Freedom Foods Tropico’s brings nothing artificial to the breakfast table

Freedom Foods Tropico's Cereal
Freedom Foods Tropico’s Cereal

Product: Freedom Foods Tropico’s Cereal – $2.99+

Oh yeah.  You read that right.

Nothing.  Artificial.  Nothing.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.

Let me reiterate this once more – NOTHING ARTIFICIAL!

So what exactly is this Froot Loops-like cereal made from…and why am I blogging about them?

Well, I’m blogging about this cereal because it was a new gluten-free item that I spotted at Whole Foods.  And it was inexpensive for a gluten-free cereal.  And I hadn’t had Froot Loops since I was really, really little.  And sometimes, even as an adult…you just want something to remind you of your childhood.  The only thing I looked at on the box was the sugar, and it was low for a cereal, so I put it in my shopping basket as I was going to need gluten-free cereal anyway…and away I went.

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Normally I equate inexpensive gluten-free foods with disgusting gluten-free cardboard flavor.  So, when my current cereal was gone and I popped this box open yesterday…I was almost hesitant to settle in for breakfast.  I can be quite adventurous, but I also was on a tight schedule yesterday and not liking my cereal would have put a big crimp in the morning activities and energy level, for sure.  But, after my first spoonful…I worried no more.

Not only do these taste better than Froot Loops, but you can tell they aren’t laden down with unnecessary sugar either.  The flavors are all natural, because, as I said, Freedom Foods believes very strongly in their products having nothing artificial in them.  That means the colors are all natural and the flavors are all natural.  So…what does this mean?  It means this fantastic fruit flavor is coming from…yep…natural fruit flavor.  Imagine that.  Getting a fruit flavor from…fruit.  And the proof is on the taste buds.  While these are definitely not as sweet as Froot Loops, these are definitely packed with great flavor and offer a gluten-free version of that childhood classic.  As for the color…that is also all-natural, being drawn from turmeric, fermented rice powder, gardenia flower extract, and sweet potato extract.  For real!  Sure, the colors aren’t as bold or bright or unnatural as the original Kellogg’s brand cereal…but I don’t need my colors to pop.  I need cereals that don’t use artificial dyes and sweeteners.  And Freedom Foods is offering that.  And these aren’t just for kids…obviously.  The fruity flavor is really amazing and I dug in, spoonful after spoonful until it was, sadly, gone.

Freedom Foods is free from gluten, wheat, nuts, dairy, sesame, soy, and eggs.  As I mentioned before, the colors and flavors are all natural.  This cereal is low in salt, a great source of fiber, and completely preservative free.  No BHT here.  You’ll find it in Froot Loops though.  You’ll find soy, wheat, and hydrogenated oils in Froot Loops too.  Oh…and artificial colors.  Why eat something artificial when you can eat something that comes from natural ingredients.  That’s how food should be made.  It’s even better when the food is as delicious as this turned out to be.

Nutritionally speaking, a serving is 1 cup of Tropico’s cereal, which will set you back 130 calories and only less than 1 gram of fat.  This serving will also provide you with a scant 40 mg of sodium, 8 grams of sugar, 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein.  While Kellogg’s Froot Loops variety has fewer calories, it has a little more fat, definitely more sodium, and 12 grams of sugar.  I think I’ll take the 20 extra calories for something that is all natural and has less sugar in it.  Thank you very much.

Freedom Foods Tropico’s is just one cereal that I found.  There are quite a few others lining the shelves.  And, according to the Web site, some other options as well that Whole Foods might not have yet.  That being said, I am looking forward to trying another type of their cereal because they have completely wowed me with this one.  Maybe I’m still a kid at heart, but this is a cereal parents can feel confident giving to their children and adults can enjoy as well.  It’s all natural…and all good.

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