Product Review: Dare Breton Gluten Free Original with Flax Crackers

Dare Breton Gluten Free Original with Flax Crackers
Dare Breton Gluten Free Original with Flax Crackers

Product: Dare Breton Gluten Free Original with Flax Crackers – $4.59+

Growing up, I remember eating Dare Breton Crackers (the wheat versions) at my friends houses at little get-together or parties.  I remember schmearing port wine cheese over them and devouring them by the box-full.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to see boxes of Gluten Free Breton Crackers on the shelves of my local Kroger and Walmart stores.  Yep.  Very excited.  But, I never really could think of something I could use with them.  And being on a super-strict budget these days, I had to pass them over time-and-time again.

Well, when I went home for Christmas, my mom picked up a box of the Herb & Garlic Breton Gluten Free Crackers…but we never quite got around to eating them.  While I love cooking and making homemade dishes, with the craziness of the holidays and all the family, we tend to eat out more than in.  And that’s fine.  But it means the crackers remained untested and untasted.

However, the other day while killing off some time on a Sunday morning (after a snowstorm), my roommate and I were walking the aisles of our local Fresh Market, because we hadn’t gone out there in months.  On sale, there in the cracker aisle, were boxes of Dare Breton Gluten Free Crackers.  Of the gluten free varieties available, my roomie suggested we begin sampling them by going with the original flavor.  So, it was settled.  A sale meant they came home, so a box of the Dare Breton Gluten Free Original Flax with Crackers made it to my pantry.

And didn’t stay there long.

This week’s meal planning called for 2 days of soup and some chili too.  I was participating (and ended up winning) in the office chili cookoff and…hey…crackers are great with both soup and chili.

So, Monday morning, out came the crackers, stashing some in little traveling baggies for my roommate and I to have at lunch when we heated up our homemade vegan Smokey Potato Soup.  Lunch time rolled around, soup was assembled, and the crackers came out.

One bite…and I knew…I knew this was cracker gold.  Gluten free crackers either are amazing or they taste like cardboard.  These…are amazing.  Light and buttery in flavor, these Breton Crackers reminded me so much of their original counterparts.  They were great for dunking in the soup, piling chili on top and noshing, and just busting up to have a little added crunch in the soup. They’d be great to schmear whatever schmeary things you like to schmear on crackers.  Cheese, butter, peanut butter, hummus…whatever.  These crackers are perfect for all of it.  The box even comes with two cracker-type recipes on it, in case you’re feeling uninspired.  But crackers this good will leave you feeling anything but uninspired.  Trust me.  Love their crisp and flaky texture.  So amazing.  And, with the added addition of flax, the Dare Breton Gluten Free Original with Flax Crackers add a little bit of omega goodness to each serving.

I will probably always have a box of these in my pantry.  No doubt.  And one can always use crackers, yes?

Let’s talk about the ingredients that go into the Dare Breton Gluten Free Original with Flax Crackers.  These crackers are made from corn starch, arrowroot flour, canola oil, coconut oil, green lentil flour, rice bran, flax seeds, sugar, salt, sesame seeds, modified milk ingredients, baking soda, ammonium bicarbonate, xanthan gum, soy lecithin, and natural flavor.  They are processed in a peanut-free facility also.

As far as nutrition information goes, you’ll love this!  The rather large,  circular crackers that are Dare Breton Gluten Free Original with Flax Crackers are a great way to enjoy a snack without the guilt.  A serving size is 4 crackers (18 grams) and the box contains about 8 servings.  One serving will provide you with 90 calories, 4.5 grams fat, 2 grams saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat, 0.5 grams polyunsaturated fat, 2 grams monounsaturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 80 mg sodium, 12 grams carbohydrates, less than 1 gram fiber, less than 1 gram sugars, and less than 1 gram of protein.  They won’t fill you up or really wipe out your calorie count for the day.  Gotta love it.

So, if you are still on the hunt for a cracker that lives up to the standards of the crackers you may have grown up with…try to find the Dare Breton Gluten Free Original with Flax Crackers.  Their tender-crisp texture and wholesome taste are reminiscent of the Breton crackers I devoured before the Celiac diagnosis.  What a great way to bring great taste from a trusted brand to the gluten free community.  And for a very fair price.

So happy.


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