Product Review: Gratify Gluten Free Tuscan Herbs Baked Bites

Gratify Gluten Free Tuscan Herbs Baked Bites
Gratify Gluten Free Tuscan Herbs Baked Bites

Product: Gratify Gluten Free Tuscan Herbs Baked Bites – $2.99

When it comes to gluten-free bites, very few do it as deliciously well (or as affordable) as Gratify Gluten Free.  I first became familiar with this brand when out shopping at Meijer, seeing shelf-after-shelf of their pretzel varieties…including both yogurt and milk chocolate covered varieties.  During the holidays last year, a dark chocolate peppermint version was introduced to the market.  You better believe I devoured that bag.  By myself.  In an airport.  And I didn’t feel any shame.  Not one bit.

That’s the thing about Gratify though…it’s the little brand with the big promise of fitting tasty snacks into your lifestyle.  And when a company that focuses on gluten-free snacks states that they are “obsessed with great taste,” you expect them to deliver all the high notes of flavors and textures.  You want to be able to break these out at a cocktail party and not have anyone glance at them sideways and give you the “that must taste like cardboard” eyebrow and then ignore the snacks entirely.

Whether gluten-free or not, Gratify definitely knows how to deliver on their promises.  With simple and basic products, these are as “reliable and comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans.”  Flavors are big and bold, and textures are so amazing that no one would guess these were gluten-free…unless they read the box.  Be proud of your gluten-free snacking tendencies.  Don’t hide the box…because this brand knows how to keep you and your guests…”Gratified.”

See what they did there?  HA!

With all that being said, I had never seen a box of the new Gratify Gluten Free Baked Bites Crackers.  In fact, I had no idea they even existed until I was at Raisin Rack in Columbus, Ohio and found them on the clearance shelf.  Seriously.  For $1.99 on sale.  HELLO!  Into my big basket of gluten-free goodness it went, and with a gluten-free and vegan chickpea noodle soup on tap for dinner tonight, I figured there was no better time to bust out these crackers than now.

Because soup and crackers…are BFFs.

The boxes that were available at Raisin Rack for the Gratify Gluten Free Baked Bites were the Tuscan Herbs flavor, although these bite-size crackers (they look like mini saltines, no joke!) also come in Original, Everything, and Cinnamon flavors.  I broke out the kitchen scale and measured out a serving of these adorable crackers to serve alongside a big, satisfying bowl of the homemade soup.  And, guess what…

They were perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  Texture-wise…just as light and airy as a regular saltine, with that crumble you get when you bite down.  It was fantastic to pop these into my mouth on their own or after being dipped into my soup and picking up some of the chunky vegetables that I cooked into it.  Packed with great seasoning and flavor, each bite was amazing and satisfying (or gratifying).  I found myself eating the crackers more on their own than in or with the soup.  That, my friends, is a huge deal since I’m a bit of a dipper when it comes to things I eat with soup (sammies and crackers!).  I loved these from the first to the last bite.  In fact, I even have dished up servings to take to work to have with the leftover soup for lunch.  Can’t go without these.  Now, I just hope Meijer or some other local store that carries the Gratify brand has these in stock.  I never want my pantry to be un-Gratified.  HA!

So, let’s talk about what goes into the Gratify Gluten Free Tuscan Herbs Baked Bites, shall we?  These adorable bite-size crackers are made from corn starch, palm fruit oil (RSPO certified), rice flour, sugar, inulin, sea salt, corn grits, maltodextrin, dehydrated vegetables (garlic, onion), leavenings (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, disodium diphosphate), spices, cellulose gum, emulsifier (soy lecithin), dried yeast, dextrose, rice starch, cottonseed oil and/or canola oil, and natural flavors.  These crackers are wheat free, dairy free, egg free, and contain non-GMO ingredients.  They are certified gluten-free.

As for nutritional information, a serving of Gratify Gluten Free Tuscan Herbs Baked Bites is 30 grams (which is A LOT of little crackers) and there are 4 servings per box.  A serving will provide you with 120 calories, 4.5 grams fat, 2 grams saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 240 mg sodium, 21 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams fiber, 1 gram sugars, and less than 1 gram protein.

I loved these crackers at first bite.  Gratify Gluten Free does manage to do something that most gluten-free crackers don’t do…and that’s taste like and feel like a real cracker.  The mouthfeel, the crispy texture, the flavor…it’s all there and it’s all perfection.  And that’s what really astonished me and blew me away.  These crackers are perfect for every crowd…and I hope to be able to find more in my area.  Otherwise, next time I’m in Columbus, I’m stocking up!

Trust me…these are worth a spot in the pantry.

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