Product Review: Lilly’s Bake Shoppe Krakovsky (Cashew Brittle)

Lilly's Bake Shoppe Krakovsky (Cashew Brittle)
Lilly’s Bake Shoppe Krakovsky (Cashew Brittle)

Product: Lilly’s Bake Shoppe Krakovsky (Cashew Brittle) – $9.99+

It was an ordinary day when I set out to go grocery shopping at the nine different stores I frequent when I need to go grocery shopping.  Hey, when you are a gluten-free vegetarian, you make time to go to the shops you know have the best deals on the stuff you need.  In this case, I was at my second stop of the day – the local Whole Foods.  I was actually sticking to my list…minding my budget (hard to do in Whole Foods)…

…until the roomie spotted something we hadn’t seen there before.  As this was prior to Easter and during the Jewish holiday of Passover…Whole Foods had an entire table of products from Lilly’s Bake Shoppe.  I had never heard of Lilly’s Bake Shoppe, but everything that was laid out on this display was not only kosher for passover, but also gluten-free.

And the roomie said the magic words…”Go ahead and pick one of them to try.”

The hard part, of course, was choosing which product to try.  There were nut rolls and chocolate rolls and cakes and cookies and…it just all sounded so amazing and looked fantastic too.  But…I decided to go with an interesting sounding, and not as appealing as far as visual goes…Krakovsky, or Cashew Brittle.

We paid for the treat with the rest of the groceries that were on the list and headed out to complete the rest of the grocery shopping expedition.  As is normally the case, we were polishing off other sweet treats as dessert, so I didn’t actually get to these until last week.  They just sort of beckoned to me every morning from the counter…”EAT ME!”  I felt like Alice in Wonderland…and obviously had to resist the urge to break into the box and give it a try.  But…after a visit from a friend, we were in need of an easy dessert…and this was the answer to our prayers.

I noticed, through the little window in the box, that these actually look like little blondies that have a crumble over the top.  They are sort of a light brown color, with a touch of gold…like they were baked to that perfect color to get the right look and taste to them.  I pulled them out of the box, opened up the sealed package and pulled out 2 of the little bars for myself and for the roomie.  I expected, upon hearing the word “brittle” that these would be hard in texture, sort of like the brittle you get at Christmas time.  But, these felt like a brownie, to be honest.  I snapped a picture for the blog and served them up.

I took a bite and wasn’t sure what to expect.  But…what I got was a taste of shortbread with this layer of sweetness on top.  It was rich and buttery and decadent.  The “shortbread” like cookie base was soft and flaky.  Absolutely amazing.  But it is that cashew brittle top that really makes Lily’s Bake Shoppe’s Krakovsky a stand out.  Totally good.  You definitely find all the sweetness in this treat in that topping.  The cookie-like base is soft, yet holds the topping well.  And it just tastes absolutely amazing.  Seriously…not too sweet…but sweet enough to make you realize that this is a treat.  I loved how light these were, not dense or heavy, which was what I expected being that it is made with nuts.  And the cashew wasn’t overpowered at all.  I loved the hint of vanilla and lemon that you get with each bite.  Simply awesome.  I might be hoping that this isn’t a Whole Foods special just for passover.  Because I want to try everything else they had on that table.  And with Passover ending…I’m afraid I might have held off too long.  These…are fantastic.

Lilly’s Bake Shoppe’s Krakovsky (Cashew Brittle) is made from cashews (this should always be the first ingredient!), sugar, eggs, apricot jam, potato starch, vanilla extract, kernel paste, shortening, almond meal, tapioca starch, lemon flavor, and salt.  It is kosher, gluten-free, cholesterol free, and lactose free.

Nutrionally speaking, Lilly’s Bake Shoppe Krakovsky (Cashew Brittle) isn’t looking so bad.  A serving size is 1 ounce and there are 12 servings per box.  This serving size will serve you up 12o calories and 6 grams of fat.  That isn’t bad for a dessert.  You will also be taking in 10 mg sodium and 13 grams of sugar.  I am trying to cut back on sugar, but for a baked good, this isn’t too bad.  Especially since it is a dessert.  This product has no dietary fiber in it, but will provide you with 2 grams of protein.

In the end…the main thing to understand is…if you want to try something different…something like a nutty, sweet shortbread…with a crumbly, yet substantial mouthfeel, then this….this is the treat for you.  Lilly’s Bake Shoppe totally blew me away with their Krakovsky (Cashew Brittle).  I love the way each bite gives you layers of flavor, starting with that shortbread-like base and working through the nutty-sweet topping.  I am in love with this treat.  I’m so glad we splurged a little that day to give it a try.  Also happy I haven’t devoured this entire box…yet.

But it will happen.  Yeah…it’s that good.

Lilly's Bake Shoppe Krakovsky (Cashew Brittle)
Lilly’s Bake Shoppe Krakovsky (Cashew Brittle)

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