Product Review: Alce Nero Gallette di Riso Integrale

Alce Nero Gallette di Riso Integrale
Alce Nero Gallette di Riso Integrale

Product: Alce Nero Gallete di Riso Integrale – $3.60+

Ah…the dog days of summer.  August.  Welcome to the time of year where cookouts are happening, the last hikes through parks and mountains are going down, get-togethers before school kicks in again are taking place…summer is winding down and life is about to get back into that grind for many people.

I was so excited with the eclectic mix of goodies that I received in my August Cuisine Cube.  And, honestly, with the exception of the turkey jerky (no offense to the company Field Trip…but I am a vegetarian.  HOWEVER…the people at my office LOVED it and ate it up!), I am rounding out the August cube by using up the very last item that remained from that delivery.  Hey…don’t judge…I’m a very busy girl!  But…I always get around to everything eventually.

Cuisine Cube, for those of you who are just tuning in…is a fantastic delivery service that brings gluten-free products from small and artisan companies to your door.  It’s an amazing service and one that I am proud to be a subscriber to.  I started back in May and have loved receiving my cubes of delicious treats each month since.  Each month you receive 5-6 products (always something for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert…with an occasional bonus product!)…and subscriptions start as low as $29.99.  So, if you’re as curious as I was…go to their site…sign up…and get hooked.

The final product that was featured in my August Cuisine Cube was their “LUNCH” option…Alce Nero Rice Cakes (aka: Alce Nero Gallete di Riso Integrale).  It just so happened that I ran out of gluten-free oatmeal this week and needed a lunch option.  Sure, I could have hit up my grocery store…but I had things in my pantry that were just begging to be eaten.  And the very first thing I reached for, ironically, for lunch today was…the Alce Nero Rice Cakes.

Now, I think I’m an anomaly in life because I actually LOVE rice cakes.  I do.  I grew up eating these for snacks.  Not this particular brand, but my mom had rice cakes in our pantry all the time…and the three of us kids would devour them.  Sure, some of them might have tasted a little like packing peanuts…but there was something about that rice flavor and the light hit of salt that just made it…delicious.  And my opinion of rice cakes hasn’t changed.  It’s one of my favorite snacks to eat…even today.  So, I wasn’t at all disappointed to be packing up rice cakes for my lunch.  I was actually very excited.  I paired it with a product from the September Cuisine Cube (Superbutter Nut Free Seed Butter…in case you were wondering) to make it a little more filling and a bit more of a meal.

At lunch today…I was definitely in for a treat.  If you, like me, love rice cakes…then these are definitely for you. These rice cakes were  imported from the birth of the rice cake – Italy.  They are a good size and thickness.  And while they don’t have a lot of flavor, they don’t really need it either.  Even when I ate it without dipping it into the spread on top, I thought these were light had the perfect amount of crunch without being annoying.  I don’t often buy rice cakes from the store because of the additives that are put into popular brands.  The Alce Nero Rice Cakes are made exclusively from organic, whole grain rice.  Nothing more.  And, yes…they are yummy!  And yes…yummy is a technical term.

So, let’s talk ingredients.  This is easy…the Alce Nero Rice Cakes are made from…organic whole rice.  These are cholesterol free, sugar free, sodium free, fat free, and gluten-free.

As far as nutrition goes…you will love this.  A serving of the Alce Nero Rice Cakes is 3 pieces.  This serving will deliver 70 calories, 1 gram of fiber, and 2 grams of protein.  Not very filling, but good enough to serve as a lunch, for sure.  That’s it.  Healthy and delicious!

I love shaking things up and doing different things.  It was fun to step away from my daily oatmeal at lunch habit to give the Alce Nero Rice Cakes a try.  Low in calories…these are fantastic on their own, but taken up a notch with some nut or seed butter, some jam, or however you want to top it.

To me…rice cakes are nutritious and delicious…and these are some of the best I have ever had.  And getting the opportunity to try these was thanks to Cuisine Cube!!

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