Product Review: Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds

Amy's Kitchen Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds
Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds

Product: Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds – $6.99+

Sometimes, it’s not just my pantry that keeps products for awhile.  Back at the beginning of summer, I finally found a local store that carried a certain sandwich bread that I had been searching high and low for.  You see, gluten-free bread has always been expensive, and since this particular bread only came with 8 pieces and was about $7.00, I really needed to make sure my budget was going to allow for it.

And so, it was because I finally had it within my clutches, I purchased a box of Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds.

Amy’s Kitchen and I are BFFs.  For real.  Her gluten-free products are amazing.  All of her products are vegetarian…with a good chunk of them being vegan as well.  How’s that for amazing, eh?  I haven’t met a product from Amy’s Kitchen that I haven’t fallen in love with.  And, for awhile, I was stashing her frozen meals and canned soups/chili in my freezer and/or pantry.  When I moved to more of a clean diet, I went for more natural foods rather than frozen and processed.  But Amy’s still had a place in my heart…and when anything called for vegetarian chili or the like…it is her brand that I turn to.

So, when I saw online awhile (like years!) that Amy’s Kitchen had created gluten-free Sandwich Rounds (I assumed these were like Sandwich Thins), I went on the hunt.  When I came up empty handed, I just sort of gave up on it.  Until Earth Fare opened up in my area…and lo and behold…there on the shelf…the Sandwich Rounds.  No conversation or budget stopped me from putting that in my shopping basket and bringing them home.  Into my freezer.  And…there they sat.  For a long while.  I just kept buying loaves of bread.  I didn’t even think about these again until I was reorganizing my freezer and starting to work through the items inside.  And when I rediscovered them…I had an idea of how to use them.

Veggie burgers.

Amy's Kitchen Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds
Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds

Because I had been craving.  So, I picked up some of my favorite gluten-free veggie burgers from the store on Sunday (Franklin Farms is the brand, in case you were wondering…delicious and low calorie!).  And this morning, I pulled the box Amy’s Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds out of the freezer and removed two of the flat breads to thaw while I was at work.

And this was my only disappointment with this product.  I thought that these would be a lot like the Sandwich Thins I used to eat when I was eating horribly unhealthy “diet” bread.  Those were thin little bread rounds that were sliced in half.  These looked like small three-inch pizza crusts more than sandwich bread.  And…in order to actually make a sandwich (or in my case a burger), I would have to double the bread.  One piece is just that…one piece.  No way to slice it in half to make a sandwich you can pick up.  So, forget about that burger…it now became and open-faced sandwich tonight.

So, yeah…I was already a little disappointed.  But, after I slid the Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds into the oven to toast slightly while the burgers cooked and the mushrooms and onions were marinating in bar-b-que sauce.  As those finished up, I removed the now warmed thin bread rounds from the oven and began to put together the open faced sandwiches…trying not to be too disappointed that in order to make an entire burger, I’d have to double my calories and everything else.  So…this would have to do.  A little BBQ sauce on the round, then the veggie patty, melted vegan cheese, and then the barbeque onions and mushrooms to top it off.  I served it with a side of Zapp’s New Orleans Style Voodoo Kettle Chips (which are totally amazing!).

Settling into dinner with an open-faced burger instead of an actual burger was a bit of a let-down.  But…after I took my fork and knife and sliced into everything and gave it all a taste…all was forgiven.  The Amy’s Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds are totally amazing.  In fact, they taste like mini pizza crusts.  So, now I kind of want to do little individual pizzas and use these as the base.  They are amazing. And they even held up to the sauce, the burger, the toppings…without getting soggy and falling apart.  Color me impressed.  The disappointment for not being able to pick up my dinner faded.  The taste, texture, and all-around goodness of this product made up for it in spades.  Holy cow!

Let’s look at the ingredients!  Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds are true to Amy’s Kitchen form.  Using only ingredients that are recognizable.  No fake stuff here.  These little sandwich rounds are made from organic rice flour, filtered water, organic sunflower seed meal, organic tapioca starch, organic potatoes, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic agave nectar, sea salt, yeast, and organic rice bran extract.  These little sandwich rounds are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, cholesterol free, and kosher.  Love it.

A serving of Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds is (sadly) one round.  This one round piece of bread will provide you with 90 calories and 4 grams of fat.  This serving will also give you only 135 mg sodium and 1 gram of sugar.  You will also be taking in 1 gram fiber and 2 grams of protein.  So, they aren’t very filling, but it’s nice not to have a calorie-laden burger/sandwich.  I only wish these could have been split so that I could have picked up my burger instead of having to go all fine-dining on it with a fork and knife.

I am not kidding…Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Sandwich Rounds are fantastic.  If you happen to find these in your store, I recommend the splurge.  Make an open face sandwich…or if you don’t mind 180 calories and 8 grams of fat in one sitting…make a full one.  For me…I think mini pizzas are up next.  What started off initially as disappointment transformed into nothing but pure joy.  This product is truly amazing.  I love them!

An Open-Faced BBQ Mushroom & Onion Veggie Burger on an Amy's Kitchen Gluten Free Sandwich Round
An Open-Faced BBQ Mushroom & Onion Veggie Burger on an Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Sandwich Round

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