Arctic Zero Mint Chocolate Cookie another epic frozen dessert fail

Arctic Zero Mint Chocolate Cookie Frozen Dessert
Arctic Zero Mint Chocolate Cookie Frozen Dessert

Product: Arctic Zero Mint Chocolate Cookie Frozen Dessert – $4.99+

You know, when I first heard about Arctic Zero, I was elated.  I mean, how could you not like the idea of eating an entire pint of “ice cream” for 150 calories.  Yep.  One pint…150 calories.  It sounded too good to be true.  And when I finally started to see it crop up on shelves at various local grocery stores that I frequent, I couldn’t wait to work it into the budget and try it.

I think, at first, the hype got to me.  Because when I first reviewed the Chocolate Peanut Butter variety, I was all about it.  Thinking back, I realize it really wasn’t all I made it out to be.  Even worse…it only went downhill from there.

Welcome to the land of epic frozen dessert fails.

In concept, it’s great.  Especially if you are dieting and still want a little sweet, cold, ice cream-like treats in your food regimen.  However…I want you to know cast aside any preconceived notions of just how amazing this dessert could be…because the fact of the matter is…it’s not.  It’s not amazing at all.  It’s a little…sickening actually.

First of all, it’s sickening that I bought three pints of three different flavors without first trying it and making sure it was…you know…actually consumable.  That means I was out over $15.  Live and learn, I suppose.  Secondly, it is sickening because it just doesn’t pan out.  It doesn’t work.  It isn’t what it seems.  Not at all.  The flavor…the texture…the taste…the mouthfeel…it’s just all wrong.  COMPLETELY WRONG!

I understand that Arctic Zero is not ice cream.  When heavy cream is not in your ingredients, you really can’t call yourself ice cream, right?  Right.  And they don’t.  They call themselves a frozen dessert.  But the look, the packaging…it all equates in your mind as…ice cream.  So…it should at least be close…oh so close to that.  Yes?  Of course.

First of all…you have to let this thaw for about 10 minutes before even dreaming of being able to get a decent scoop out of this container.  That’s fine.  I’m sort of used to that, being that I eat a lot of non-dairy based, ice cream-like frozen desserts.  No problem.  But once it gets beyond that…that’s where the trouble begins…and never seems to end.

Let’s talk flavor first.  Once it’s scooped and in your bowl…ready to eat…you take a bite.  And…YES…you actually get the flavors of chocolate and mint.  It’s amazing.  It’s as advertised.  It’s not quite like eating a Thin Mint cookie…but…it might be close.  It just might be.

But once it starts to melt…it all goes terribly wrong.  Already you’ve let the Arctic Zero frozen dessert thaw to be able to scoop.  You’ll probably notice this frothy film forming on the product.  You ignore it, thinking it’s just the melting ice cream.  No product should froth…and here’s why…

Arctic Zero Mint Chocolate Cookie frozen dessert begins to take on this slimy consistency.  And it’s not just in the bowl.  It’s in your mouth.  Even if you are eating the more solid parts of this dessert, the moment it hits your tongue and starts to melt, you get this slimy film.  It’s unappetizing.  It’s disgusting.  And no amount of mint or chocolate flavor can keep that texture away.  It’s unappealing to look at and even more so to taste.  It really turned me off.  I had so many high hopes for Arctic Zero’s frozen desserts, but none of them have been any good.  They’ve had issues with flavor.  Texture.  Taste.  And now…SLIME!  I’m sorry, but no dessert should be slimy.  No food should ever be slimy.  While this one might have won me over with the flavor…the rest of it was so unappealing and such a turn off, eating the 1/2 cup serving was hard enough to stomach.

So let’s talk about the ingredients and nutrition for a moment.  A serving size of Arctic Zero Mint Chocolate Cookie Frozen Dessert is 1/2 cup.  From this serving, you will be taking in only 37 calories.  You will also be ingesting 80 mg of sodium and 5 grams of sugar.  You will also be consuming 2 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein.  This dessert is fat free, safe for the lactose intolerant, and gluten-free.  The ingredients include purified water, whey protein concentrate organic cane sugar, chicory root, dutch processed cocoa powder with alkali, guar gum, xantham gum, natural flavors, sea salt, and monk fruit concentrate.  It all looks good in print…

…but once you taste it…you’ll wish you had just splurged on an actual dessert that tastes good.

Do NOT waste your money on these products.  None of the three flavors have impressed me at all with flavor, with taste, with texture…and I’m now out over $15 that I could have spent on something much more appetizing.  It’s dessert.  Spurge and get something worth treating yourself to eating.  Don’t waste it on a product that gets everything wrong.  Trust me.  DO NOT BUY THESE!

Arctic Zero Mint Chocolate Cookie Frozen Dessert
Arctic Zero Mint Chocolate Cookie Frozen Dessert

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