Product Review: Nana’s No Gluten Lemon Cookie

Nana's No Gluten Lemon Cookie
Nana’s No Gluten Lemon Cookie

Product Review: Nana’s No Gluten Lemon Cookie – $2.99+

The cookie monster has struck again.

I need to stop finding all these different brands of gluten-free cookies.  Wait…no.  No, I don’t.  Because I forever will love cookies.  Especially a good cookie.

I have actually spotted Nana’s No Gluten cookies at a local natural food store.  However, I never really thought to stop and purchase one and give it a try.  Why?  I don’t know.  I must not have been thinking clearly.  Or, perhaps I was actually obeying my budget.  Or…was overwhelmed by the amount of sheer awesome gluten-free goodies at that store.  Whatever the case may be…that changed.  But while I was visiting my family in Birmingham, Alabama.

My roomie and I stopped by the organic store my mom took us to the last time we were in town.  It’s called Organic Harvest and their gluten-free selection is mesmerizing.  For real.  On the very bottom shelf, my roommate spotted the Nana’s No Gluten Lemon Cookie.  Because if lemon is involved, she’s going to find it.  Trust me.  So, it didn’t take much pleading to make that one of the purchases we made while there.  Good thing too, because when we drove home, we had nothing really left for dessert.  So…guess what was dessert last night?

Now, I love a soft, chewy cookie.  I really do.  And Nana’s No Gluten Lemon Cookie looked very soft and very chewy.  I opened up the package and was greeted with the best smell of lemon citrus flavor.  YUMMY!  I only hoped that the lemon flavor wouldn’t overpower.  I split the cookie in half and gave half to my roomie and kept the other half for me.  She dug in immediately, as lemon is her favorite flavor, and I asked her how it was.  She liked it.  I asked if it was too lemony and she said that it was right on the edge.  It was perfect.  I hoped she was right.  I settled in to my own half, took a bite and…WOW!!  Super soft, for one thing.  Love that.  Moist.  You’d never believe that these were vegan (no dairy, no eggs, and an added bonus of no refined sugar).  The lemon flavor was at the right level for sure.  Any more and it would have been too tart.  But the sweetness of the cookie actually perfectly balanced out the tartness of the lemon.  I was beyond impressed.  I devoured the half of a cookie in record time.  The texture was a hybrid of a shortbread cookie and a moist, dense molasses cookie.  Right in between.  No joke.  It was melt-in-your-mouth nom-a-licous.  Honestly.  And I love that the cookie is sweetened by fruit juice.  Amazing.

So, let’s talk ingredients, shall we?  Nana’s No Gluten Lemon Cookie is made from brown rice flour, white rice flour, fruit juice (a combo of pear, apple and grape), rice dextrins (a natural and unmodified starch), non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil, white rice crisp, tapioca flour, lemon, baking soda, non-aluminum baking powder, natural flavoring, natural vanilla extract, xanthan gum, salt.  As far as ingredients go, not too bad.  Not great…but not too bad either.  Better than some I have eaten (and loved).

Nutritionally speaking, a serving is half the cookie.  Yes…half.  Not the whole cookie.  Just half.  In this half of a cookie, you will be consuming 180 calories and 7 grams of fat.  This half of a cookie also contains 85 mg sodium and 10 grams of sugar.  For a cookie, 10 grams of sugar isn’t bad, specially when it all comes from fruit juice.  You also get 1 gram of fiber and 2 grams of protein.  So, don’t expect this cookie to fill you up.

The light, fresh, moist, delicious taste of this cookie is so amazing and enticing.  I was sad that we only bought one.  Honestly, one of the best gluten-free cookies on the market.  I’m already hoping to try more of Nana’s No Gluten Cookies…even if I have to order them online.  Delicious!  If you love cookies and you are a fan of lemon…you won’t want to miss out on this treat.  Trust me.

I’m already craving another one.

Nana's No Gluten Lemon Cookie (unwrapped)
Nana’s No Gluten Lemon Cookie (unwrapped)

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