Restaurant Review: Sweet ‘N’ Savory Food Truck, Louisville, Kentucky

Sweet 'N' Savory Food Truck, Louisville, Kentucky
Sweet ‘N’ Savory Food Truck, Louisville, Kentucky

Restaurant: Sweet ‘N’ Savory Food Truck, Louisville, Kentucky

They are BACK!

YES!!  Finally!!

After a long, harsh winter without much action of the food truck scene…especially for me…because of my food allergies and all…I was so happy when Sweet ‘N’ Savory Food Truck returned from their hiatus (the owners spend the winters in New Orleans, Louisiana).  Unfortunately, I didn’t get out to them for a few weeks.  I was either out of town or the weather was bad.

But that was not the case this past Sunday afternoon.  Louisville was having their Buy Local Fair and the food trucks were out and serving.  I went to this event last year and walked away with tons of local products from local businesses and farms.  So, I was excited that I would be in town for this year’s event as well.  It was a near thing though.  I was in Indianapolis the day before for a half marathon…so thank goodness this was a Sunday event.

After an easy time getting to the site of the Buy Local Fair and with no problems parking…I was more than primed to find the food trucks and get my crepe on.  Because that…my dear readers…is what Sweet ‘N’ Savory is all about.  They do amazing gluten-free crepes, gelato, smoothies, coffee, tea…ahhhh…life’s simple but best pleasures, if you ask me.  And you’re reading this…so technically…you are.

Sweet ‘N’ Savory was right on the end of the row of food trucks as we turned the corner.  I think I bounced up and down when I saw them…already with a line.  YAY!  I was so ready for this.   My crepe craving has been out of control lately.  And despite having a gluten-free crepe place in Columbus, Ohio…and now one in Denver, Colorado…nothing…NOTHING compares to those that are served up by my local food truck, owned by Richard and Ashley Giannini.  He mans the crepe stones and she takes the orders and dishes up everything else…including their rich, creamy gelato.  But I’ll get to that momentarily.

Richard and Ashley are the two who got me hooked on savory crepes.  I never cared for them much before…until they came along.  And…still…I hardly order them from anywhere else…because they don’t compare to the flavor combinations that I can get from Sweet ‘N’ Savory.  I looked over the menu…and contemplated going sweet.  But it was lunch…so…the savory sort of had my attention.  I was going back and forth between two of them…and finally settled on…

The Sweet Onion Crepe.

Sweet 'N' Savory's Sweet Onion Crepe
Sweet ‘N’ Savory’s Sweet Onion Crepe

This savory crepe contained caramelized onions, figs, honey, and goat cheese, folded up in the gluten-free crepe and served toasty and warm and…mouth watering.  Holy cow.  I put in my order and Cathy placed hers (opting for the one with ‘all the meats’ as she never gets to eat meat at home since I am the cook).  While we waited, we chatted with both Richard and Ashley about how we’ve been and what’s been keeping us busy.  They apologized for missing me the weekend before at The Flea Off Market (severe weather shut it down early and they packed up 10 minutes before I finally arrived…SO not their fault.  Just really bad timing!).  We laughed about the strange weather and soon…both Cathy and I were receiving our delicious gluten-free crepes.

The seating area was on the other end of the food truck area, so we took a small stroll over to a picnic table and settled in.  I quickly took the mandatory food shot for the blog and then picked up my plastic utensils and readied myself for my first bite of one of Sweet ‘N’ Savory’s crepes in a L-O-N-G time.

It was just as good as I always remembered.  The savory Sweet Onion Crepe was the perfect blend of everything.  You get sweetness from the caramelized onions…plus some great flavor and texture from the chopped up figs that are inside.  The honey binds everything together.  But the real magic in this crepe falls to the goat cheese.  You get this nice balance of saltiness and creamy texture to counter the onion and fig mixture.  Heaven.  I cut off a piece for Cathy to try and she agreed…it rocked!  And her crepe was apparently good too, because we polished them off in record time.  For real!  The crepe itself was toasted to a perfect golden brown and tucked neatly around the filling.  It was heaven on a paper plate.  And I was all smiles…in between chewing, of course.  I have yet to have something from Sweet ‘N’ Savory that I didn’t like.

As we had been waiting in line, Ashely had mentioned their gelato flavors.  She had done up a Brownie Batter Gelato that morning that she said was amazing.  Lick-the-bowl good, I believe.  She also said that it would pair perfectly with, my personal favorite, Salted Caramel.  And they did have the salted caramel flavor.  But she enticed me with something else…

A Dairy-Free Raspberry Gelato.  So, Cathy and I abandoned our plans to celebrate my fastest half marathon time with our traditional Sundae Sunday at The Comfy Cow…and instead…went for Sweet ‘N’ Savory’s gelato.  Cathy got the Brownie Batter.  I was enticed to the Raspberry.  Ashley served it up…and we happily paid and walked away with our refreshing sweet treat in hand.

Cathy fell in love with the rich, sweet, very-brownie flavor of the Brownie Batter Gelato.  I took a spoonful and…WOW!  Yeah…it was like eating rich, delicious, dark chocolate brownie batter.  REALLY good.  But, I was over-the-moon for my choice.  Light, airy, and tangy…the zippy flavor of Sweet ‘N’ Savory’s Dairy-Free Raspberry Gelato won me over at first bite.  Cathy, who doesn’t even like raspberry, took a taste and said, “WOW…that’s GOOD!”  So, we perused the Buy Local Fair, buying products from local farms and businesses, while eating our little bowls of homemade, rich, creamy, light…gelato.  I was in a good place.  A very, very happy place.

So, I want to take a moment to welcome back my favorite Louisville, Kentucky food truck, Sweet ‘N’ Savory.  I have missed you so much.  And you totally have brought the flavor-factor back once again this year.  I can’t wait to turn up at other events and try other crepes that you create and put together.  Honestly…you’ve been missed.  And next time…it might be a two-scoop gelato kind of day.  Your food is love…and I love your food!

Sweet 'N' Savory's Dairy-Free Raspberry Gelato
Sweet ‘N’ Savory’s Dairy-Free Raspberry Gelato

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