Product Review: Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Mini Crisps

Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Mini Crisps
Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Mini Crisps

Product: Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Mini Crisps – $4.99+

The pantry is being hit up hard this month, and this is only a good thing, my friends.  This means I’m finally not dragging my feet anymore and attempting to clear things out that I’ve been ignoring over time.  When I get busy…things get pushed further and further to the back and I get lazy and just put things in front of it and grab for that stuff first.  I’m human…it happens.

But I’m making a total effort in my attempt to reorganize my home…my kitchen…my life…and my schedule…to get the older stuff out and make some room on these shelves.  I’m also using more fresh produce, so sometimes the boxed and packaged stuff just falls to the wayside.

But, I’ve been making a concerted effort to combine the packaged items I’ve been ignoring with the fresh produce I get from my local CSA.  It’s a good way to compromise.  And this past week, my roommate and I have eaten dinner at home every night, packed up healthy lunches and snacks, and incorporated fresh produce into healthy breakfast options to eat while busy and on-the-go.  And it’s been awesome and amazing.  And even though it was tempting to say, “Screw this, I’m going to Shalimar for some Indian food!” tonight…we didn’t.  We came home.  I got out some items and I used the last of last week’s produce to create…dinner.

Awhile back I made Crispy Broccoli, and homage to Red Lobster’s Fried Calamari appetizer that is served with amazing fried broccoli and red peppers.  When I had to go gluten-free…the fried plate of deliciously bad for me things was off the plate.  I used another product in my pantry when I made this the first time.  And yes, much like this time around, it was a Cuisine Cube item.

Cuisine Cube, as I am sure all of you are aware by now (but if not…pay attention!), is a great service that provides amazing gluten-free products from small, artisan, and lesser-known companies, delivering them right to your door each month.  You get 5-6 items in each cube (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert…and sometimes…a bonus).  They scour the gluten-free foodie world finding the highest quality, not-found-in-the-grocery-store products to send to you to try. I have found so many amazing products I never would have known about because of Cuisine Cube.  Even better, plans start as low as $29.99 a month.  If you haven’t checked them out yet…hop over to their site and do so.  You will not regret it.

In my November (Thanksgiving 2014) Cube, I had a package of Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Mini Crisps.  And yes…these little crisps are just what they sound like – little discs that are made entirely of aged Parmesan cheese.  Oh…that peeked your interest, didn’t it?  It certainly grabbed my roommate’s attention…because she is a cheese fanatic.  So, a snack chip that is made only of cheese…that’s her dream come true!

Kitchen Table Bakers was created by Barry Novick, who at the age of 55, left his every day job as a hospital administrator and began to learn the ins and outs of starting his own business.  With a lot of help and encouragement, he set out to make these little wafer crisps made completely of cheese, just like the ones they began making in their own kitchen.  The first All Parmesan Gourmet Wafer Crisp was created in the summer of 2003, and soon they were in such demand that larger batches had to be made.  Their goal, since beginning the business, was to create a gourmet product that would satisfy even the most discerning palate while meeting diverse nutritional requirements.  They are always careful to use only the highest quality of aged cheeses and seasonings.  The wafer crisps can stand on their own, be used as a chip for dipping, as a base for a canapé or with a fine glass of wine.  Even those this endeavor has moved beyond their own humble kitchen, they believe in keeping the integrity of their products to reflect the true beginnings of the company.

Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Mini Crisps are little wafer crisps made out of aged Parmesan cheese…with each crisp being about the size of a quarter.  They (as with all of Kitchen Table Bakers products) are wheat free, gluten free, trans fat free, sugar free, rich in calcium and protein, and naturally low in calories and carbs. I was using mine as a coating for broccoli which I was going to crisp up in the oven.  But, I naturally had to try one of the crisps on their own.  One bite…and I kind of felt bad crushing these up in a food processor…because it reminded me of that crispy edge of cheese you’d get on pizzas.  I mean…exactly in taste.  It was one of the most amazing snacks I ever popped into my mouth.  Rich, buttery, seasoned to ignite each and every taste bud on my tongue.  These little crisps were just…fantastic.  And, being that they were made completely of cheese, I wasn’t sure how they would work as a coating for my broccoli…whether I would get that crispy effect or whether I would just have a cheesy mess.  But there was only one way to find out.  So…I ground them up, coated the vegetables, and let it all bake.

They did not become that much of a cheesy mess.  But it did layer on this crispy, amazing layer of flavor to every bite of broccoli or red pepper.  Seriously…it was amazing.  The Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Mini Crisps were fantastic.  Next time…I’m just keeping them as a snack and not re-purposing them.  SO rich and delightful.  Like eating a bit of the best part of the pizza in each bite.  I was beyond blown away.  Cruncy, caramelized goodness, but also very light and flakey.  It was the perfect bite…all in one little cheesy wafer.

The Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Crisps come in 8 flavors: aged Parmesan, sesame, garlic, rosemary, Italian herb, everything, flax seed, and jalapeno.

I want to try them all.  That is how much I loved these.

So, let’s talk about ingredients.  So easy here.  The Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Mini Crisps are made from aged Parmesan cheese.  That’s it.

As for nutrition, a serving of the Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Mini Crisps is 15 crisps, with there being about 3.3 servings per bag.  One serving will provide you with only 80 calories and 6 grams of fat.  One serving will dish up 15 mg cholesterol, 150 mg sodium, and 0 grams of sugar.  So healthy.  And, finally, you will not be taking in any fiber, but these mini crisps do give you 7 grams of healthy protein.  WOW!

Yet another fantastic product introduced to me by Cuisine Cube.  If you haven’t signed up yet…stop hesitating and start doing.  And, hop over to Kitchen Table Bakers and see about locating these in your area and/or ordering from them online.  Trust me…you will not regret it.

You outdid yourselves this time, Cuisine Cube!

Crispy Broccoli made with Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Mini Crisps
Crispy Broccoli made with Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Mini Crisps with a side of homemade Gluten Free Tomato Herb Foccacia Bread

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