Product Review: Love Grown Foods Apple Walnut Delight Oat Clusters

Love Grown Foods Apple Walnut Delight Oat Clusters
Love Grown Foods Apple Walnut Delight Oat Clusters

Product: Love Grown Foods Apple Walnut Delight Oat Clusters – $4.99+

Granola is something that I buy…every week…when I’m at the grocery store.  I have to be selective.  I have to.  The requirement is it must be gluten-free and have a low amount of sugar.  I don’t want my granola to be packet with sugar.  I already take in way more sugar every day than I should.  So…two requirements.  You’d be surprised how many granola brands on the market do not fit that bill.

A lot.

That being said, there are a few select brands that do…and they are brands that I am quite familiar with and return to in my constant rotation of granola through my pantry.

This week…I let my roommate choose.  She and I both adore, love, and cherish the granola we get from Love Grown Foods.  So, she opted with that brand.  YAY!  Her flavor choice, however, was a new one for us to try.  It is their Apple Walnut Delight.  Since I am putting this granola over Greek yogurt and caramelized apple…I figured this was actually a very good choice.  Therefore…it was the granola gamble of the week.

I have fallen in love with every flavor of the Love Grown Foods Oat Clusters that I have brought home.  They strike that perfect balance, whether eaten on their own, with milk, or in one of my infamous breakfast parfaits.  The seasoning is spot on, the sweetness is at the right level.  The flavors are subtle…yet…just there, so your taste buds catch every part of the cluster…the granola mix…but it doesn’t overwhelm the palate.  Love Grown Foods distributes love with each sack of granola.  For real.

The Apple Walnut Delight Oat Clusters are truly…delightful.  The granola is a blend of gluten-free oats, honey, walnuts, coconut, agave syrup, expeller pressed canola oil, dried apples, sunflower seeds, pure vanilla, milled flaxseed, cinnamon, and sea salt.  There is truly a touch of sweet and savory in this one…but it means you keep on going back for a little more…then…a little more.  It’s a fantastic balance.

The dried apples are really good, and the walnuts add a bit of rustic flavor to the mix.  But the star is the sweetened gluten-free oats.  The way the agave and cinnamon play against each oat flake is amazing.  The touch of vanilla livens everything up.  And each bite will leave you quickly spooning your bowl for another one.  Or, at least that’s what happened in my case.  I was loving the clusters in this one…the pockets of cinnamon and vanilla, mingling with the nuts and the fruit.  It’s one flavor party in a bag…in my breakfast…and in my belly.

Let’s talk nutrition for a moment.  A serving of Love Grown Oats Apple Walnut Delight Oat Clusters is 1/4 cup.  This serving provides you with 130 calories and 6 grams of fat.  A serving is low in sodium (only 35 mg) and only contains 7 grams of sugar.  That is fantastic for a granola.  Trust me.  Each serving provides 3 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein as well.  This granola is cholesterol free, gluten-free, and non-GMO!

Loving it.

And loving Love Grown Foods once again.  If you love the taste of apples and cinnamon…with a hint of nuttiness with the addition of the walnuts…then you should definitely try this granola.  These oat clusters are fantastic.  Love Grown Foods really does put a lot of love into their products.  That is beyond evident.  Every time I try a new product from their lineup.

Still impressed.  Still loving it!

Caramelized Apple and Greek Yogurt Breakfast Parfait with Love Grown Oats Apple Walnut Delight Oat Clusters
Caramelized Apple and Greek Yogurt Breakfast Parfait with Love Grown Oats Apple Walnut Delight Oat Clusters

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