Restaurant Review: Tucker & Bevvy Breakfast, Honolulu, Hawaii

Tucker & Bevvy Brealfast, Honolulu, Hawaii
Tucker & Bevvy Brealfast, Honolulu, Hawaii

Restaurant: Tucker & Bevvy Breakfast, Honolulu, Hawaii


That was all there was to it.  We were all hangry.  Our flight out of Kauai to island hop over to O’ahu was the earliest one available.  We were up at 4 a.m.  Some of us sooner.  Some of us without getting much sleep.  But between the three of us, we were all just picking at everything.

And the added unseasonable humidity wasn’t helping matters.  For me…I was doing okay…but my traveling companions don’t take to the humidity well.  So, lack of coffee and food was setting in.  But…we made the short hike over to Hee Hing Plaza and climbed the stairs to the second floor.  We stepped inside, happy to be in some air conditioning and took a table near the middle of the dining area.  A nice waitress came over with glasses of water and menus and explained to us the three new specials that Tucker & Bevvy Breakfast was now offering.  After that, she let us ponder what we wanted and returned soon after when we looked ready to order.

Jenn had one question about the pancakes, and when she was given an answer as to what size they were, she ordered up.  One single Ricotta Pancake ($4.00) with a side of bacon ($4.00).  Cathy went with the House Omelette (bacon, potato, cherry tomato, spinach & parmesan) with Sourdough Toast ($11.50).  As for me, I wanted one of the new specials for the menu:

The Smashed Avocado Toast ($9.50) on Gluten Free Toast with a Side of Fresh Fruit ($6.00).

Order in, and we continued to sit there and attempt to wake up.  This usually meant that Cathy rambled on about something while Jenn and I pretended to listen or just simply blinked at her.  It was one of those mornings.  We watched as plates were brought out to fellow diners…all of the food looking amazing.  I was ready to get something other than a protein bar in my tummy, that was for sure.

After a bit of a wait…out came some food.  Happiness is food arriving at your table when you are hot, tired, and hungry.  Jenn’s pancake was fluffy and looked and smelled amazing.  The Web site says they serve 100% maple syrup…but she tasted it and shunned it.  Not pure maple.

Tucker & Bevvy Breakfast's House Omelette with Sourdough Toast
Tucker & Bevvy Breakfast’s House Omelette with Sourdough Toast

Cathy’s omelet was packed with vegetables.  In fact, the entire top layer was vegetables.  Inside the egg was the bacon and potatoes.  It looked amazing.  And, she does love her sourdough toast when we’re out to eat.  She’s always stuck with the gluten-free stuff in our apartment due to the kitchen needing to be completely gluten-free (save for her own boxed snacks and cereals).  She devoured it.

And my Smashed Avocado Toast was fantastic.  I knew this was what I wanted the moment I saw it on the board at the restaurant.  It is no secret that avocado and I are BFFs and when smashed over toast…I’m in a happy place.  This version of Avocado Toast was made with lemon juice, an Egyptian spice blend, and toasted pistachios on top.  The pistachios were a nice touch, and one I never would have thought of.  But…lo and behold…it totally changed my idea of Avocado Toast.  This was amazing.  It was love at first bite…all the way down to the last bite.  Because, yes…I ate it ALL!  ALL of it.  Completely all of it.  And the big bowl of fresh fruit as well.  The fruit was fresh and ripe and sweet…and I didn’t need it, but damn, it tasted good.  Bananas, strawberries, blueberries and grapes.  That’s the good breakfast life.

We all pretty much ate what was put in front of us.  Cathy ate most  of hers.  She almost had all the eggs gone and left two of the slices of bread.

In the end, we were happy with the fact that we now had delicious food in our stomachs.  It was an unexpected breakfast stop, but well worth it.  I am forever dressing up my avocado toast with toasted pistachios.  I mean…HELLO!  Mind blown.  Culinary eyes opened.  Heck yeah…LOVE.

So, while Tucker & Bevvy was a spur-of-the-moment choice so the three of us didn’t claw each other’s eyes out…our hanger pains were tamed by the delicious breakfast foods at Tucker & Bevvy.  Seriously, I’d go back for that toast in a heartbeat.  Breakfast is love…and this was true love.

Gluten Free Avocado Toast with a Side of Fresh Fruit
Gluten Free Avocado Toast with a Side of Fresh Fruit

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