, healthy dessert or snack you’ll love.  Trust me.

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