Product Review: Envirokidz Cinnamon Jungle Munch Cereal

Envirokidz Cinnamon Jungle Munch Cereal
Envirokidz Cinnamon Jungle Munch Cereal

Product: Envirokidz Cinnamon Jungle Munch Cereal – $4.99+

So, recently, Envirokidz (owned by Nature’s Path) put out two brand new gluten-free cereals in the Envirokidz line of cold cereals.  And yes, I have no shame in eating a “kids” cereal.  I mean, come on, my parents send me Freedom Foods Tropico’s in the mail so I can get my “Froot Loop” fix.  Yeah…kids cereals are often more delicious than the grown up versions anyway.  And who puts an age limit on which cereals you eat?  My dad could polish off a box of Coco Puffs on his own…and did on numerous times…even though the cereal was bought for the three kids in my family.

Go figure.

Let it be said that when I saw that one that had the word “cinnamon” attached to it…I immediately knew that I needed to try it.  Honestly.  I mean, my favorite cookie is a snickerdoodle…cinnamon and I are, like, BFFs…or something.  Sure, the other one was chocolate…but my eye was drawn to the box with the happy elephant on the cover.  Cinnamon Jungle Munch.

I first spotted this cereal while out of town…and not in a place where I could just bring it home with me.  So, when it turned up soon after at one of my local natural food stores, I added some wiggle room to the food budget and picked it up.  It’s been a couple of weeks, but I needed to get caught up on blogs before opening a new cereal.

That happened…Monday.

My anticipation was high as I popped open the box and tore into the little plastic bag thingie that keeps everything fresh.  I measured out a serving, dumped on some almond milk, and took a bite.

And hated it.  I mean, seriously hated it.  Not enough to spit it out or not polish off the rest of the box (although it’s really hard to convince myself to eat it now).  I don’t know…it’s lacking a bit of sweetness.  The cinnamon just sort of overwhelms everything.  It’s more spicy than sweet.  The little corn puffs are coated in this and it just doesn’t work for me.  It just tastes…off. And I am, sadly, not a fan.  I love the crunch, but the flavor is just…eh…not right.  Too much cinnamon, not enough to balance it out.  So…I’m stuck with cereal for at least a week that I dislike.  Yay.

The Nature’s Path Web site describes Envirokidz Jungle Munch as a cereal with the “delicate sweetness of cinnamon.”  They also claim kids will love it.  Maybe kids will.  But this adult is giving it a hefty and loud…NO!

Let’s talk about ingredients!  Envirokidz Cinnamon Jungle Munch Cereal is made from organic whole grain corn meal, organic corn meal, organic brown sugar, organic molasses, organic cinnamon and sea salt.  That’s it.  It is gluten-free, cholesterol free, vegan, non-GMO, and made with whole grains.

As far as nutrition goes…a serving of Envirokidz Cinnamon Jungle Munch Cereal is 3/4 cup.  In this serving, you are taking in 120 calories and less than 1 gram of fat.  A serving also gives you 80 mg sodium and 9 grams of sugar.  I admit, that’s good for sugars in a cold cereal.  And you will be consuming 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein.  So, you won’t feel full, but you won’t feel like you haven’t eaten either.

Cereals are not a one-size-fits-all sort of thing.  What I dislike, others may think is the greatest thing.  But this cereal really failed to impress me.  Which is too bad, because I was practically bouncing off the walls wanting to try it, once I was aware that it existed.  So, if you like cinnamon, you may or may not like it.  This cinnamon lover…definitely didn’t like it.  Maybe next time I’ll stick with the chocolate one.

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