A little slice of heaven in Katz Gluten-Free Apple Pie

Katz Gluten-Free Apple Pie (Personal Size)
Katz Gluten-Free Apple Pie (Personal Size)

Product: Katz Gluten-Free Apple Pie (Personal Size – 6 inches) – $7.49

Do you know how long it has been since I’ve had apple pie?  Seriously?!

Actually, up until this past summer when I was visiting my family in Minneapolis, Minnesota, it had been…years since I last had an actual slice of pie.  I’ve never been big on pie.  It’s like my cake…I prefer it sans frosting.  Weird, I know.  But that’s just me.  So, pie had sort of slipped off my radar up until…my cousin’s husband did a gluten-free version of his family’s famous strawberry pie.  I never ate so much pie in my life.  It was amazing.  And he was kind enough to share the recipe with me, so I made it once as well.  And so…my long absent admiration of pie finally returned.

But, after I made the strawberry pie for an office luncheon (made it vegan in addition to gluten-free), I just didn’t have the drive to attempt another pie.  A different pie.  A classic pie, perhaps.  Like cherry or apple or something.  A lot of it is…making pie crust can be tricky.  Especially that top layer.  And using a gluten-free flour can be…well…it can be an absolute mess if you don’t use it appropriately.  Even the pre-mixed gluten-free all-purpose blends work well in some things better than others.  And a pie is a huge time commitment…so I never could quite commit to trying to bake one up for myself.

But, one day my roomie went ahead and placed an order with Katz Gluten-Free.  I wasn’t allowed to look at the receipt that came through my e-mail.  I was to wait and see what turned up in the box.  Let me tell you, it was like Christmas when the order arrived at the office that day.  One of the products inside:

Katz Gluten-Free Apple Pie.

Katz Gluten-Free Apple Pie (thawed)
Katz Gluten-Free Apple Pie (thawed)


Well, as usual, I have more than enough desserts/sweets in my pantry and freezer to go around, and other items had to be used up first.  So, it wasn’t until yesterday that I finally got around to pulling the pie out of the freezer.  I allowed it to thaw on the counter for a bit, before putting it into the refrigerator while I was at work.

That evening was a busy, busy, busy one.  Not only, after working all day, did I have leftovers to reheat, gluten-free bread to toast, and a salad to throw together, but we were trying to hustle out the door to drive into Louisville to see the Dave Matthews Band in concert as well.  At least the main part of the dinner (Scalloped Russet Potato and Yam Gratin with Fresh Herbs, in case you were wondering) was just a simple reheat and salads don’t take too long to throw together when all is said and done.  With the bread toasted in the oven, I got dinner together and we chowed down.

And I knew…despite being in a hurry, that dessert was necessary.

After we polished off our plates, I got up and gave my usual question:  “Dessert?”

“Yes ma’am!” came her response.

And so, into the fridge I went and pulled out the Katz Gluten-Free Apple Pie that was just sort of chilling in there.  I turned it over before tearing it open to check serving size and nutrition information.  And with that in mind, and some So Delicious Creamy Vanilla Soy Milk Ice Cream lingering in my freezer door, I made a decision to make up some Gluten-Free Apple Pie À La Mode.  And the star of the show was going to be a slice of Katz Gluten-Free Apple Pie.

Since normally 1/4 of the 6 inch pie is the serving size, totaling up to 230 calories and 12 grams of fat, I decided to make each already tiny slice into two even tinier slices of pie.  That way I would half the calories and fat…and the pie would last longer.  But…I am not kidding when I say these slices are teeny-tiny.  They were already small when cut into fourths, imagine in eighths.  The things we do accommodate the addition of ice cream.

Three-bite slice of pie…why not?

A slice of Katz Gluten-Free Apple Pie (1/4 of pie serving size)
A slice of Katz Gluten-Free Apple Pie (1/4 of pie serving size)

Aside from the tiny serving size…this pie is actually quite good.  As I stated before, I’ve never been someone who would actively order pie.  But if my mom made it for the holidays, you bet I was having a slice (except if it was pumpkin pie…never been a fan!).  So, after slicing the pie into quarters, I halved each one and removed the tiny sliver of pie, placing it on a plate and giving it a quick zap in the microwave to warm it.  Then, once it was removed, I scooped up a small bit of ice cream (small pie = small ice cream scoop) to have with it.  Viola.  Gluten-free (and dairy free) Apple Pie À La Mode.

So, how did it taste?

Well…it warmed up to perfection.  The inside was soft and hot, the apples sizzling with the heat as though it was fresh from the oven.  And the crust was flaky and toasty and just amazing.  And, take my word for it…this pie pairs very well with ice cream (or dairy-free ice cream like what I used).  Honestly.  While the dessert was a simple couple of bites and then gone, it is still very satisfying.  The pie honestly reheats without falling into a mushy mess.  The crust is the true star of the show.  Sure, it’s not crispy like it would be fresh out of the oven, but it has that buttery, flaky texture to it that I remember from my mom’s homemade pies.

I have attempted to get some local grocery stores to carry some of Katz Gluten-Free Products.  One said that they carry a couple of things by the company, but can’t carry the pies because they contain high fructose corn syrup.  Now, I have been over the label and ingredients countless times and I haven’t found mention of high fructose corn syrup anywhere.  I refuse to buy anything with high fructose corn syrup in it and do my best not to consume anything that might contain it.  Whether this is old information or I’m missing a code word on the label, I don’t know.  Perhaps it is something I should talk to the company about to make sure.

In the end, however, my seemingly high fructose corn syrup -free gluten-free apple pie from Katz was a total win with both myself and my roommate.  Even though the slices are itty-bitty (if you are working within certain calories for the day), they really end up being just enough to satisfy the need for something sweet at the end of a meal.  If calories and fat aren’t something you care to watch…dig on in and have a quarter slice or even half the pie.  Trust me…these are small pieces.

If you feel like you’ve been missing out on pie…go ahead and place an order with Katz Gluten-Free.  I am absolutely in love with this apple pie and a friend of mine has raved about the blueberry pie…so I think I might have to look into trying that one in the near future.

Oh…and trust me…dish out some ice cream with this.  It’s a divine treat all around.

Nailed it again, Katz.  Nailed it again!

A slice of Katz Gluten-Free Apple Pie (1/8 of pie served with a scoop of So Delicious Creamy Vanilla Non-Dairy Ice Cream)
A slice of Katz Gluten-Free Apple Pie (1/8 of pie served with a scoop of So Delicious Creamy Vanilla Non-Dairy Ice Cream)

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