Product Review: Lucky Clover Farms Gluten-Free Herb Bread

Lucky Clover Farm
Lucky Clover Farm

Lucky Clover Farms Gluten-Free Herb Bread – $7.00

This past weekend, I was happy to attend the Buy Local Fair in Louisville, Kentucky.  That’s one thing I have to give to Louisville…they are very supportive of their local businesses.  I first attended this event last year, so when I heard that it was happening again, I was just thankful my half marathon ran on Saturday, as this event happened on Sunday.

My main purpose for attending the Buy Local Fair was purely selfish.  I wanted a gluten-free crepe from Sweet ‘N Savory.  My favorite food truck disappeared over the winter but have been back in town since April.  I, however, have been out of town or very busy hosting friends and doing what I do best.  So, my entire purpose was to eat lunch there…which I did.  A delicious savory crepe, which I’ll blog about in a separate post.  After that, I purchased some dairy-free gelato from Sweet ‘N Savory and Cathy and I set about to check out the local businesses that had set up booths and tents at the event.

We first just perused…seeing a few different things that caught our eyes.  One thing that one particular booth did was advertise, quite boldly, gluten-free baked items.

My haul from the Buy Local Fair in Louisville, Kentucky.  All but the bottle of vinegar came from Lucky Clover Farm!
My haul from the Buy Local Fair in Louisville, Kentucky. All but the bottle of vinegar came from Lucky Clover Farm!



I honestly think that’s what it looked like.  Because I backpedaled and then quickly ducked into the tent to check out what items they had for sale.  I mean, it never hurts to look, right?  In my case…it hurts the budget, but it’s supporting a local business.  I really wanted the gluten-free carrot cake, but it’s hard to sell carrot cake on my roomie…so we both agreed to pick up three varieties of their jams, one of the Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins (next blog!) and a loaf of the Gluten-Free Herb Bread.  It looked really good.  A light brown crust and you could see the variety of herbs that was baked into it.  It wasn’t dense to hold and it smelled fantastic!

Yeah…that was totally coming home with us.

Lucky Clover Farm Gluten-Free Herb Bread
Lucky Clover Farm Gluten-Free Herb Bread

And…it totally became dinner too.  After a light breakfast, but a crepe-filled lunch, I figured we’d keep dinner a little light.  So, that evening I sliced into the bread, cutting two pieces for each of us.  We had an odd number of my gluten-free minestrone soups in the freezer, so I figured we could split that and have some toasted bread with it.  I turned on the oven, gave the bread slices a little drizzle of olive oil (after we split an end piece to eat without toasting!) and put it in the oven while I heated the soup in the microwave.

The slice we had without toasting was amazing.  As I said before, this bread was not dense at all.  I loved the light feeling it had.  And I loved the flavorful herbiness that came in each bite.  Seriously.  I was drooling just thinking about having more bread with the soup.  And it was a task not to go slice more off the loaf to devour while waiting on the bread to toast and the soup to heat all the way through.  Somehow, I resisted.

The toasted slices of the Gluten-Free Herb Bread filled the apartment with the most amazing aroma.  I pulled them out of the oven, now a golden color and toasted to perfection.  I plated the bread and dished up the soup and we both settled in for dinner.

Oh. My. God.  This bread was some of the best I have ever tasted.  Honestly.  Toasting it only drew out the flavors more, if that was even possible.  I was in love with the different herbs that would dance across my palate with each bite.  It paired so well with the soup too.  In fact, the following night, I heated up the last of the soup, and made grilled cheese sandwiches with this bread to go with it.  I mean…it was so versatile.  I used the last of it this morning, serving it up with some roasted vegetables and a poached egg on top.  It goes good with practically anything and everything.  And I kept wanting to cut smaller slices just to make it last.

Of course, now I’ll be looking for Lucky Clover Farms in other fairs and markets, hoping to pick up more of their items.  From what I’ve been reading, it sounds like the carrot cake I didn’t get is one of their best sellers.  Next time, I’m getting the damn gluten-free carrot cake.

For now, as the loaf is gone, I will dream of the next time I get to enjoy a slice of Lucky Clover Farm Gluten-Free Herb Bread.  Because, yeah…it really is that good.  Gluten-free baking is a science in and of itself…and they have mastered this bread for sure.  Soft.  Flavorful.  And absolutely delicious…however you slice it and serve it.  Highly recommended.  So glad to have them in the area…because I’m going to be dreaming of that bread until I can get another loaf!

Two slices of Lucky Clover Farm Gluten-Free Herb Bread lightly toasted with olive oil
Two slices of Lucky Clover Farm Gluten-Free Herb Bread lightly toasted with olive oil

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