Glutino rocks my world with new Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastries

Glutino Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastries
Glutino Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastries

Product: Glutino Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastries – $5.69+





Go ahead…read those four lines again.  I’ll wait…

Do you understand the ramifications of this sort of invention?  It had been well over two years since I last had a Pop Tart of Toaster Pastry of any sort.  Going gluten-free but the kabash on that rather quickly.  Every time I’d walk down the grocery asile, despite knowing they are laden with high fructose corn syrup, I would stare in deep want of those damn, evil Pop Tarts.  I knew I couldn’t have them.  But…oh…there were days that was all I wanted.

Then, last year, a company known as Eco Planet announced they were releasing gluten-free toaster pastries.  I was ecstatic.  I was so excited.  I checked out the Web site and they had stopped taking orders for them as they couldn’t keep up with the demand.  As soon as they were released…I looked everywhere for them.  Still can’t find them in stores.  Can only order by the case online.  What if they were awful?  What if I didn’t like them?  Then I was stuck, not just with a box…but an entire case.  I couldn’t risk it, no matter how badly I wanted to have one.  So once again…I was left to stare longingly at the aisle in the grocery store and wish…just wish.

Enter my saving grace…once again.  Glutino to the gluten-free rescue!

Glutino announced earlier this year the release of two brand new products: Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastries and Strawberry Toaster Pastries.

I think I did a happy dance of joy with the announcement, hoping, praying that these would be easier to find.  They weren’t.  They eluded me for months after the initial release.  Then…one day, I was scoping out the breakfast aisle at my local Whole Foods…spotted them on the very top shelf, and ran around the aisle, dancing, flailing, hooting and hollering…just celebrating this little victory in my gluten-free life.  Glutino Toaster Pastries had arrived at my Whole Foods.  And now…they were all mine.

I snagged a box of each, purchased them without any regret, and took them home.

Where…I was afraid to open the box.  Most people would try these out immediately.  I don’t know why I let them sit in my pantry for a couple of weeks.  Perhaps I was just being stubborn.  Or was afraid to not like them.  Or maybe I had other perishable items to have for breakfast before getting to these.   Or maybe a combination of it all.  The fact is…yesterday marked the debut of the gluten-free toaster pastry into my life.

A individual packet containing a Glutino Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastry
A individual packet containing a Glutino Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastry

And I started my breakfast journey…after a cardio and strength training workout at the gym…at my place of employment…with the aid of my own plate and a toaster oven (which I toasted these on my plate, not the rack…no cross contamination!).  And this all started with the Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon flavored toaster pastry.

Peeling back that silver wrapper and placing the toaster pastry on the plate was…euphoric.  I took a moment to just look at it.  It definitely resembled an un-frosted Pop Tart.  YES!  It smelled like…apples and cinnamon.  That is only a good thing, friends.  Into the toaster oven it went for a few minutes under broil, just to get that nice golden color on it.  I watched it carefully, not wanting to burn my first toaster pastry in years because I wandered away.  No way!!  That wasn’t going to happen.  Not on my watch.

I removed the hot plate from the toaster oven and took it back to my desk…ready to savor.  I was already practically drooling.  It toasted to perfection.  The center was gooey and soft and just smelled…awesome.  I was never more ready to sink my teeth into something than I was at that very moment.

And.  OH.  MY.  GLUTEN.  FREE.  GOD!!!!

Divine.  Heaven.  It was like eating a flaky toaster pastry that resembled a Pop Tart.  I was…doing my best not to just shove every inch of it into my mouth.  I wanted to savor it.  I wanted every bite to last.  I ended up hoovering it though…because it was that good.  The crust is flaky and awesome.  The filling is soft, packed with flavor and…awesome.  Glutino…once again…proves that they are AWESOME!  Yet another Glutino product that has wowed me.  I haven’t had a bad experience yet with any of the products they have out on the market.  And this…this was something I had been seeking, needing, and desiring.  And they bring it to me…via the shelves of Whole Foods.  If life is but a dream, I hope to never, ever wake up from this one.

These are far tastier than I ever remember Pop Tarts being.  Yeah…I just said that.  And I meant it.

So…how are they nutritionally speaking?  Who cares??!  They are gluten-free toaster pastries!!  But, if you really must know…

A serving, much like Pop Tarts, is one pastry.  Yeah…Pop Tarts tricks you by putting two in their wrappers.  Glutino keeps theirs individually wrapped with 5 delicious pastries per box.  Glutino’s Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastries contain 160 calories per pastry and 5 grams of fat.  (For the record, Pop Tarts Unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon pastries have 210 calories per pastry and 8 grams of fat.  They don’t have an apple cinnamon flavor anymore).  The Glutino Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastries also provide 4 grams of fiber.  Yes…these do have 12 grams of sugar, but it’s a toaster pastry.  These are also low in cholesterol and sodium.  Loving it.

If you can’t find these toasty pastries of awesome at your local Whole Foods, get online and order them.  They are totally worth having in your kitchen.  Please note that they do contain eggs, so if you have a problem with eggs or are vegan…these might not be right for you.  I love eggs…and LOVE these in turn.  Oh…and no high fructose corn syrup went into the making of these fantastic little breakfast sweets.  I’m loving that even more.

The gluten-free world is free to heat up toaster pastries again.  Thank you, great Glutino…for bringing such a large amount of joy…in such a small package.

I’m still smiling…and looking forward to trying the Strawberry variety tomorrow.

A toasted Glutino Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastry
A toasted Glutino Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastry

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