Vegetarian sushi just got amazing at Dragon King’s Daughter

Dragon King's Daughter, Louisville, Kentucky
Dragon King’s Daughter, Louisville, Kentucky

Restaurant: Dragon King’s Daughter, Louisville, Kentucky


Let me say it again…SUSHI!

I love sushi. Vegetarian sushi, of course…but I am enamored with it. The problem is…most of the people I know…are not. For real. Well, at least the people that I live near. Plenty of people I know would love to get sushi with me…they just live in other states and cities.

So, imagine my elation when my my dear friend, Amanda (the roomie’s sister) chose to have sushi as her celebration meal for graduating with her Masters degree in English Literature. I mean, jump for joy happiness. SUSHI!! In fact, it was all Amanda and I could talk about in the weeks leading up to the outing. Even on the day of, we had our own little countdown to sushi on Facebook. It was epic.

Well, I let her choose the place to go, sending her some of the better sushi places in the Louisville area. She, ironically chose the place the receptionist at the office has been raving about for quite awhile. And I was one happy girl.

The place: Dragon King’s Daughter.

Dragon King’s Daughter is located on Bardstown Road and is a contemporary Asian-fusion restaurant, offering traditional items on the menu as well as contemporary fare with a unique twist. The best part is…they can cater to anyone: the adventurous, the timid, the vegetarian, the vegan, the gluten-free, the meat eaters and the fish-loving. It was perfect for the three of us in our party. Amanda loves sushi. I love vegetarian sushi. And Cathy doesn’t like sushi at all, but the Asian-influenced tacos caught her eye.

We were greeted the moment we stepped inside and shown to a table. Our waiter came over with water and asked if we wanted anything else to drink. We stuck with just water…this time. And I went ahead and gave the heads up that I was a gluten-free vegetarian. He said he would go check on what veggie sushi was safe and returned a moment later, saying that if I specified gluten-free…any of them could be made gluten-free.

Joy and happiness.

So…in went our orders.

Cathy, the non-sushi eater opted for the Chorizo Yaki Onigiri ($4.50), which is a rice ball with Mexican chorizo sausage and cilantro, pan-fried in sesame oil and served with wasabi pesto. With it, she ordered the Shrimp Tempura Tacos ($10.00), which is shrimp tempura and avocado slices topped in mango chili sauce. For the record, she fell in love with the mango chili sauce. I mean…in love. And she devoured her tacos, praising them with each bite.

Our Master of the evening, Amanda, opted for the regular sushi rolls. Of the variety offered on the menu, she decided on two of the three that caught her eye. The first one was the California Roll ($8.00). The California Roll is exactly what it wounds like – blue crab, cucumber and avocado. She really enjoyed that one. The other was the Shrimp Tempura Roll ($5.50), which is shrimp tempura, spring mix, and unagi sauce. Devoured. Both of them. Just devoured.

As for me, the gluten-free vegetarian, I had a nice variety of veggie sushi to choose from. It made me so extremely happy. So, after some pondering, I decided to go with some flavors I hadn’t tried before when it comes to sushi. I also went with two sushi rolls. The first one I opted for was the Buffaroll ($7.00). The Buffaroll…I know…it sounds different…is a sushi roll filled with avocado, cucumber, and fresh mozzarella cheese. Oh, my sushi roll!! It was completely different from the sushi I normally end up getting, which means vegetable rolls normally. Not this time. And let me tell you, the mix of mozzarella with the rice and the vegetables was a spectacular. I fell in love with the soft texture and the varied flavors. The other roll I went with was the Summer Salad Roll ($8.00). The Summer Salad Roll is a mix of fresh mozzarella, organic spring mix, red onion, avocado, cucumber, and cilantro with a spicy mayo drizzle. Oh. My. God. No…for real. This was a fantastic blend of flavors. The spicy mayo drizzle was phenomenal. It really, really set off the rest of the items in the sushi roll. The vegetables were fresh and amazing. I loved the different textures and how the blend of rice, nori, cheese, and crispy vegetables just gave the entire roll some depth. But yeah…that spicy mayo was awesome. I would get this roll again every time I went there to eat.

Now, with that being said…I think it is safe to say that I was beyond impressed with Dragon King’s Daughter. And here is the best part…they are opening a branch across the river in New Albany, Indiana…just up the street from where I work. I think there are many sushi lunches in my future. And I am totally looking forward to that.

It is definitely safe to say that all three of us were impressed and quite happy with the service and the food at Dragon King’s Daughter. Each of us polished off our plates and were quite satisfied with each and every bite. We left there quite happy with our meal without being overly stuffed. It was the perfect meal with the perfect amount of food and the perfect hit of seasoning and flavor.

Yeah…I want the New Albany location to open…like…yesterday. I was that happy with my experience. Until then, I’m happy that this place is in Louisville and when the sushi craving hits, I can enjoy…and even my roommate can find something for her non-sushi eating palate.

Mmmm…can’t wait.

Dragon King's Daughter's sushi rolls:  Back: Summer Salad Roll; Front: Buffaroll
Dragon King’s Daughter’s sushi rolls: Back: Summer Salad Roll; Front: Buffaroll

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