Product Review: Gone Pie Vegan Bakery Coconut Brownie

Gone Pie Vegan Bakery Coconut Brownie
Gone Pie Vegan Bakery Coconut Brownie

Product: Gone Pie Vegan Bakery Coconut Brownie – (part of Cuisine Cube and no price online)

Are any of you familiar with Cuisine Cube?  I wasn’t either.  Not until a special offer came across my Groupon-like gluten-free saver sort of mailing that I belong to.  I showed the e-mail to my roomie and said I wanted to try it.  She said to go for it.  Want to make me happy?  Tell me I can get Cuisine Cube.

So, for those of you who don’t know what Cuisine Cube is…let me explain.  Cuisine Cube is a subscription-based, monthly delivered box of gluten-free foodie goodness.  The concept was crafted by a team of enthusiastic eaters, food professionals, and allergy sufferers from New York City who were on the hunt for great gluten-free food.  They became aware that gluten intolerance is more prevalent today.  And, while gluten-free brands are more readily available in supermarkets all over the country…sometimes the bigger the brand the more preservatives and additives they contain.  Gluten-free foods are a lot of processed foods.  And, they…much like me…want to cut out as much processed food as possible.  And…at the same time…keep the food we do eat tasty.  We all know, even the biggest brands in gluten-free foods don’t always taste the best.  So, the creators of Cuisine Cube sought out lesser known brands made by small artisan producers, which they found often tasted better and were better for you.  Not to mention, it meant supporting small businesses.  But sometimes finding these smaller and lesser-known brands can be hard.  Thankfully, Cuisine Cube does the leg work for you.  They select different foods in each meal category and the box is delivered to my door.  All of it is gluten-free…and affordable.  Seriously.

I received my first Cuisine Cube in May.  And, with the exception of one product inside, I hadn’t ever heard of any of the other brands inside.  Gotta love it.

So…tonight…it was time to give one of these products a try.

And I made the most obvious choice…


The dessert category in May’s Cuisine Cube was by Gone Pie Vegan Bakery.  And the item…the Gluten-Free and Vegan Coconut Brownie.

I had never heard of Gone Pie Vegan Bakery before.  And for good reason.  Gone Pie is a Brooklyn based brownie maker who went from shop owner to wholesale producer.  Listening to the customer’s needs, all items that Gone Pie produces and sells are gluten-free as well as vegan.

This…is my happy face.

So after eating my fantastic gluten-free pizza for dinner…dessert was the next logical step.  Time for some Gone Pie Vegan Bakery Coconut Brownie!  I opened up the plastic wrapper and removed this very moist and chocolatey brownie.  It looked so rich and smelled amazing.  On top, you could see toasted coconut flakes.  I couldn’t wait to take a bite.  But…first I needed pictures for the blog and to split it in half so the roomie could indulge too.

She took the first bite…so I had to know what she thought.  She said it was pretty good…and it tasted…familiar.  That didn’t tell me much and since she’s congested, I decided just to go off my own thoughts on this one.  I settled in…and took a bite.

Soft.  Moist.  Amazing.  You could really taste the toasted coconut that is baked inside and toasted on top.  I loved the richness of this brownie, and how it was kept soft and decadent with the inclusion of dates.  But the dates don’t overpower or take away from that brownie feel, so don’t worry about that at all.  The chocolate is the star…and it is prevalent in each bite…without being too sweet.  So fantastic.  I wish I had more of these.  Seriously!

While these have no nutritional information, I can give you a run-down of the ingredients!  The Gone Pie Vegan Bakery Coconut Brownie is made from vegan fairtrade sugar, gluten free flour blend (sorghum, buckwheat, amaranth, garfava, tapioca, potato, brown rice), dates, brown rice syrup, coconut milk, gluten-free vegan fairtrade semi-sweet chocolate, gluten-free vegan fairtrade chocolate liquor, non-GMO canola oil, vegan fairtrade unsweetened cocoa powder, aluminum-free baking powder, and spices

Thanks to Cuisine Cube, I am being introduced to some fantastic and unique products I never would have even known existed.  I never would have even known about Gone Pie Vegan Bakery or their amazing products if not for Cuisine Cube.  In fact…I have since visited Gone Pie Vegan Bakery’s Web site.  Their variety of gluten-free goodies sound so good.  And now, I will make a point to order something else and give it a try.

Yes…this brownie impressed that much.

Thank you Cuisine Cube and thank you Gone Pie Vegan Bakery!

Gone Pie Vegan Bakery Coconut Brownie
Gone Pie Vegan Bakery Coconut Brownie

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