Product Review: Thumbs Cookies Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

Thumbs Cookies Gluten Free Sugar Cookies
Thumbs Cookies Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

Product: Thumbs Cookies Gluten Free Sugar Cookies – $20.00+

Who says good things don’t come in small packages?  Certainly not me.  I often find some of the best things in life come in smaller packages.  Heck, I’m a 5’3″ runner…so I’m a small person as it is.  The smaller…the more likely I am to take a second glance at it or even…purchase it.

I never would have even known about the existence of Thumbs Cookies if not for my monthly delivery from Cuisine Cube.  These little cookies (seriously….the size of your thumbprint) were inside my June box as the dessert treat.  And, for you regular readers…we all know how I feel about cookies.  If I were blue and furry with googly eyes, I really would be cookie monster.


And all the cookies is possible this time, as Thumbs Cookies are tiny.  Teeny-tiny, pop-in-your-mouth morsels of cookie goodness.  Cuisine Cube included the original Sugar Cookies in the June cube…which is fine by me.  I love a good sugar cookie.  And, since creator Robyn Frank, has immortalized her family recipe that her mother used, these cookies are close to as good as it gets without being fresh from your own oven.  Seriously…Frank, in fact, hand rolls each and every cookie in the palm of her hand and finishes them with her thumbprint.  She used to bake these alongside her mother whenever she made them for special occasions.

I love a good cookie story…especially when family and family history are involved.

The evening was shaping up to be a busy one.  Work was finally over and I had been intending to do the last of the BlueMile Brew Miles (a local running store’s mile runs at different pubs in the Louisville area), but an almost stress fracture sidelined my plans to run.  My roomie said that we could still go and walk it…if we took it slow and steady.  But this meant a quick bite at home and then off to the races, as it were.  I was reheating homemade soup, serving it with gluten-free crackers, and then having these cookies for dessert.  Simple.  Quick.  Efficient.  Especially on a busy night.

So, after downing our soup, we cleaned our dishes and I snagged the little box of these teeny-tiny cookies for dessert.  I figured they were small…so we’d just split the entire package.  Why not?  We were off to walk a mile anyway.  So, I doled them out and we settled in to pop them, one-by-one…

First of all…we probably could have split these between two nights, but they were so fantastic, I didn’t care.  I really didn’t.  I put the first one in my mouth…and it was just this soft little butter cookie with a hint of cinnamon and a bit of sugar sprinkled on top.  Like…mini snickerdoodles.  Little sugar cookie morsels of amazing goodness.  I was in love.  In fact, I believe I looked up at my roommate and said, “Well that’s a fantastic little bite!”  And I wasn’t joking.  These won’t melt in your mouth, but they aren’t brittle or hard.  They are just these nice little poppers of cookie yumminess.  Seriously, if I had just opened the pack for me, I probably would have eaten them all without a second thought.  So, eating half the container didn’t leave me berating myself either for indugling so much.  These really are itty-bitty cookies…and I enjoyed each and every bite.

As far as ingredients go…you can tell these are homemade.  The Thumbs Cookies Gluten Free Sugar Cookies are made from shortening, sugar, cinnamon, more sugar, and Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Flour.  These are homemade, to order, and no nutritional information is available on them.  Just rest assured, they are small but mighty and it is so easy to just keep popping them like candy.

I’m always told that I am small, but fierce.  That is definitely these cookies.  They are small…but they pack a mighty flavor punch.  Cookie perfection in little bites.  And for that…Thumbs Cookies hits all the right notes.  Fantastic flavor, great texture, and…well…when it’s a cookie…and when it’s a delicious cookie…you have me sold.  I can’t wait to dig up some more of these.  I might not share this time.  HA!

Once again…thank you, my dear Cuisine Cube…without you, I’d have no idea these even existed.

Thumbs Cookies Gluten Free Sugar Cookies
Thumbs Cookies Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

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