Natural Nectar Choco Dreams Rice Sticks didn’t wow me…but, hey…cookies!

Natural Nectar Gluten-Free Choco Dream Rice Sticks
Natural Nectar Gluten-Free Choco Dream Rice Sticks

Product: Natural Nectar Gluten-Free Choco Dreams Rice Sticks – $3.69+

I guess this was Natural Nectar’s throwback to those Pirouettes rolled wafer cookies that you can find, usually, around the holidays, that are filled with a chocolate (or other flavor) cream.  That’s what the image on the box reminded me of, anyway.

I don’t remember where I got these…or when.  I just remember that my roommate spotted them, nudged me, and said that she found straw cookies that I could eat now.  Of course, this made me happy, as I was a huge fan of Pirouettes back when I could eat them.  I mean, the rolled wafer filled with this delicious, sweet creamy center (normally chocolate).  Yeah…it’s all good.

So…I knew then and there that I needed…yes needed to try this version from Natural Nectar.

But…I had (and still have) a plethora of gluten-free cookies looming in my pantry.  I can’t help it!  I’m a cookie monster!!  Don’t judge.  So…even though I was thrilled to have these…there were other products that needed to be devoured…eaten…enjoyed…or thrown away first.

That changed…last night.

Last night, after eating a delicious meal, I went to retrieve dessert.  We had just polished off the last of my homemade gluten-free strawberry pie, so it was on to the next goody.  And that just happened to be Natural Nectar’s Gluten-Free Choco Dreams Rice Sticks.  I was pretty stoked about opening this box.  They just…looked so fantastic on the packaging.

I had to take pictures for the blog though, so once that was done, I opened the tab on the box and removed two individual white packets.  Each packet held two of the little rice stick cookies.  Totally excited, I put the box away and tore open the pouch, ready to see how these compared to the Pirouettes of my pre-gluten-free life.

Well…one bite…

…and I was underwhelmed.  They aren’t bad.  They aren’t even horrible.  They actually taste okay.  It’s just…they weren’t what I expected.

Let me explain.

These rice sticks are definitely filled with a sweet cocoa spread.  That spread is my favorite part.  Unfortunately, the cookie part that wraps up that sweet spread is much thicker than the wafer-thin rolls of the Pirouettes.  In fact, this cookie is overwhelming in comparison to the delicious chocolate that it is wrapped around.  That being said, the rice stick cookie portion does have a great sweet, vanilla flavor that meshes well with the cocoa spread…if you can taste it.  The cookie part is very crunchy…without being crumbly.  That’s good…except I miss that soft, but crispy, thin wrap that the Pirouettes had.  I understand these aren’t the same sort of cookie, but it’s the closest comparison that I have.

These aren’t bad…but if given the choice, I would probably choose a different gluten-free cookie to snack on instead.

Nutritionally speaking (for cookies), these are on the better side of the guilt meter.  One packet of two Natural Nectar Choco Dreams Rice Sticks contains 115 calories and 4 grams of fat.  Not too bad for cookies.  Two cookies at that.  And these aren’t just small little rolls of cookie and cocoa.  These are quite substantial.  With a sugar content of 10 grams, these aren’t too bad for a sweet treat.  A chocolate stuffed sweet treat at that.  I’m sort of impressed by how low that number is.  These are also cholesterol free, which is a nice touch.

Like I said…Natural Nectar gave it a good try with these cookies.  And the Choco Dreams Rice Sticks are decent enough.  They just didn’t wow me like I had hoped.  And they were definitely not the gluten-free throwback to Pirouettes that I had anticipated.  Perhaps I had just gotten my hopes up a little too soon.  If you like a crispy vanilla cookie with a touch of smooth chocolate…these cookies might be for you.  I found them a little unbalanced…but ultimately…tasty enough to continue to nosh on after dinner.

Natural Nectar Gluten-Free Choco Dream Rice Sticks (unwrapped)
Natural Nectar Gluten-Free Choco Dream Rice Sticks (unwrapped)

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