DR Delish Gluten-Free Animal Cookies addictively, fantastically, amazingly delish

DR Delish Gluten-Free Animal Cookies
DR Delish Gluten-Free Animal Cookies

Product: DR Delish Gluten-Free Animal Cookies – $2.99+

If you live near a Walgreens…dash out there right this instant.

Well, maybe read this first…then, dash out there and pick up a bag of the DR Delish Animal Cookies.  Why?  Because the brand name is not meant to deceive you.  These cookies are absolutely, positively, 100% one of the best tasting gluten-free cookies out on the market.  And they are exclusive to Walgreens.

I actually never would have found these as I do not frequent Walgreens often.  And it never would have occurred to me to look for gluten-free items there.  I blame this new fascination…this new…addiction, if you will…on my mother.  Yes, my MOM!!  And I love her for it.  I love her for every cookie in that little pouch.

You see…these cookies came to me in the mail.  A little surprise gift from my mom.  She had been out at Walgreens and had spotted those on the shelf.  She knew…she just knew…I had to have them.  She was right.  Because I think when I pulled these out of the shipping box, I might have started to cry.  It had been a rough day for me…nothing in the world seemed right.  And then…my mom sends me cookies.  Not just any cookies, mind you.  But ones shaped like animals.  Like the animal crackers I used to devour as a child.  I won’t lie…I devoured them as a teenager and an adult as well.  Until I no longer could.

You often don’t realize how much you miss something until you can no longer have it.  I didn’t realize how much I missed animal crackers until I pulled this bag of DR Delish Gluten-Free Animal Cookies out of a simple USPS box.  I was a mess of emotions that day…and at that moment, the note from my mom and the cookies themselves meant more than anything to me.

As I have established before…I have a stash of gluten-free goodies going in my pantry, which I am attempting to work through in some semblance of order.  This meant, despite the overwhelming spring of emotions brought on by this gift, these cookies would have to wait their turn in the snack queue.

The wait came to an end…today.

Last night, as I was prepping my lunch, snacks, and breakfast for after my gym workout, I realized I needed a new afternoon snack.  The next item up…DR Delish Gluten-Free Animal Cookies.  I retrieved the bag from the pantry and tore it open to dish out the serving size (about 10 cookies…but if you weigh your food like I do…it’s 30 grams).  I resisted the urge to sneak a bite right then and there, playing it as I always do…and reserving that for my afternoon snack time at the office.  I sealed the bag back up and returned it to the shelf.

Lo and behold, my snack time finally rolled around and I was all too excited to be diving into a serving of animal cracker-like snacks.  Just from first-hand glance, these cookies resemble the cookies you’d find under that layer of high fructose corn syrup-y icing.  They had the same feel to them too…minus the icing of course.

What came as the surprise to me, however, was the flavor.  The taste.  How absolutely fantastic and addictive these were.  It’s a good thing I did sort these by serving instead of just hauling the entire pack with me.  They’d be gone in a New York Gluten-Free Minute!  Holy gluten-free cow, Batman…these were amazing.  They sort of reminded me of a sugary cake.  That was the flavor I got.  Less cracker, more cookie-cake-y flavor.  They aren’t as airy as the traditional animal cracker, having a density closer to butter cookies or shortbread, but they have this soft crispness to them.  And the flavor…out of this world.  For real!!  They have this subtle sweetness of vanilla and honey with that hit of buttery goodness that just makes them…the perfect cookie in every way.  And…they are shaped…LIKE ANIMALS!!  Come on!  These taste identical…if not better…to the non-gluten-free versions I used to be able to eat before I had to go gluten-free.

I could eat these every day and be one very, very happy girl.

Nutritionally speaking, a serving of these cookies (the very difficult to stick to 10 cookies or 30 grams) will set you back 130 calories and only 1 gram of fat.  These also only have a small amount of sugar, topping out at 9 grams.  In addition,, you get 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein in each serving.  Not too bad.  What’s even better is, unlike those regular animal crackers, these cookies do not contain high fructose corn syrup.

DR Delish Gluten-Free Animal Cookies…you are a fun, super delish treat.  If I had less self-control…the entire bag in my pantry would be gone right now.  Yeah.  That good.

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