Boulder Canyon makes a delicious chip with Rice with Adzuki Bean Natural Sea Salt Snack Chips

Boulder Canyon Rice with Adzuki Beans Natural Sea Salt Snack Chips
Boulder Canyon Rice with Adzuki Bean Natural Sea Salt Snack Chips

Product: Boulder Canyon Rice with Adzuki Bean Natural Sea Salt Snack Chips – $2.99+

Who would have thought?  A snack chip made out of rice flour and adzuki beans?  It doesn’t seem at all natural or like it should be even found in nature.  And…well, while not a natural occurrence in our natural environment, Boulder Canyon now delivers this straight to our grocery store aisles.  Founded in 1994, Boulder Canyon has been producing all natural, kettle cooked potato chips that go beyond the standard brands in both quality and taste.  This isn’t just me speaking…this is the company’s mission statement.

And…the thing is, they can back it up.

Prior to this, I had been able to try a few of Boulder Canyon’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips.  I first sampled them here in my area (shocking, I know!) and then found them again at a grocery store out in Los Angeles, California, while visiting some friends.  We got them hooked on them as well.  And as snack chips went, these were a safe (save for the Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt variety) as far as gluten-free chips went.  Better still…they were delicious.

Well, as I’ve gotten more accustomed to the whole gluten-free snack thing…I’ve branched out some.  So, when a couple of bags of Boulder Canyon Rice with Adzuki Bean Snack Chips were on super sale at Big Lots…I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try them.  A blind tasting this time.  No samples from a gluten-free fair or expo…this was something I just saw and went with.  At the price with a 20% discount on top of it…I’d be hard-pressed not to make a purchase.

And, as is the norm, I had other snacks to work through first before I got to these…but the magical snack moment arrived yesterday.  I needed a quick 3:00 p.m. snack for the office to see me through to when I could cook dinner.  I had packed up a serving (1 ounce) of these chips and brought them with me for that purpose.  When the time rolled around, I opened up my little container and took my first bite.

I fell in love with them.  Yes…with one simple bite.  The flavor was so familiar and distinctive…but it was light, non-greasy, and clean.  I offered one to my teammate, who has a very picky and discerning palate, and she took a hesitant bite…but soon was crunching on the chip as well.  She said the flavor reminded her of Cool Ranch Doritos.  She was absolutely right.  But it had a better flavor…less mess…and was just better all around.  And trust me…Cool Ranch Doritos used to be my favorite chip!  So this is saying something!

The Boulder Canyon Rice with Adzuki Bean Natural Sea Salt Snack Chips (whew…that’s a mouthful…but a delicious one!) are made from rice flour, corn starch, adzuki beans, and corn flour.  They are seasoned with chili flakes, cumin, and sea salt.  What this does then is lend a little bit of spice and bite to each chip, keeping each taste interesting.

The flavor of these chips, I believe, mostly comes from the adzuki beans, which tend to have a nutty flavor and are commonly used in Japanese dishes.  They are low in fat and high in protein.  That’s a great combination to base a snack chip off, don’t you think?  And with the way Boulder Canyon slow cooks their chips using sunflower and/or safflower oil, you don’t need to worry about trans fat or cholesterol.  All of their products are free from both.

The Rice with Adzuki Bean Natural Sea Salt Chips have 140 calories per serving and 7 grams of fat.  That isn’t bad for a snack chip when it comes down to it.  Even though this is a flavor that is based on sea salt…the sodium content is quite low (130 mg) and each serving provides 2 grams of protein.  Not too shabby for a snack chip.  These particular chips are also gluten-free (obviously) and non-GMO.  They are all-natural, so no strange chemicals go into the making of this snack.

The flavor that these chips provide is unmatched.  You wouldn’t even guess that they are made with beans.  Never in a million years.  You don’t taste the beans…you honestly just taste the delicious flavors that are packed into each bite, seasoned to perfection, and made as healthy as a snack chip can be.  When you can back up your mission statement of providing superior flavor and superior products, then you’re doing your job well.

Boulder Canyon can definitely back up their claims.  I would buy these again in a heartbeat!  And as they taste like really fantastic tortilla chips, they’d be perfect to dip in hummus or salsa or even guacamole.  Mmmm…something to try next time.

If you are looking for something different when it comes to snacks…be bold (heh…see what I did there?) and try Boulder Canyon’s Rice with Adzuki Bean Natural Sea Salt Snack Chips.  I promise…it will be love at first bite.

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