Product Review: EatPastry Gluten-Free Sugar Momma Cookie Dough

EatPastry Gluten-Free Sugar Momma Cookie Dough
EatPastry Gluten-Free Sugar Momma Cookie Dough

Product: EatPastry Gluten-Free Sugar Momma Cookie Dough – $6.49+


We all know…I am one big cookie monster.  I mean…give me a chance to try a gluten-free cookie and I’m on it like Cookie Monster.  OM NOM NOM!!  Seriously…cookies are one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to treats.  I love them.  I always have.  I grew up with my mom constantly baking cookies, from scratch, on snow days, for special occasions, and especially during the holidays.

While my favorite will always be her Snickerdoodles (which I intend to attempt to make gluten-free this year…so wish me luck), I also love it when she would make sugar cookies.  Not only did we get to help cut them into the fun shapes, but we got to help decorate them too.  Sugar cookies are so simple…yet have always been one of my favorite cookies to reach for and devour…er…I mean eat.


Simple flavors.  Simple ingredients.  Pure awesomeness.

They are basically sugar, butter, and flour, but damn…they are awesome.  I’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t enjoy a sugar cookie.  And if they said anything of the sort, I’d deem them a liar…just like everyone I know who says they hate chocolate.



Anyway…here I was…before the release of Pillsbury Gluten-Free Cookie Dough (which is refrigerated)…walking around my local natural foods store during one of their fun gluten-free events…when…the roommate says I can pick out some new products to try.  WOOHOO!  I love it when she expands my grocery budget as a treat…sometimes for no good reason.  She says she benefits from it too…so it’s win/win!  I never go overboard…and generally pick a few items that I’ve not seen anywhere else.  And one of those items this last time was a gluten-free sugar cookie dough in the refrigerator section.  It’s EatPastry Gluten-Free Sugar Momma Cookie Dough.

EatPastry is a line of vegan and some vegan and gluten-free cookie doughs.  The company was founded, according to the website, by confusion, curiosity, and dedication.  The company experimented until they came up with what they thought to be the best tasting, best “feeling” cookie dough.  They use only high quality, all natural ingredients.  And it has been a priority from the inception of EatPastry to maintain 100% vegan ingredients, meaning none have come into contact with any animal ingredients.  Their cookie dough also uses only organic and fair trade sugar (evaporated cane juice) and select organic ingredients.  They even make their own peanut butter for their (not gluten-free) vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  EatPastry’s doughs contain no eggs, no dairy, no preservatives, no processing, no fillers, no GMOs and no funny business.  None.  Good cookie dough is serious business, folks!  They even state that all flavors were created with various moods in mind.

Mood food.  Love it.

Well…I am just now getting around to using this dough because…well…I ran out of desserts in my freezer and pantry.  HA!  I wanted to try this before but I was working against a deadline on expiration dates.  So…this little container was just hanging out in my fridge…waiting patiently.

It’s time to shine came yesterday!  I just polished off a delicious, fresh dinner and knew I needed something sweet.  I always have dessert.  Always.  So…I pulled this out of the fridge, preheated my oven to 350 degrees and laid out a strip of parchment paper across a baking sheet.  I scooped up two tablespoons of dough, flattened each spoonful out, and then threw the pan in the oven.

How easy is that?  About 12 minutes later…out they came.  Delicious, individual cookies that were fresh from the oven.  That is a total dessert win.

And…oh…my goodness.  The EatPastry Gluten-Free Sugar Momma Cookie Dough is sassy, sweet and seductive.  No…really…that’s what the Web site says.  But I couldn’t agree more.  First of all, with the scoopable refrigerator dough, you can make one cookie at a time if that’s what you wanted.  You don’t have to make an entire batch right away…which you may or may not polish off before they start to get hard.  This is easy and convenient.  Seriously.  They have this great texture to them.  They are soft on the middle, but golden on the edges.  And fresh from the oven…that is unbeatable.  The flavors are subtle…but fantastic.  There is that rich, delicate undertone of vanilla in each bite.  And these cookies aren’t gritty with sugar.  Not one bit.  They are so amazing that it’s probably a good thing I can cook them up personally.  Or I might eat the entire container.

Let’s talk ingredients and nutrition now…because I like to know what I’m getting myself into.

The EatPastry Gluten-Free Sugar Momma Cookie Dough is made of from a gluten-free flour blend (garbanzo, brown rice), Earth Balance, filtered water, pure salt, natural flavor (derived from corn with no MSG, no alcohol, no gluten) sunflower lecithin, lactic acid (derived from sugar beets), organic evaporated cane juice, pure apple sauce, pure vanilla extract, nutmeg, baking soda, and sea salt.  Not too bad for a cookie right?

You’ll fee the same way about the nutrition.  One serving is 1 tablespoon, which spoons you up only 60 calories and 2.5 grams of fat.  This serving also has only 25 mg sodium and 5 grams of sugar.  Yes…5 grams of sugar in a SUGAR COOKIE!!!  You don’t get any fiber of protein from these cookies, but they are free of trans fats as well as cholesterol.

And they are fantastic.  Really sexy, smooth, sinful gluten-free cookies of awesomeness.  Without the guilt.  Because, let’s face it…you don’t find 60 calorie cookies just anywhere, right?

I hope to try the other two vegan and gluten-free varieties offered by EatPastry…the Chocolate Chip and the Snickerdoodle (SQUEE!).

If you can find EatPastry refrigerated vegan and gluten-free cookie dough in your grocery store or natural food store…get it…and try it.  You can scoop what you like and keep the rest for later.  I’m loving it.

Cookie made from EatPastry's Gluten-Free Sugar Momma Cookie Dough
Cookie made from EatPastry’s Gluten-Free Sugar Momma Cookie Dough

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