Product Review: North Brooklyn Eats Double Trouble – Double Chocolate Brownie + Heath Bar Crunch Blondie

North Brooklyn Eats Double Trouble - Double Chocolate Brownie and Heath Bar Blondie
North Brooklyn Eats Double Trouble – Double Chocolate Brownie + Heath Bar Blondie

Product Review: North Brooklyn Eats Double Trouble – Double Chocolate Brownie + Heath Bar Crunch Blondie – $8.50+

Double your pleasure.  Double your fun.  Double your dessert.

Trust me…that is not a complaint.

I was surprised with my Holiday 2014 (December) Cuisine Cube when I found two amazing desserts inside.  Even better…two of my favorite things for dessert.  Cookies (which I’ll nosh and blog about later) and brownies.  Not just one brownie…but two brownies.  Pardon me whilst I drool a little.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, back in March I signed up for a fantastic gluten-free food delivery program called Cuisine Cube.  Each month, I am sent a box of 5-6 different gluten-free products from smaller and lesser-known gluten-free companies.  Some…are just from local bakeries…much like the product I am eating today.  Cuisine Cube is a fantastic way to broaden your gluten-free culinary and foodie horizons, because, honestly, I never would have even known any of these products existed for the most part.  New to me…and I’m loving it.  I have already vowed to hit the Stock Up page on Cuisine Cube’s site more than once to get more of a product that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Dessert x 2 this month.  As it should be with the holidays.  Hey…I’m a runner and I work out.  Dessert is not an option; it’s a way of life.  I was raised having dessert every night after dinner…and that tradition carries over even now when I am on my own.  It’s the best way to wrap up the day.  A little treat at the end.

So, the first dessert I reached for was the one that came with two options.  Yes.  I am talking about North Brooklyn Eats Double Trouble.  Why “Double Trouble?”  Well…inside this little unassuming bag are two decadent looking dessert bats.  Yes.  North Brooklyn Eats included a Heath Bar Crunch Blondie and a Double Chocolate Brownie.

Before I discuss the dessert bars themselves, let’s discuss North Brooklyn Eats for a moment.  The local small town bakery is dedicated to making homemade confections that are gluten-free and “don’t suck.” (I pulled that right off the little info thing online!)  It is run by two brothers, Josh and Michael Kimberg out of Beacon, NY, in the Hudson Valley.  It is the goal of these two brothers to change everyone’s perception of gluten-free dessert.  They specialize in gluten-free cakes and muffins, but, obviously, have other baked goods to offer as well, but desserts are their forte.

And yes…they are knocking it out of the park.  A simple Double Trouble Home Run!!

As I believe in everything in moderation, including dessert (even if my sweet tooth says otherwise), I only ate one dessert bar at a time.  And I split each one with my roommate (who is not a Celiac and doesn’t have to eat gluten-free).  We started with (because I deemed it so) the Heath Bar Crunch Blondie.

The only thing I did to this blondie was that I gave it a quick warm up in the microwave.  Desserts are always better when warm (when it comes to things like brownies, bars and cookies).  It smelled absolutely fantastic when I removed it from the microwave.  I got a knife and sliced through the blondie.  Immediately I liked what I could see.  The edges had this nice crispy border to them (my favorite part of any brownie!) and the inside was soft and chewy.  I gave half to my roommate (Cathy), and kept the other half for me to devour.  I tucked in under my snuggie (Hey…it’s cold here!) and dove in.

Holy dessert gods!!  I have always loved brownies and enjoyed blondies.  This blondie was definitely done up very well.  The North Brooklyn eats Heath Bar Crunch Blondie tastes like…a Heath Bar…but in a more rich and decadent form.  It’s like a sweet snack transformed into a delicious dessert.  And I loved it.  The blondie was baked to perfection, golden and speckled with toffee and chocolate goodness.  It was a nice play of flavors on the taste buds for sure.  I was just casually eating each little forkful, until I just had to pick it up and shove it in my face.  Well, maybe not so barbarian and brutishly…but I did give up on the fork method as just getting my fingers on this treat was a necessary pleasure.  It was moist and crumbly and just perfect.  If heaven were a brownie…it would be a blondie!  THIS particular blondie!!

The North Brooklyn Eats Double Chocolate Brownie was up the next night.  Meaning…it was totally scarfed up tonight.  HA!  If you love chocolate…you will totally love this.  This brownie…think cake-like, not fudgy, is a rich, chocolatey, delicious treat from the first bite to the last.  I love that it isn’t overly sweet.  It hits all the right notes. The brownie itself is light and soft in the middle, not heavy and dense.  I love that.  It makes me feel like I can eat more!  The edges had that fantastic crunch to them, but inside was all chocolate and all business.  Chocolate brownies with chocolate chips.  Yeah…you can’t go wrong with that.  Insanely good!  Double insanely good.

As this is a product from a local bakery in the New York City area…there isn’t any information as to what ingredients they use or the nutrition information.  But…they are brownies and blondies…assume it’s a treat.  If you’re anything like me…you can split it with a friend or loved one.  All the taste, half the guilty pleasure…er…guilt.

Two nights, two desserts, two fantastic dessert bars…all brought to me by the awesome people at Cuisine Cube…as well as the master bakers at North Brooklyn Eats.  I’m still dreaming of dessert.  If you want the best of both dessert bar worlds…opt for North Brooklyn Eats Double Trouble – Double Chocolate Brownie + Heath Bar Crunch Blondie.  Enjoy every last bite!  And then…go buy more.

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