General Mills’ Corn Chex still a classic and a favorite…and it’s gluten-free!

General Mills Corn Chex Gluten-Free Cereal

General Mills Corn Chex Gluten-Free Cereal

Product: General Mills Corn Chex Gluten-Free Cereal – $3.19+

I love that General Mills has so many options for the gluten-free crowd when it comes to their Chex cereal.  And let me tell you, I enjoy the chocolate and cinnamon and other flavors just as much as the other person.  Being able to eat a cereal that actually has different flavors to entice and excite the palate is a very nice change of pace.  I have my favorites…oh…I really do.

But the other day while out at Target, there was a bit of a sale on a few of the flavors of Chex cereal.  The first one I spotted was the Honey Nut Chex.  But upon going back to the cereal section, I managed to snag a big box of the Corn Chex as well.

Corn Chex.  I remember the days when only three flavors existed.  Corn, Rice, and Wheat.  I was always a huge fan of my mom’s homemade Chex Mix…and the corn and rice varieties were always my favorite to pick out.  One in particular over the other – Corn Chex.

I imagine that more people get excited about eating the newer flavors in the gluten-free selection over the old standbys, but this morning proved that sometimes you just can’t top the classics.  I measured out a cup of Corn Chex into my cereal bowl this morning and snagged a piece to just eat on its own, before I topped off my bowl with a splash of unsweetened almond milk.  Immediately I was transported back to my childhood.  Breakfast.  Snacks.  My mom’s Chex Mix.  It all came flooding and rushing back.  All in one simple, easy taste.

I noticed that in the past, this cereal was marked as gluten-free, but contained Barley Malt Extract (not gluten-free).  It looks like the Corn Chex recipe has been revised because the boxes no longer contain that ingredient…so it appears to be safe for the gluten-intolerant and the Celiacs among us.  I ate it this morning for breakfast and then went to the gym and have had it all settling for over 4 hours now…without any sort of reaction.  I think General Mills put this one in the clear.  And I appreciate them taking that sort of initiative.

Corn Chex is back to basics when it comes to cereal.  A serving (1 cup) is only 110 calories.  It is virtually fat free.  And with only 3 grams of sugar, it makes it one of the more healthy choices for a breakfast cereal.  The best part…it tastes great.  Simple flavors…but they make an impression.  Obviously…because these brought back so many memories that now…they’re all I want.

Thank you, General Mills, for making classics like Corn Chex so that those of us who have to eat gluten-free have an inexpensive, classic cereal we can turn to…not just for breakfast, but for snacks and parties too.


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