Product Review: Food For Life Sprouted For Life Gluten Free Original 3 Seed Bread

Food For Life Sprouted For Life Gluten Free Original 3 Seed Bread

Product: Food For Life Sprouted For Life Gluten Free Original 3 Seed Bread – $5.99+

I have a bone to pick with gluten free breads.  I really do.  They are either stiff and crumbly, or they are full of holes.  Nevermind just outward appearance, so often, these products are either packed full of fillers or they are made with real ingredients but have no actual nutritional value to them.

When I first had to go gluten free four years ago…I gave up bread.  Gluten free breads were too expensive to even factor into my budget.  I convinced myself that I wouldn’t miss it anyway.  But…sometimes a gluten free sandwich just sounds amazing.  So, after about half a year of no bread at all…I gave in and started eating Udi’s…then Rudi’s…and now I’ve tried Aldi’s liveGfree brand and Canyon bakehouse.  All the while, another brand was staring at me from the grocer’s freezer…but I paid it no heed.  The brand: Food For Life.

I don’t know how or why I continued to overlook this brand…but I have been shown the error of my ways.  I was fortunate enough to be sent one loaf of each of the Sprouted For Life Gluten Free Breads from Food For Life.  These loaves come in Original 3 Seed, Almond, Cinnamon Raisin, and Flax.

As an athlete, active every day in some way, shape or form, it’s important to properly fuel my body and eat wholesome foods.  Most products on the market for the gluten-free diet happen to be junk food.  It drives me nuts.  I hit that gluten-free section of a store and I can find a vast array of cookies, crackers, chips, pretzels, and the like.  It is one of the biggest pet peeves of the grocery store.  Yes, a lot of people with Celiac and gluten intolerance do miss out on some of the finer treats like Oreos and the like, but the shelves are literally overrun with products that aren’t going to feed your body right and healthy.

But Food For Life set out to change that.  Through a lot of research and development, Food For Life released the first ever gluten free breads made from sprouted grains, such as quinoa, millet and chia.  A majority of gluten-free breads, while satisfying the “gluten free” bread requirement, don’t address the overall health needs of consumers.  Without the gluten to give bread the soft, elasticity of regular breads, most manufacturers choose alternative ingredients that mimic the feel of gluten, using egg, milk, and refined starches in order to achieve a softer and chewier texture.  But these breads are created from ingredients that you wouldn’t expect to find in natural breads, many of which are devoid of nutrients.

Food For Life stepped up and decided to start a line with four varieties of completely gluten-free breads that were specifically created with the health of consumers in mind.  Not only are they gluten free, but they are also vegan and made from nutrition packed ingredients that have been sprouted to maximize nutrition and digestibility.

I have already blogged about the Flax and Almond varieties…so now…the latest from my freezer: Food For Life Sprouted For Life Gluten Free Original 3 Seed Bread!

One of my most favorite things to devour for breakfast these days is avocado toast.  It’s simple…but delicious…and packed with healthy fats and nutrients.  Avocados are one of my favorite fruits in life right now.  And I use it often and in various ways.  But…simply mashed across a slice (or two) of toast is one of my most favorite ways…with a touch of bereber seasoning or salt or lemon pepper…whatever strikes my fancy.  And, as I discovered, the Food For Life Sprouted For Life Gluten Free breads are perfect vehicles for such cravings.  The bread, when thawed, still is a bit stiff and not soft and moist like the likes of liveGfree and Canyon Bakehouse.  And a little more substantial (and definitely lacking the holes) that you’d find with Udi’s or Rudi’s.  This means these slices of bread are going to hold up to whatever you decide to sandwich between them…or pile onto them.

The Food For Life Sprouted For Life Gluten Free Original 3 Seed Bread is just as fantastic and perfect for whatever your bread craving might be as the two flavors I have tried before. This particular variety was specifically developed using three (3) super seeds that benefit you throughout the day by helping your body perform at its best.  What are they, you may ask?  Chia, Quinoa, and Millet!

