Product Review: The Pfunky Griddle Gluten-Free Pancake Mix

The Pfunky Griddle Gluten-Free Pancake Mix
The Pfunky Griddle Gluten-Free Pancake Mix

Product: The Pfunky Griddle Gluten-Free Pancake Mix – $7.99

Awhile back, on a return trip from visiting my family in Birmingham, Alabama, my roommate and I were hungry.  Very hungry.  And I got onto my Find Me Gluten-Free app to find somewhere in Nashville, TN, where we might be able to safely grab a bite to eat.  My app never steers me wrong…and it threw a few options at me.  But…we were very intrigued by The Pfunky Griddle.  And after a quick read of the reviews, I felt confident I could eat there and not get sick.

Breakfast food!  YES!!  They serve salads and sandwiches as well, but if you’re going to The Pfunky Griddle…you’re probably seeking out something to put on the griddle.  And that was what we did, splitting an order of the gluten-free pancake mix and topping them off with our toppings of choice.

While we were waiting on a table, however, I spotted my danger zone.  They sell their pancake mixes.  Seriously.  And one of the options they offered was their gluten-free pancake mix.  After eating the pancakes at the store, I wanted some to take home.  And after working through the plethora of gluten-free pancake mixes (I seriously LOVE pancakes)…I finally got to this one today.

And…you know I can’t do anything simple.  The actual making of the batter is easy.  Add to mix 2 eggs and 8 ounces of milk.  I used my unsweetened almond milk.  That was actually the easy part.  I made 4 pancakes (1/4 cup of batter each) just plain…just the batter…so I could get an unadulterated taste of it.  Then, I made 4 pancakes with blueberries added to them.  And then, finally, I made 4 pancakes with white chocolate chips added to them.  One batter…3 servings of different pancakes.  I was excited, because from what I recall, I loved this batter when I ate at the restaurant.

However…today…I was way less enthusiastic about it.  Not that it was bad; it wasn’t.  It just…it isn’t able to compare to some of the other mixes I have used in between eating at the restaurant and making them myself at home.  The pancakes actually cook up beautifully.  Thin little cakes, toasted evenly on each side to a gorgeous golden brown color.  The issue, I found, was that they actually tasted…gritty.  Now, sometimes gritty is good, but not with pancakes.  I was feasting on the plain pancakes this morning…my roommate said hers were pretty good.  Which, sometimes means she likes them…and sometimes means that she is just being polite.  I should learn not to ask her sometimes…

But, yeah…gritty.  Gritty is not a good thing when it comes to pancakes.  The batter was well mixed together…so it wasn’t an error on my behalf.  And it didn’t have a horrible flavor either.  Don’t get me wrong there.  They taste like delicious pancakes, but that gritty texture is a little…off putting.  In fact, I was happy to down these quickly and then finish off breakfast with my coffee instead of my usual vice-versa finish.  My biggest hope is that the pancakes with the added fruit or sweet white chocolate chips offset a bit of that odd, gritty texture.  Perhaps that’s why I didn’t notice it at the restaurant…because I was adding blueberries and bananas to my batter on the separate griddle pan.

The Pfunky Griddle Gluten-Free Pancake Mix is a blend of brown rice flour, corn starch, potato starch, salt, sugar and baking powder.  Not bad on the ingredients.  I managed to get 12 pancakes out of the mix.  And they were all of a very decent size too.

So, they weren’t bad…but I just wasn’t as impressed with them at home.  The gritty texture was a little…off for me.  But, the flavor was good.  I’ll give them that.  However, I probably wouldn’t buy this again, even if I do stop in at the restaurant for breakfast/brunch again.

Pancakes made from The Pfunky Griddle Gluten-Free Pancake Mix
Pancakes made from The Pfunky Griddle Gluten-Free Pancake Mix

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