Restaurant Review: Husson’s Pizza, Huntington, West Virginia

Husson's Pizza, Huntington, West Virginia
Husson’s Pizza, Huntington, West Virginia

Restaurant: Husson’s Pizza, Huntington, West Virginia

It was the night before a marathon and I was in Huntington, West Virginia.  Trust me…when it comes to dining gluten-free, Huntington, West Virginia is not where you’d want to find yourself.  Why?  There just aren’t a lot of options out there.

But…it’s tradition.

Race = fuel = gluten-free pizza.

Thankfully, before he left the running group and the state to move to Dayton, Ohio, my good friend Keith mentioned this place called Husson’s…not far from Marshall University.  As this was the Marshall University Marathon…I was going to be in that area anyway.  So Husson’s Pizza was kept in the back of my mind.  And I recalled it as the date of the race grew closer and I traveled from Louisville to Huntington.

After a very busy day of traveling and race related stuff…I was ready to tuck into my gluten-free pizza around 5 p.m.  My roomie and I had planned on splitting one of the 10 inch gluten-free pizzas.  So when we drove down to Husson’s Pizza on Hal Greer Boulevard, we parked the car, and headed toward the establishment.  Huntington, West Virginia is a mix of really beautiful buildings and some that are run down.  Husson’s was definitely one of the ones that looked down.  And if I had been traveling through, without the recommendation from my friend Keith, I probably never would have stopped there to eat.  At all.

But, looks can be deceiving.

We stepped inside, and while the place definitely looks dated, you can’t argue with the affordability of their food.  We already had an idea of what we wanted to eat…so we stepped up to the counter.  We were greeted by a very friendly guy working the register who was ready to take our order.  Cathy inquired about the gluten-free crust and they confirmed they did have it.  So, as it was the day before a marathon…we kept the flavors simple.

A gluten-free pizza with tomatoes and pineapple ($10.99).  YUM!  It’s great because you can actually choose up to 5 toppings for the pizza without being charged extra for it.  And a $10.99 gluten-free pizza is awesome.  What a great price.  With our order in, Cathy and I settled in at one of the tables and awaited our food.

A short while later, our pizza arrived.

It smelled absolutely fantastic.  It looked a mess…but…if it was as good as it smelled we were certainly in for a treat.  I snapped a picture for the blog…and we each took our first slices.

So, the pizza is really nothing to right home about.  Which was more than disappointing.  The gluten-free crust was a simple cracker crust.  Not much flavor.  And it crumbled.  It crumbled under the sauce, cheese, and our two toppings.  I had no silverware to eat my pizza with (and I normally eat pizza with a fork and knife), so as the pizza would fall apart, I would have to scoop it up with my fingers.  The sauce, however, was awesome.  It was definitely the star of the entire pizza.  I loved the smokey, rich flavor that came with this simple red sauce.  It was fantastic.  I could have eaten an entire jar of the sauce.  I loved how the pineapple and tomatoes were chopped up small…but they were just casually thrown onto the top…so it was a bit…uneven with the toppings on the 8 slices.  Like I said…decent enough pizza…but nothing that really made me want to go back for more.

While I appreciate a decent, affordable, gluten-free meal as much as the next person, I was truly hoping for an epic pizza experience.  As it was, with the exception of the sauce, this was a complete let down.  Not bad.  And if I were back in town, I would probably head here for food again…because I know they have gluten-free food I can eat.  I just…wish it had been more spectacular than it was.

When you eat a lot of gluten-free pizza…and I do…you just need a bit more than a cracker crust and a splash of sauce and a dusting of toppings.  I want my taste buds to be wowed and my stomach to be full.  This pizza didn’t accomplish that at all.  Again, it wasn’t horrible or bad…it just wasn’t what I had anticipated.  I’ve been spoiled by too many really damn good gluten-free pizzas that when I get something like this…it’s a complete let-down.

At least tradition remained thanks to Husson’s Pizza.

Husson's Pizza's Gluten-Free Pizza with Tomatoes and Pineapple
Husson’s Pizza’s Gluten-Free Pizza with Tomatoes and Pineapple

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