So, I let the Food For Life Sprouted For Life Gluten Free Original 3 Seed Bread thaw on the counter overnight.  Then, the following morning, after my spin class, I returned home hungry and ready for a nutritious, healthy breakfast.  I placed each slice of bread on a baking sheet and then stuck it in the oven while I went to go shower.  This was not left unattended.  My roommate was awake at this point…so no safety concerns, I promise.  I get done with my shower and dressed just as the bread is finishing up in the oven.  Perfect timing.  I pull it out and get an avocado ready to slice and mash onto the surface of each slice of bread.  I loved how this bread smelled…like fresh baked.  Really.  The aroma just filled my kitchen.  Love it when seeds incorporated into the bread toast up and get that rich aroma to them.  Ahhhh…refreshing.  So, I plated each piece of toast, mashed the avocado on top, seasoned my roomie’s with lemon pepper and mine with bereber…and breakfast was served, with a side of sauteed cheery tomatoes.  YUMMY!

This bread is hearty, dense, and the perfect base for a breakfast like this.  It works well as a sandwich bread, too, of course.  I used it for grilled cheese that very night.  But, there is just something about this bread that I could doctor up all day.  Rub it down with garlic…top it off with butter, garlic and seasoning…perfect garlic toast.  I could make it into a pizza.  I could do a lot of things with it, but the very nature that this bread is incredibly perfect to hold a simple smashed avocado and still taste amazing…speaks volumes about this simple, healthy, and amazing loaf.  I am beyond wowed by the flavor and texture that this bread delivers.  It is definitely best toasted…but would work even without that added step.

I’m hooked.

So, the Food For Life Sprouted For Life Gluten Three Original 3 Seed Bread is made from simple, natural, and healthy ingredients.  These include organic sprouted quinoa (red and/or white), filtered water, organic arrowroot, organic potato starch, organic sprouted millet, organic tapioca, organic applesauce, fresh yeast, organic safflower oil, organic cactus, organic sprouted chia seeds, organic agave, organic vanilla, sea salt, vegetable gum (xanthan, cellulose), and organic psyllium.  This bread is high in fiber, vegan, gluten-free, and made with sprouted grains of goodness.

So let’s discuss the nutritional information for the Food For Life Sprouted For Life Gluten Free Original 3 Seed Bread.  Since studying nutrition, first in a basic and now an advanced course, I have learned that there is more to counting calories.  Sure, it is important, but it shouldn’t be the focus.  It’s all about the nutritional aspects of the food.  Avocados are high in fat and calories…but SO much better for you than that chocolate bar with the same amount of fat and calories.  See what I mean? A serving size is one (1) slice.  In this serving, you will be provided with 110 calories, 2 grams of fat, 0 grams saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 120 mg sodium, 20 grams carbohydrates, 3 grams fiber, 0 grams sugars, and 2 grams of protein.  I was freaked out at first with the high calories per slice, but, again, not all calories are created equal and there is nothing fake going into this bread.  It’s all healthy, all good, all nutritious.  Making this a fantastic choice.

This past weekend, when I was visiting Columbus, Ohio, I spotted the four (4) different varieties of this bread in the freezer section of the local natural food store, Raisin Rack.  I try to  go shopping there every time I’m in Columbus because I can find things I normally can’t find here in Louisville.  I noticed that these breads were priced at around $10.49 there.  For ONE loaf of bread.  So, it can be expensive, but I’ve found it at Whole Foods for $5.99.  Price shop.

Trust me, this bread is totally worth it.  Nutrition and ingredients are two things I key in on, and this bread tops the charts in both.  I am beyond impressed, for sure.  I will always find a space in my budget and in my freezer for the Food For Life Sprouted For Life Gluten Free Breads.  And if you really want a good base to work with…the Original 3 Seed is the way to go.  Total yum!

Avocado Toast made with Food For Life Sprouted For Life Gluten Free Original 3 Seed Bread
Avocado Toast made with Food For Life Sprouted For Life Gluten Free Original 3 Seed Bread

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