Another Lärabar treat with Apple Pie flavored bar

Lärabar Apple Pie (snack size)

Lärabar Apple Pie (snack size)

Product: Lärabar Apple Pie – $1.99+

It seems apple pie is everywhere these days.  I guess it just comes with the time of year.  Apples are always in season, but so many people associate them with the fall/winter.  It is, after all, the height of apple cider time.  And I do love apple cider.  Heck, I just love apples.  One of my favorite desserts is apple crisp, after all.

That being said, yesterday was another race morning.  Nothing big.  No reason to cream an entire protein bar down my throat before the run.  Thankfully, I have a bunch of Lärabar mini bars still in my run-snack drawer.  And the next one up just happened to be…Apple Pie.

I packed this away in my bag to take with me to eat an hour before the short 4K run.  After all, the race wasn’t long…but I knew the cereal I ate when I woke up wouldn’t last through to the 9:00 a.m. start time.  I always come prepared with a bar on race days now.  There is nothing worse than standing at that starting line and hearing your stomach rumble.  Or worse…being halfway through and realizing your cereal has burned off and now…you’re running on fumes.  Best to just properly fuel.

So, the Lärabar Apple Pie Mini Bar accompanied on my drive over the river to Louisville, Kentucky and the park that was hosting the run.  I actually pulled into the park exactly an hour before the race started.  So it was perfect timing.  Out came the Lärabar.  I unwrapped it and took a small bite.

Okay…it actually does taste like apple pie.  I can safely say that because my dessert last week was gluten-free apple pie.  Honestly…this was just like having a slice.  Really good.  Although, even though it tastes like apple pie…it isn’t one of my favorite ones.  Maybe it is the underlying hint of cinnamon that just kept creeping into my palate.  But, while it was good, some of the others have been far better.  But, it can be hit or miss with protein bars.  That’s not to say this one wasn’t good.  I would eat it again if it were offered to me.  I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it.  It’s just really not up to par with the other ones that have come before it.  (Cashew Cookie is still my absolute favorite!)

So, a little information about this little protein bar.  The Lärabar Apple Pie Mini Bar is comprised of of six ingredients.  That’s it.  These are dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins, and cinnamon.  I knew there was cinnamon in there.  All together, you sort of get this illusion that you are biting into a slice of apple pie…crust and all.  The apples really shine.  And the cinnamon gives it that warm flavor to it, though I found it a bit overpowering at times.  As for the nuts and the raisins and dates…it just lends to that illusion of crust and filling.  The texture was soft and yes…this one was delicious, despite not being one of my favorites.

The mini bar offers you 90 calories and 5 grams of fat.  It only has 2 grams of protein to it.  Not much on that protein, now that I look at it.  The full-size bar, however is a bit more.  It would set you back 190 calories and 10 grams of fat.  With it, you would get 4 grams of protein.  But…it is definitely filling and the fiber count (3 grams in the mini; 5 grams in the full-size) is the reason for that.

Again, this was a really good bar, it just wasn’t as amazing as some of the other ones I have eaten.  That being said, if you love apple pie…then you will truly love taking a bite into this bar.

Lärabar Apple Pie (snack size)

Lärabar Apple Pie (snack size)


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