Greens Plus Vegan Dark Chocolate, Almond & Blueberry Crisp bar a huge disappointment

Greens Plus Vegan Dark Chocolate, Almond & Blueberry Crisp Bar

Greens Plus Vegan Dark Chocolate, Almond & Blueberry Crisp Bar

Product: Greens Plus Vegan Dark Chocolate, Almond & Blueberry Crisp Bar – $2.29+

You know that fake, almost medicinal taste you get when you bite into a protein/snack bar…and that fruity part tastes…just off or wrong?  That’s about how I felt when I took a bite into my latest snack at the office.

It was all my grocery store’s fault, you see.  This bar was on sale and it was one of two flavors that caught my attention.  I ate the other one last week…and it wasn’t very tasty either.  I was hoping that the addition of fruit with the dark chocolate might tip the scale in the other direction.  After all, dark chocolate and fruit just kicks booty.

Part of me was hisitant, just because the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Crisp bar was seriously lacking in flavor…and quite reminiscent of a Quaker Granola Bar or a Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bar.  It was…okay…but it lacked that “WOW” factor that I seek when I actively seek out new protein/snack bars for either my running days…or snacks at the office in the afternoon.  Normally, they are run fuel…but if I don’t get to them before the expiration date comes close…I take them for snack.

So…with the memory of last week’s bar in my mind, I took a tentative bite.  I didn’t get the lack of flavor that the peanut butter one had.  This one definitely had a taste…and at first…it was good…tolerable.  And then…it tasted fake.  That weird medicinal flavor that fruit bars sometimes have.  It was definitely the blueberry portion of the bar…but the dark chocolate helped to smooth out that taste.  Thank goodness the dark chocolate was present in the taste of this bar.  It needed that hit of dark, bitter chocolate.  The almonds also helped to smooth everything out.  But that blueberry flavor tasted so fake…so wrong…that it was sort of an issue for me with each bite.

My roommate agreed.  I sneaked a small piece over to her at the office and she agreed with the bizarre taste that came with the blueberries.  So, it was nice to hear that it wasn’t just me.

This bar is rather basic…being composed of organic dark chocolate, organic tapioca syrup, organic whole grain brown rice crisps, chia seeds, almond butter, pea protein crisps, organic dried blackberries, almonds, brown rice syrup solids, organic arabic gum, organic agave syrup, vegetable glycerine, safflower oil, vanilla extract, sea salt, natural flavors.  So, a few odds and ends in there…not completely all-natural.

One bar will set you back only 16o calories and 8 grams of fat.  Only 7 grams of sugar (awesome!) and 5 grams of protein are packed into this bar.  I love that it is so low in the sugars as most snack/protein bars bulk up on the sugar.  This bar is also cholesterol free and is very low in sodium (only 70 mgs).  Love that.

So, while this bar is awesome as far as the nutrition aspect goes…the flavor is just all wrong for me.  I won’t be buying this one again.  It was good to try something new…but sadly…this new product didn’t win me over with either flavor of bar I tried.  The texture is awesome…but the flavor just was all wrong.

I think, in fact, despite there being a couple more flavors out there, I’m done with the Greens Plus brand all together.  They have failed to win me over twice now.

Greens Plus Vegan Dark Chocolate, Almond & Blueberry Crisp Bar (unwrapped)

Greens Plus Vegan Dark Chocolate, Almond & Blueberry Crisp Bar (unwrapped)

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